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Choosing Your Ideal 2023 LG OLED TV, LG C3 vs C2.

Introducing the LG C3 OLED.

Now available in various sizes ranging from 42 to 83 inches. Boasting OLED screen tech and powered by the Alpha a9 Gen 6 chip, it ensures top-notch connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.

Fresh to the scene in spring 2023, the LG C3 brings a sleek design, flaunting razor-thin LG OLED bezels. With an upgraded Alpha a9 Gen 6 chip and improved customization options, it promises enhanced performance. Quick Media Switching VRR simplifies input changes.


  1. Enhanced image processing
  2. Smart webOS improvements
  3. Compatibility with LG soundbars


  1. No screen tech advancements
  2. Limited speaker upgrades

Enter the LG C2 OLED

It is also available in sizes from 42 to 83 inches, with OLED screen tech and the Alpha a9 Gen 5 chip. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.

The LG C2 excels in showcasing OLED’s strengths – remarkable contrast and brightness. It offers vibrant colors, a robust smart TV platform, and an elegant design.


  1. Exceptionally bright display
  2. Stylish, minimalist design
  3. Impressive connectivity


  1. Cable management lacks finesse
  2. Virtual surround sound falls short

Now, let’s compare the LG C3 and LG C2 OLED models to help you decide the better choice for 2023. The C series consistently garners praise, with the C2 earning the title of the best TV for most users. But does the LG C3 justify the cost and upgrades?

In this guide, we evaluate both panels, assessing factors like pricing, performance, screen quality, and more. Make an informed decision for your 2023 LG OLED TV selection.

LG C3 vs C2: Prices and Sizes

In contrast to the 2022 C2 vs. C1 showdown, the LG C3 and C2 sizes align. The LG C3 also continues offering a 42-inch TV alongside 48, 55, 65, and 77-inch options, with a massive 83-inch choice.

LG C3 Prices:

  • OLED83C3: $5,299 / £6,499 / about AU$7,900
  • OLED77C3: $3,599 / £3,999 / about AU$5,370
  • OLED65C3: $2,600 / £2,899 / about AU$3,900
  • OLED55C3: $1,899 / £2,099 / about AU$2,830
  • OLED48C3: $1,499 / £1,599 / about AU$2,240
  • OLED42C3: $1,399 / £1,499 / about AU$2,100

The LG C2, on the other hand, offers more budget-friendly options, with the 42-inch model under $900 / £900 and the 55-inch model around $1,300 / £1,200.

The key takeaway? The LG C2 is notably cheaper, and there might be further discounts. While the LG C3 has seen price reductions, the C2 remains the economical choice.

It’s worth noting that 55-inch and larger models in both ranges feature a brighter OLED Evo panel, while the 42 and 48-inch models lack this brightness boost.

LG C3 OLED vs C2 OLED: Features
The LG C3 OLED brings incremental improvements over the C2, focusing on advanced processing and a sleeker smart TV system. Though not a significant screen evolution, it caters to those seeking enhanced features.

Gamers will appreciate the C3’s four 4K/120Hz HDMI ports, matching the C2 series. With a sub-10ms response time, gaming performance is on par with the C2, perfect for PS5/Xbox Series X gamers.

The standout feature of the LG C3 is Quick Media Switching VRR, eliminating the minor inconvenience of input switching causing a black screen. While not revolutionary, it streamlines transitions, especially for console-to-Apple TV shifts. It also promises seamless framerate switches, particularly on the Apple TV (2022).

LG C3 vs C2: 2023 OLED TV Face-off

LG C3 OLED vs LG C2 OLED: Design

The C3, lighter due to composite fiber construction, aligns with the slim C2’s design, boasting razor-thin OLED bezels and a similar stand.

LG C3 OLED vs C2 OLED: Screen Quality

Both C3 and C2 share the OLED Evo panel, delivering comparable brightness. The C3 introduces the upgraded Alpha a9 Gen6 chip, enhancing performance with OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro. The C3’s new algorithm elevates brightness distinctions, maintaining LG’s trademark infinite blacks and vivid contrast.

Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos support remain consistent. The C3 stands out with a more responsive homepage, user-friendly customization, and simplified picture preset adjustments, reducing advanced settings complexity. Transitioning between settings is now hassle-free with the new software.

LG C3 vs LG C2: Audio Performance

In the audio arena, both OLED ranges feature similar 2.2 channel speakers with 40W output. While the C3 claims “virtual 9.1.2 surround sound” with AI Sound Pro, top soundbars still outshine its speakers. However, the C3 introduces LG’s Wow Orchestra tech, which optimally combines TV and soundbar speakers, enhancing the audio experience.

LG C3 vs LG C2: Conclusion

Unlike the LG C2 vs. C1 battle last year, the C3 offers fewer upgrades. Nevertheless, it remains an exceptional TV. The C3 excels with a sleek interface and innovative soundbar integration. Your choice ultimately hinges on your budget. The LG C2 is perfect for those not needing frequent upgrades, while the C3 is for tech enthusiasts who crave the best year after year. As the year progresses, the LG C3’s price drops, making it a compelling choice as C2 availability wanes.

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