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LG’s Commitment: Long-Term Software Support for 2024 webOS TVs

Smart TVs, like smartphones, often suffer from premature software support termination, leaving users without the latest enhancements or bug fixes. Fortunately, LG bucks this trend with a commitment to supporting its 2024 webOS TVs for several years. The pledge, unveiled alongside the 2024 QNED TVs, introduces “webOS Re:New.” This program promises complimentary upgrades to the webOS smart TV platform until 2028, extending to certain 2022 LG 8K TVs but excluding the 2023 models, as LG did not release any 8K webOS TVs that year. For additional details on LG’s latest offerings, explore the 2024 QNED TVs launch.

LG's Commitment: Long-Term Software Support for 2024 webOS TVs

The significance of software support in smart TVs cannot be overstated.

TV companies set themselves apart through software, and the smart TV operating system plays a pivotal role in influencing purchasing decisions. In our guide to the best LG TVs, we highlighted webOS as an outstanding operating system, lauding its sleek interface and robust app support.

The hitch with software arises when manufacturers lose interest. Though this typically happens over an extended period—as seen with Sony pulling Netflix app support from older devices—issues may surface well before official support cessation. As an early adopter of smart TVs, I’ve witnessed TVs become obsolete due to manufacturers switching operating systems and halting software updates. This results in sluggish apps, unreliability, and unaddressed bugs, detracting from the user experience.

LG’s commitment to prolonged software support is commendable. This assurance is particularly reassuring for those who frequently upgrade their TVs within five years, ensuring that both hardware and software remain current. For prospective TV buyers, it underscores the importance of verifying software support before choosing a manufacturer worthy of their investment.

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