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Microsoft’s 2024 Surface Lineup: Snapdragon CPUs Breathe New Life into Lackluster Devices

For years in a row, the Microsoft Surface series has lagged far behind and disappoints with weak performances, retardations, and forced reboots of unresponsive programs—all at high prices. The 2024 models are quite an improvement, distinguishing themselves in the best possible way.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 11 are great laptops, evidently setting a new standard for the best AI PCs. Microsoft was listening to our feedback and trying to solve many complaints, so the new Surface laptops got the price value they had and turned out to be excellent.

Apple should take notice of the competition going around and modify its strategies. This would benefit the business and contribute healthily to the environment.

Mediocre Performance, High Price, and Repairability Woes

Not the absolute worst of laptops to have ever been released, it was often mind-blogging how, year after year, Microsoft could display such mediocrity at an MSRP that matched much more worthy portable machines. It was the epitome of a series that had so much potential but failed even to approach living up to it while suffering through yearly releases to keep the Surface faithful buying new products again and again.

Before 2024, I reviewed two other Surface laptops: the Microsoft Surface Laptop 5, which I gave a three out of five-star review, and the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3, which I gave three and a half out of five stars.

For the former, I noted how its poor performance, lousy port selection, outdated design, and steep price tag, put it way below its rivals. This was also the laptop that ran ridiculous quantities of programs and tasks in the background, which would overtax the OS and result in a slowdown and large programs crashing. The latter fared a bit better, with average performance, a tired design, a lousy webcam, and incredibly outdated specs.

Perhaps the single most significant issue with Microsoft laptops, especially in the Surface line, is how anti-consumer and anti-user-repairable they are. The first Surface Laptop was scored 0 out of 10 on repairability by iFixit in 2017, as it was a total nightmare to disassemble, leading to catastrophic damage to the machine. And later versions weren’t that much better for years later.

Snapdragon CPUs Elevate Performance and Repairability

The most significant, definitive change between older Surface models and the 2024 suite is the introduction of Qualcomm Snapdragon CPUs. Manufacturers have been touting their refreshes with them for months, thanks to that all-important duo: running AI tools and AI-based components show superior performance and battery life.

The big question was, will these chips live up to the hype? And for the Surface series, they turn mostly mediocre and above-average laptops into some of the best Windows laptops and best laptops in the market. Their performance is exceptional, extremely responsive, and absolutely no stuttering.

The fact is, the newest Apple M3 chips are actually made from the same Arm architecture as Snapdragon chips, and that does well enough to show how closely Surface laptops do match MacBooks. Both possess rapid performance and high efficiency, which keeps them nice and cool during the most intensive operations.

What has also changed dramatically is the repairability of the Surface series. In 2021, Microsoft partnered with iFixit to sell Surface repair tools, and now both the Surface Laptop 7 and Surface Pro 11 have gotten eight out of ten scores from iFixit, being said to be some of the most repairable laptops in the market.

That is, according to a report named Failing the Fix by Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), a U.S.-based consumer advocacy organization, MacBooks from Apple are the worst-repairing laptops. This level of abysmal repairability in 2024 is strictly anti-consumer and tarnishes MacBook’s reputation more than any of the Surface laptops do.

wrap up

Microsoft’s Surface laptops have taken a huge leap forward. The Surface Laptop 7 and Surface Pro 11 deserve the applause they’re getting for how well they work and how easy they are to fix. Microsoft listened to what people said and made the Surface series way more competitive. Now Apple’s feeling the heat to step up its game.

Apple needs to go back to the drawing board with its MacBook design. It’s not just about making it faster or more efficient – they’ve got to tackle the big issue of limited repair options for customers. Apple’s always had a tight grip on making and fixing their stuff, but the growing mountain of e-waste means something’s gotta give. Microsoft showed it can change – Apple should too. There’s no room for excuses anymore – it’s time to move forward.

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