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Philips OLED808 TV: A Rivalry with Ambilight & Immersive Viewing

Philips’ Ambilight televisions consistently capture attention. Using LED strips encircling the TV’s frame, Ambilight models project diverse hues onto the wall behind, heightening the immersive aspect. As the world of TVs advances, Ambilight keeps pace.

You can tailor Ambilight to your liking—sync it with on-screen content, resulting in dynamic background colors that correspond with the visuals, or select static hues to match a room’s ambiance. Moreover, it can synchronize with the audio when streaming music through the TV.

For some, Ambilight is essential, delivering that extra “wow” factor when investing in a top-tier TV. Conversely, it may be perceived as a mere novelty, fortunately toggleable. Personally, I harbored mixed feelings about it, having encountered Philips Ambilight TVs regularly in my role at an A/V retailer.

However, my perception transformed when I reviewed the mid-range Philips Ambilight OLED TV from the 2023 lineup, the OLED808. While assessing the TV’s performance, I was notably impressed. It was during the low-light conditions that Ambilight’s charm truly resonated with me. At that moment, I became a staunch Ambilight enthusiast.

Philips OLED808 TV: A Rivalry with Ambilight & Immersive Viewing

Impressive indeed!

As a devoted Star Wars fan, I routinely use scenes from the franchise to evaluate various aspects like color, contrast, and sharpness, given their striking visuals.

For instance, lightsaber duels, with their vibrant hues, serve as an excellent color test. Choosing sequences from different Star Wars films and series, such as The Force Awakens and Ahsoka, I eagerly anticipated Ambilight’s impact. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint.

The Philips OLED808 already delivered rich and vibrant colors comparable to top-tier OLED TVs. When combined with Ambilight, lightsabers, and lasers seemed to leap from the screen. The flashing, dazzling colors created a sense of wonder akin to a child on Christmas morning. It transported me back to my childhood, reliving the amazement of those classic Star Wars moments.

Ambilight also enhanced my viewing of “Godzilla vs Kong,” especially during Godzilla’s Tokyo rampage. The neon-lit streets and the blue flames took on new life with Ambilight, flooding my testing room with vivid colors and immersing me completely.

Where does the OLED808 fit in?

Well, let’s compare. Its rival, the LG C3, boasts similar specs and a slightly lower price. However, it lacks Ambilight. The Samsung S90C, our TV of the year, offers superior brightness and sound but lacks Ambilight.

Another contender, the Sony A80L, excels in sound quality but, once more, lacks Ambilight. I can’t help but emphasize Ambilight’s impact on the viewing experience – it’s truly immersive and fun. Even if you opt to disable Ambilight, the OLED808 stands tall among its competitors.

My childlike enthusiasm might seem unbelievable, but I urge you to experience an Ambilight TV for yourself. You might not be as thrilled as I was, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

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