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Roku Pro Series 2024: Unveiling Next-Gen Mini-LED TVs with AI Enhancement

In 2024, Roku is set to commemorate its decade-long reign as the leading smart TV platform in the US, attributing this achievement to the total streamed hours. However, this isn’t the only triumph on Roku’s horizon. The company has unveiled the Pro series, a collection of mini-LED TVs available in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes, slated to hit stores this spring.

Similar to the 2023 Roku Plus series, these new sets boast a 4K QLED display panel with full array local dimming. While the Plus series provides an affordable 4K TV option, it falls short in peak brightness compared to top-tier TVs—a limitation the mini-LED backlight in the Pro series aims to rectify.

Beyond heightened brightness, the Pro series introduces Roku Smart Picture, a novel feature leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data from content partners to autonomously optimize the viewing experience.

Roku’s Pro series design enables the TVs to snugly rest flat against a wall. Additionally, a Roku-designed wall-mount and an upgraded premium remote will be offered.

Though pricing details for the new TVs are pending, Roku assures that the 75-inch model will debut at a price point below $1,500.

Roku Pro Series 2024: Unveiling Next-Gen Mini-LED TVs with AI Enhancement

Analyzing Roku’s Pro series, it emerges as a potential top-tier 4K TV choice.

My 2023 review of a Roku Plus TV highlighted its impressive picture quality at an affordable price. The Roku smart TV interface, a personal favorite, stands out with its clean, organized design.

However, in the saturated budget TV market, where Hisense and TCL also offer cost-effective TVs with remarkable mini-LED brightness, Roku faces tough competition. The Pro series, equipped with mini-LED technology, promises heightened peak brightness, a valuable asset for daytime viewing and HDR movie watching.

The inclusion of the AI-driven Roku Smart Picture feature, though lacking detailed information, addresses the common issue of users not adjusting default picture settings. Automatically optimizing pictures based on the viewing environment and specific program content could significantly enhance the average viewer’s experience.

While it matches the Roku Plus series in peak brightness, its busy interface heavily promotes Amazon programs. If the Pro series surpasses the Amazon Omni QLED in brightness, all at a lower price than competing budget mini-LED models, Roku might clinch the best-value TV crown for 2024.

Stay tuned for an in-depth review of the Roku Pro series TV this spring. Meanwhile, CES 2024 in Las Vegas (9-12 January) promises insights into the latest TVs, influencing our final verdict.

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