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Samsung S90D 2024: Anticipated Release, Pricing, Features, and Wishlist

The Samsung S90C stood out as our top choice for the best TV 2023. Despite the objectively superior S95C released in the same year, the S90C’s more reasonable price makes it a practical choice for most.

Now, the question arises: Can the next TV in this series match the impressive performance of its predecessor? Looking ahead to the potential successor, the Samsung S90D, we wonder what to expect.

Official details or unofficial leaks regarding Samsung’s 2024 TVs are yet to surface. Anticipate learning all the exciting details about the upcoming lineup at CES 2024 in a few weeks. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

Meanwhile, let’s explore our expectations for the S90D. We’ll delve into its likely release date, estimated cost, and our desires for improvements based on the few drawbacks of the S90C.

Samsung S90D: Anticipated Release Date and Pricing
Samsung S90C

Samsung S90D: Anticipated Release Date and Pricing

No official details have emerged regarding the release date or expected price of the Samsung S90D. Nevertheless, we can draw some assumptions based on the timeline of the Samsung S90C.

The Samsung S90C series hit the market slightly later than the more premium Samsung S95C last year. Smaller sizes debuted in May 2023, while the larger 83-inch variant arrived in July 2023. Considering this pattern, it seems reasonable to anticipate the Samsung S90D’s availability in late Spring 2024.

The Samsung S90C lineup offers 55, 65, and 77 inches sizes. There’s also an 83-inch version with a regular OLED panel, unlike the QD-LED panel featured in the smaller models. Unfortunately, the 83-inch variant is not available in the UK or Australia. Here’s the pricing breakdown for the various sizes:

  • 55-inch: $1,599 / £1,799 / $3,299AU
  • 65-inch: $2,099 / £2,499 / AU$4,299
  • 77-inch: $3,199 / £3,599 / AU$6,799
  • 83-inch: $5,399

The pricing strategy for the S90C aimed at providing a more budget-friendly option for owning Samsung’s innovative QD-OLED TV technology. Notably more affordable than the S95C, which started at $2,499 / £2,399 / AU$3,999 for the 55-inch, we can anticipate a similar pricing structure for the Samsung S90D, likely positioned at a lower cost than the upcoming S95D.

Samsung S90D: Features and Wishlist

Having bestowed a rare five-star rating upon the Samsung S90C in our review, expectations soar for the incoming S90D. Elevating an almost-perfect TV poses a significant challenge.

While our Samsung S90C review revealed no major issues with the QD-OLED set, minor quirks surfaced. It would be gratifying to witness improvements or resolutions in the S90D.

A notable concern was its brightness, lagging behind its high-end counterpart, the S95C, and the rival LG G3. Recognizing its mid-range positioning, compromises were inevitable for affordability. Yet, as noted in our S90C review, “it’s still brighter than most of the competition.”

Another point of disappointment revolved around certain picture presets. The Dynamic setting, as highlighted in our review, appeared “too full-on out of the box, looking a little gaudy and over-sharpened.” Conversely, the Standard preset could “leave colors looking a little faded,” a departure from expectations for a QD-OLED screen.

To better understand the improvements anticipated for the S90D, let’s delve into the specifics of our wishlist based on the S90C’s minor drawbacks.

Wishlist for Samsung S90D:

Improvement AreaS90C FeedbackDesired Enhancement for S90D
BrightnessNot as bright as S95C or LG G3Improved brightness without compromising affordability
Picture PresetsDynamic too intense, Standard fades colorsRefined presets for a balanced and vibrant display

Samsung S90C Support and Future Prospects

The Samsung S90C boasts diverse support options, featuring 4K resolution and compatibility with HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG HDR formats. While commendable for a mid-range display, the absence of Dolby Vision HDR feels irksome, given its prevalence among rival TV makers. We don’t anticipate a shift in this with Samsung’s 2024 TVs, but one can hope.

Although details on Samsung’s 2024 TVs are scant, WhatHiFi mentioned the development of QD-OLED panels, even as small as 32 and 27 inches. However, these seem destined for gaming monitors, not the next wave of OLED TVs—a pragmatic but regrettable decision.

What we do know for sure is that Samsung aims to build on its 2023 triumphs, highlighted by the high-end S95C and the impressive S90C. The impending S90D hints at another mid-range QD-OLED marvel, boasting high-end specs.

Summary of Samsung S90C Features and Future Prospects:

FeatureS90C OfferingFuture Prospects for S90D
Resolution4KExpectation of continued excellence
HDR SupportHDR10+, HDR10, HLGHopes for Dolby Vision inclusion
Panel DevelopmentN/APotential focus on gaming monitors
Overall DirectionMid-range QD-OLEDBuilding on 2023 successes with high-end specs

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