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Samsung S95D 2024: Anticipated Release Date, Pricing, and Features | What to Expect

The Samsung S95C dazzled in 2023, securing top spots in our best TV and OLED TV guides. Its vibrant display, impressive contrast, and gamer-friendly features set it apart. Now, the anticipation builds for its successor, the Samsung S95D.

As we await details on Samsung’s 2024 TV lineup, particularly the S95D, we reflect on the S95C’s strengths and minor shortcomings. The burning question is, how will the upcoming model measure up?

While specifics on Samsung’s 2024 TV plans are scarce, we can speculate on the S95D’s potential based on this year’s successes and areas for improvement.

Stay tuned for CES 2024 updates, where Samsung’s new TVs will take the spotlight. In the interim, let’s explore our expectations for the S95D—its probable release date, estimated cost, and the features we hope to see in this next-gen OLED TV.

Samsung S95D: Anticipated Release Date and Potential Pricing

As of now, there’s no official word on when the Samsung S95D will hit the market or its price tag. Nevertheless, drawing insights from the Samsung S95C’s timeline can help us make some informed estimations.

The Samsung S95C was unveiled at CES 2023 and hit shelves around March of the same year. Building on this, it’s reasonable to anticipate the Samsung S95D making its debut in early spring 2024.

Just like its predecessor, the S95D might offer various size options, mirroring the 55-, 65-, and 77-inch choices of the S95C. Speaking of pricing, let’s take a look at what the S95C launched at:

Foreseeing similar pricing for the S95D in 2024 is logical, but it hinges on potential advancements in features and panel technology that might affect manufacturing costs. The overall cost could also be influenced by Samsung’s plans for other TV models.

Samsung S95D: Anticipated Release Date and Potential Pricing
Samsung S95C

In 2023, the S95C held the spotlight as Samsung’s premium QD-OLED offering. Interestingly, it wasn’t the lone contender, as the more budget-friendly S90C offered a slightly toned-down performance but came with a substantial $600 / £600 price cut. This led us to name the S90C our top choice in the best TV guide for most users, despite it not being the superior TV.

Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate Samsung continuing this dual-offering approach with both the S95D and S90D. However, it’s essential to note that this is speculative at this point.

Samsung S95D: Features and Wishlist

The Samsung S95C wowed us, earning a rare five-star rating in our testing. While we’d love more of the same brilliance in the S95D, let’s acknowledge the S95C’s imperfections.

In our review, we noted tweaks needed for presets; the Standard picture setting, though dynamic, occasionally desaturated colors, and rendered skin tones with a jaundiced tint. There’s room for improvement, and we hope Samsung refines these aspects in the S95D.

Despite our praise for the S95C’s support options, embracing Dolby Vision HDR remains a notable omission. While we don’t anticipate a change in Samsung’s stance for the 2024 lineup, we remain hopeful.

Details on Samsung’s 2024 lineup are scarce. Reports hint at QD-OLED panels for gaming monitors, but dreams persist about their incorporation into the S95D.

For now, we can only anticipate that Samsung will build on the successes of 2023. The S95D promises to be another high-end QD-OLED, boasting premium specs, a luminous panel, and a design that aligns with its premium price tag.

FeatureS95C StrengthsS95D Expectations
Picture PresetsDynamic but flawedImproved presets
HDR SupportComprehensiveDolby Vision inclusion?
Panel TechnologyQD-OLED brillianceContinued excellence
Design and PricePremium appealHigh-end with innovation

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