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Samsung’s Latest OLED TVs Shine at CES 2024: Innovative Anti-Reflection Tech

Freshly revealed at CES 2024, Samsung showcased its latest OLED TVs, radiating with enhanced brightness. After the grand unveiling, I had the opportunity to witness these innovations up close, accompanied by the unveiling of new soundbars for 2024 and an intriguing picture frame speaker.

A noteworthy enhancement in the Samsung S95D flagship OLED TV is the introduction of a novel anti-reflection screen. I’ve previously believed that anti-reflection technology will become a prominent feature in upcoming TV specifications. Eager to explore this, I swiftly headed towards the display.

Samsung seemed to anticipate my interest, strategically placing the S95D alongside the Samsung S95C. The setup included identical simulated windows beside each TV, creating the illusion of sunlight cascading onto the screens. Positioned in the middle and scrutinizing both models, I could observe the reflections of these simulated windows in the corners of each screen. This setup allowed me to directly compare and assess the disparities, all the while evaluating how the new TV surpasses its predecessor in various aspects.

Samsung's Latest OLED TVs Shine at CES 2024: Innovative Anti-Reflection Tech

In the center of the image, focus on the screen corners. On the older TV to the right, the reflection is sharply defined, impacting picture clarity and contrasting with the guy’s jacket. Despite the photo’s subdued brightness, it disrupts the contrast.

Conversely, the left picture blurs the reflection shape, reducing its impact. Humans perceive detail through contrast, and by diminishing the reflection’s definition, the contrast diminishes. The photo may exaggerate the brightness, but the reflection doesn’t interfere with the violin, showing the desired effect.

The S95D benefits from enhanced brightness, evident in scenes with high contrast. In Samsung’s demo, a textured glove showcased brighter light areas, deepening the perception of dark tones on the newer model.

While the anti-reflection tech is impressive, it may not match microlens array OLED panels. Still, it’s a notable upgrade, especially for those avoiding OLED due to bright rooms. Unfortunately, it’s limited to the flagship model, missing the S90D TVs, where it could make a more significant impact on reflection reduction. Here’s hoping for such advancements in CES 2025.

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