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Troubleshooting iPhone Alarms: Attention Aware Glitch in iOS 17 and Effective Workarounds

Apple might have inadvertently given you a valid excuse for oversleeping—some iPhone users are reporting that their alarms aren’t working as expected. According to posts on Reddit, users set alarms on their iPhones, but the alarms don’t produce any sound when they’re supposed to.

These alarms, as mentioned by users, are not set to be recurring. Therefore, there’s no apparent reason for them to remain silent or reset without user acknowledgment. Instead, the only action reported is the screen turning on, without any accompanying sound.

This issue seems to be tied to the iOS 17 update. A Reddit user suggests a connection to the ‘Attention Aware’ feature, which allows iPhones to detect when users are actively engaged with the device. In instances where alarms fail to sound, it’s speculated that iPhones on iOS 17 may perceive user attention and omit the loud alarm.

While personally unaffected by this problem on my iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 17, a review of my device’s settings revealed that the Attention Aware feature was turned off. Ironically, I wasn’t even aware of this option, as it hadn’t been brought to my attention previously.

Alarms Not SoundingiPhone alarms set by users on iOS 17 are not producing any sound, only triggering the screen to turn on.
Recurring AlarmsThe affected alarms are not set to be recurring, eliminating the possibility of automatic silencing or resetting.
iOS 17 ConnectionThe issue is linked to the iOS 17 update, as reported by users on Reddit.
Attention Aware FeatureSpeculation suggests that iPhones may not sound alarms if the Attention Aware feature detects user engagement.
Personal ExperienceDespite using iPhone alarms on iOS 17, the Attention Aware feature was turned off on my device, and I haven’t encountered the problem.

Navigating Silent iPhone Alarms: Workarounds, Expectations, and Alternative Choices

To address the silent iPhone alarm issue, disable Attention Aware in two locations: Voice Control in Accessibility and Face ID & Attention settings. Additionally, Reddit users suggest turning off Standby Mode, minimizing nearby alarms, and using default sounds.

These workarounds, though not ideal, may resolve the problem temporarily. Ideally, Apple should address this flaw in the next iOS 17 update. Constantly relying on the excuse of a malfunctioning alarm may not be a sustainable solution for professional settings.

If this concern has soured your experience with iPhones, explore our curated list of top Android phones. Alternatively, delve into our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hub to anticipate the innovations that the next Android flagship may bring to the smartphone landscape.

Disable Attention AwareVoice Control (Accessibility)
Face ID & Attention settings
Additional WorkaroundsTurn off Standby Mode
Minimize concurrent alarms
Switch to default alarm sounds
Future ExpectationsHopes for Apple to address the flaw in the next iOS 17 update.
Alternative ChoicesExplore our list of top Android phones.
Preview the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for insights into the next Android flagship.

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