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Unistellar Odyssey Pro: Revolutionizing Stargazing with Smart Telescopes

Smart telescopes are gaining popularity in the stargazing community and are likely the future of astrophotography. Unistellar has solidified its standing in this domain by launching the Odyssey and Odyssey Pro at CES 2024.

Similar to the Celestron smart telescope unveiled at CES, Unistellar’s Odyssey and Odyssey Pro stand out. What sets them apart is the remote control functionality through the newly developed Unistellar app.

Comfortably seated on your sofa, you can observe the celestial wonders captured by your Odyssey telescope on your smart device. You have the power to direct it to different parts of the night sky using the telescope’s ‘autonomous field detection technology’—referred to as a ‘smart star finder’ by Odyssey.

According to the creators, these GPS-equipped smart telescopes can “autonomously point towards and track any desired celestial object from the moment they are turned on.” This means you can delve into outer space within minutes. In essence, stargazing has been simplified for everyone.

Unistellar Odyssey Pro: Revolutionizing Stargazing with Smart Telescopes
Image Credit: Unistellar

Unistellar’s Celestial Marvels: A Glimpse into the Future of Stargazing

Unistellar, a prominent player in astrophotography, unveiled its latest gems at CES. Following the eQuinox 2, and the hefty eVscope 2 at $4,999, this year’s models are smaller, lighter, and boast broader appeal. A key feature is the ‘Multi-Depth Technology,’ facilitating seamless shifts between observing nearby planets and exploring distant galaxies and nebulae.

Navigating the universe is made easy through the Unistellar app, available for iOS and Android. The app’s database, housing details on over 5000 planets and nebulae, caters to both beginners and enthusiasts.

Nikon’s lens-making prowess contributes to these smart telescopes, with high-precision autofocus optics and an electronic eyepiece exclusively in the Pro model, perfect for hands-on enthusiasts. Technically, both models offer a 34 x 45 arcmin field of view, an 85mm mirror diameter, and a 320mm focal length.

Weighing in at 4kg, the Odyssey and Odyssey Pro are significantly lighter than Unistellar’s previous Expert range. Supplied with a robust tripod, their five-hour battery life is a trade-off. Priced at $2,499, the Odyssey and the pricier Odyssey Pro at $3,999 are available on the Unistellar website and through camera retailers. While the cost may deter some, Unistellar undeniably transforms the celestial experience for stargazers.

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