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Windows 10 ESU: Secure Your Device with Extended Security Updates

Microsoft assured the continuity of Windows 10 after its October 14, 2025, end of support (EOS) date. Users, however, must pay to ensure ongoing platform security.

Windows 10 22H2 is the conclusive version, with Microsoft committing to monthly security updates until EOS. Beyond this, bug fixes, security patches, and time zone updates will cease.

To address this, Microsoft introduced an Extended Security Updates (ESU) program, akin to the Windows 7 model, extending support for an additional three years.

Windows 10 ESU: Secure Your Device with Extended Security Updates

Windows 10 Extended Security Updates (ESU) Unveiled

Microsoft confirms the availability of yearly subscriptions for Windows 10 ESU, renewable for up to three years. Enrolled devices will receive continuous monthly security updates.

As of November, Windows 10 still dominates with a 68.0% share, while Windows 11 holds 26.6%. Windows 7, now at 3.2%, dropped from 11.2% in December 2022.

Despite ongoing Windows 10 support for paying subscribers, Microsoft encourages Windows 11 adoption. Users are urged to upgrade, buy compatible models, or opt for Windows 11 via Microsoft 365.

Microsoft emphasizes that the ESU program focuses on critical security updates, excluding new features and non-security updates. Technical support beyond ESU is not provided.

Pricing details remain undisclosed, but Microsoft hints at extending the ESU program to individual customers.

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