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Logitech: 2 months with the most popular keyboard-mouse in France

With the rise of telecommuting, manufacturers of computer accessories have had good years. Among the market benchmarks, Logitech occupies the leading position, in all categories combined.

If the manufacturer is illustrated on the gaming with its Logitech G range, the productivity segment is cornered by its MX keyboards and mice, Rolls of office accessories.

In 2023, Logitech renews its range with a new keyboard, the MX Keys S, and a new mouse, the MX Anywhere 3S, both compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. So, for two months, we replaced our old Apple Keyboard and Apple Mouse with Logitech peripherals. So conquered?

Logitech MX Keys S Keyboard

Logitech mx keys 3s reviews

As journalists, we no longer count the number of words we write each day. For us, typing comfort and peripheral connectivity are fundamental criteria when choosing our keyboard.

Accustomed to the Apple keyboard, we have taken the step towards Logitech’s for the first time, already adopted by many of our colleagues (and other professionals). A choice that we do not regret at all, as our experience has proven to be convincing. So much so that we saved our Apple keyboard for another setup to make MX Keys S our daily companion.

We won’t dwell on what has made this keyboard so successful for years: its unmatched typing comfort. We will also pass quickly its design is still an elegant mix of brushed aluminum and soft-coated plastic. For the first time, Logitech declines it in a new color pale grey, lighter than traditional graphite.

Among the novelties, we will highlight the integration of three new keys respectively giving access to emojis, voice dictation, or activation/deactivation of the microphone. Above all, the MX Keys S finally has a smart backlight system capable of detecting the user’s hands and adapting its light output to that of the environment. The new app Software Options+ allows you to fully customize this backlight (on Mac and PC).

Last detail (and not least), the MX Keys S is a very quiet keyboard even more than the already very discreet Apple Keyboard.

Difficult to find a fault with this MX Keys S if not the absence of a more compact model. The keyboard is only offered in a format with a numeric keypad. Therefore, it occupies an important place in your workspace.

Logitech Anywhere 3S Mouse

logitech mx anywhere 3s review

Take the Master 3S, Logitech’s reference mouse, zip it up, and you’ve got the MX Anywhere 3S. You will understand, the new Logitech mouse stands out above all for its compact format.

Very light, it incorporates all the features of the most advanced mouse of the brand. In the news program: the silent click that will allow you to draw your pointer anywhere, even in transport, without disturbing those around you.

Another novelty, more technical, is the doubling of the DPI. From now on, the MX Anywhere can go up to 8000 dpi which also makes it a mouse designed for casual gaming.

Finally, the MX Anywhere 3S inherits the connectivity of the Master 3S. It is now compatible with multiple devices and multiple operating systems. You can link it to 3 different devices, all operating systems combined (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS).

What else? Autonomy reaches 70 days and one minute of charging can use the mouse for 3 hours. Rather not bad.

Coming from the Apple universe, our questions arose from the navigation gestures perfectly integrated into Pommé accessories. Logitech has thought of everything and lets you configure your mouse keys to reproduce these swipe gestures.

Above all, the brand inaugurates the smart actions automation system that completely transforms the experience and even increases your productivity.

Smart actions make a difference

logitech mx s keys review

Like most Logitech peripherals, the MX Keys S and Anywhere 3S come with an app to customize your experience. For this new generation, the manufacturer uses Software Options+ (available on Windows and macOS).

Those used to Logitech devices will probably already know Software Options+. On the other hand, they will discover, like everyone else, Smart Actions, the brand’s new flagship feature.

These Smart Actions take the form of automation that each user can customize to their liking with almost unlimited possibilities. By pressing a single key, the user can trigger a series of actions.

For example, to start a typing session, Cmd+E can launch a series of typing applications, switch to ” Do not bother “and open a Spotify playlist.

There are several ways to take advantage of Smart Actions: use Logitech’s pre-defined scenarios or create your automation. To make your job easier, the brand has sealed numerous alliances with the developers of the most used applications (Slack, Photoshop, etc.).

During the product presentation, a developer came to detail the endless possibilities of Smart Actions. Difficult to transcribe here with precision everything that he was able to implement since the automation was numerous. But as they say, whoever can do more can do less. Therefore, he will necessarily find automation that meets his needs.

Our take on the Logitech MX Keys S and Anywhere 3S

It’s hard not to recommend Logitech’s MX Keys S and Anywhere 3S keyboard and mouse combo. The brand shows once again that in terms of computer equipment, it occupies a prominent place.

If hardware improvements aren’t obvious, tweaks are welcome and make everyday use even better. The addition of Smart Actions is without a doubt the best idea Logitech has ever had, although not all users necessarily agree to install additional software to customize their peripherals.

Still, at $119 for the keyboard and $99 for the mouse, the combo isn’t for everyone. If you work at a computer every day and type a lot of text (or code), it’s worth the investment as Logitech keyboards/mice have excellent lifespans. For others, the brand offers more affordable accessories.

As far as we’re concerned, the Apple Keyboard and Apple Mouse aren’t coming back to our desks.

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