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Apple AirTag Gadget Now on Sale

The Apple AirTag, a useful tracking device, currently ranks first among Amazon’s top-selling electronics. This gadget is now discounted on Amazon. The Apple AirTag 4-pack is on sale for $84.99, reduced from $99.99. This deal is just $10 above the lowest price during Black Friday, making it the best current offer.

Apple AirTag
Image credit: Amazon

The Apple AirTag, a Bluetooth location tracker, pairs with your iPhone. If you tend to lose items like keys or wallets, attaching an AirTag helps your iPhone locate them with Precision Finding technology. The AirTag, usable for tracking luggage and kids’ backpacks, is water-resistant.

Though the $15 discount seems small, substantial cuts to the Apple AirTag’s price are rare. This deal is better than the recent Prime Day offer. As a top Amazon best-seller, the highly-regarded Apple AirTag is a recommended grab.

Top-selling Apple AirTag now just $84.99 (was $99)

Amazon offers Apple AirTag 4-pack at $84.99 (previously $99)
Amazon discounts Apple AirTag 4-pack: Save on this best-seller
The highly popular Apple AirTag leads Amazon sales. It’s now reduced to $84.99 on Amazon—a $15 drop from $99. This deal is merely $10 more than Black Friday’s all-time low. Secure the best offer today. Attach the AirTag to items like keys, luggage, or wallets, and your iPhone will effortlessly locate them.

Discover the Best Apple AirTag Sales and Deals

For top Apple AirTag deals, check out the retailers below and our comparison chart. Find your best sale price with ease. Remember, Apple AirTag deals are rare. If you spot a price cut, seize the opportunity.

US Retailers:

  • Amazon: Prime spot for Apple AirTag discounts
  • Apple: Get free engraving with an AirTag purchase
  • Best Buy: Discounts on AirTag accessories
  • Walmart: AirTag stock and accessories available

UK Retailers:

  • Amazon: Apple AirTag and accessory discounts
  • Apple: Free engraving with AirTag purchase
  • John Lewis: Stocked AirTag and accessories
  • Currys: Discounts on AirTag accessories

Apple AirTags Price: How Much for the Tracking Device?

Apple and Amazon offer single or four-pack AirTag options. A single AirTag costs $29/£28/AU$44, while a four-pack is priced at $17/£13/AU$28.

Is the Apple AirTags Price Justified?
Apple enthusiasts find the price worthwhile. It seamlessly integrates with Apple devices to locate lost items. A one-pack costs $29/£28/AU$44.

Comparatively, the Tile tracker, compatible with iOS and Android, requires a separate app. The Tile Pro, closest to AirTag, costs $34.99/£29.99.

Android users lean towards the Tile family, while Apple users benefit from the slightly cheaper AirTag.

Apple AirTag Accessories

Looking to attach AirTag to keys or bags? Apple offers stylish options, including leather key rings and loops in various colors. Check out prices for Apple AirTag accessories below.

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