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Camp Snap Camera Review and Pricing: For Children

Assessing the low-cost, low-tech Camp Snap formally seems futile. Considering its camera’s performance and image quality, a genuine recommendation is challenging. However, occasionally, we must shift our focus from a product’s capabilities to its representation. The Camp Snap excels in what it lacks, embracing pure simplicity. Its distinction lies in its screen absence, making it an appealing choice for families.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Absence of a screen
  • Effortless point-and-shoot functionality


  • Subpar image quality
  • Glare from the photo counter when using the viewfinder
  • Weak LED flash
Camp Snap Camera Review and Pricing: For Children

Camp Snap Camera: Quick Overview

The Camp Snap camera first caught my eye on Instagram, putting a halt to my mindless scrolling. It wasn’t just the soothing voiceover or the picturesque scenes; it was the retro-style, screen-free design that truly intrigued me.

Unique Appeal:

As I watched a video about a camera initially designed for screen-time-deprived kids at summer camp, I realized it might not only be one of the best cameras for children but also appeal to a broader audience.

Innovative Concept:

The Camp Snap reimagines the single-use disposable camera with a low-cost, low-tech digital approach. Its absence of a screen encourages us to reduce our screen time and embrace delayed gratification.

Key Features:

Instead of film, the Camp Snap stores up to 2,000 digital 8MP photos on a TF memory card. You only see your photos when you connect it to your computer via USB-C, akin to waiting for developed film from a lab.

Simplicity and Durability:

Operational simplicity is a highlight, making it suitable for the entire family. It’s child’s play, and its sturdy design is labeled “drop-proof.” The viewfinder, though marred by LED photo counter glare, adds a nice touch.

Battery and User-Friendly Features:

The USB-C port doubles as a charging point, and the battery provides extended usage. It’s easy to power up and has fun shutter noises, making it kid-friendly.

Image Quality:

However, don’t expect exceptional image quality. The 2560 x 1920 pixel sensor and fixed focus lens fall short of modern standards, performing best in bright light.


Its focus range hinders close-up shots, and design improvements could include relocating the LED photo counter and adding a wrist strap loop.

Camp Snap Camera Photo

Beyond image quality and features, Camp Snap encourages genuine connections with our surroundings. Like the Fujifilm Instax Pal, it has enriched moments with loved ones, evoking simpler times.

Notable Absence:

Surprisingly, the Camp Snap’s most compelling feature is its absence of a vari-angle screen, prompting me to fold away my professional mirrorless camera’s screen. Despite its simplicity, it strikes a chord.

CAMP SNAP: Price and Availability

Currently, the Camp Snap is available in the US and Europe, priced at $55 / £45, with various color options. Plans for global expansion, including Australia, are in motion.

Upcoming Versions:

A second Camp Snap iteration is in development, addressing issues like the wrist strap loop. Additionally, a ‘Pro’ version with more features is in the works, catering to different preferences.

Should You Purchase the Camp Snap Camera?

Buy it if…

  • You seek screen-free moments.
  • You desire a simple, affordable gift for children.

Don’t buy it if…

  • You prioritize image quality.
  • You want creative photography options.

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