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The Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM lens delivers exceptional performance. Its focal range offers ultra-wide perspectives, ideal for full-frame cameras.


  • Widest zoom available
  • Outstanding optical performance
  • Compact, lightweight, and user-friendly


  • Depends on digital corrections
  • Limited Versatility
  • Relatively high price

Quick Overview

At first glance, the Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM appears unremarkable, but it’s one of the finest wide-angle lenses available. With Canon’s signature RF lens design, it’s sleek and manageable, weighing only 570g. Despite its lightness, it boasts IS optical stabilization and advanced AF for smooth, silent focusing.

Equipped with various specialized optical elements, this lens delivers exceptional sharpness across the frame, even at its widest setting. While digital corrections are applied, they’re imperceptible in practical use, ensuring stunning image quality.

Handling is intuitive with standard Canon RF features like customizable rings and buttons. However, its extreme angle of view demands precision when shooting handheld, especially for architecture and interiors.

Priced at $2,299 in the US and £2,579 in the UK, it’s a considerable investment. Yet, considering its performance and build quality, it’s a worthy addition to any photographer’s kit.

Price and Release Date

The Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM was announced in October 2023 and is now available worldwide. While it’s not cheap, its price reflects its exceptional specifications and performance, aligning with Canon’s L-series standards.

Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM

Should I Buy the Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM?

Buy it if

  • You require the widest angle possible.
  • Your focus is on architecture and interiors.
  • You prefer no focal length overlap with your standard zoom.

Don’t buy it if:

  • You need a versatile “walkaround” lens.
  • You’re seeking the best value for money.
  • You’re uncertain about needing the extreme 10mm angle of view.

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