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Denon PerL Pro Review: Features, Sound Quality, and More

The Denon PerL Pro earbuds cater to the discerning audiophile seeking a distinctive sound experience that immerses without fail. Their audio prowess truly shines. Nevertheless, although the active noise cancellation (ANC) works well, the transparency mode could be improved, and the earbuds’ size may not suit all users.


  • Deliver an immersive, agile, and musical sound.
  • Exceptional bass performance.
  • Support for lossless audio.


  • Uncomfortable for those with smaller conchas.
  • The case is somewhat bulky.
  • The transparency mode offers only basic functionality.
Denon PerL Pro Review: Features, Sound Quality, and More

Denon PerL Pro Overview: A Unique Listening Experience

If the Denon PerL Pro earbuds appear oddly familiar, it’s because they are. But fret not! They bring something unparalleled, surpassing even the finest noise-canceling earbuds.

The Nura Connection

First and foremost, Denon, the prominent audio brand, acquired the friendly Australian earphone startup, Nura. They’ve now released a product that closely resembles Nura’s flagship summer 2022 earbuds, the NuraTrue Pro, named PerL Pro. There’s also a non-suffixed PerL, possibly akin to Nura’s slightly older NuraTrue, though untested. This merger benefits all parties.

Unique Otoacoustic Testing

Unique Otoacoustic Testing

Denon recognized Nura’s distinctive otoacoustic testing in consumer earbuds, where ear canal shapes influence sound perception. Denon’s tests adapt sound profiles, reduce noise, enhance spatial audio, and adjust ambient sounds, all to fantastic effect.

Passive Testing vs. Active Input

Unlike Nothing’s Ear (2) personalized hearing tests that require active input, Denon’s process is passive. Wearing the earbuds and letting special sonic tones work their magic for about 30 seconds in a quiet environment yields impressive results. You can save up to four profiles in the Denon Headphones companion app, each a noticeable improvement over default settings.

Immersive Sound and Advanced Connectivity

Immersive Sound and Advanced Connectivity

The PerL Pro boasts Bluetooth 5.3 with Dirac Virtuo support, aptX Lossless, and aptX Adaptive. These features make it a compelling choice for wireless audio enthusiasts. AptX Lossless offers exceptional audio quality with a high bitrate, surpassing older codecs like aptX HD and LDAC.

Battery Life and Features

With an eight-hour battery in the earbuds and an additional 24 hours in the case, wireless charging, IPX4 sweat resistance, and eight microphones for excellent call quality, the Perl Pro has it all.


However, there are drawbacks to consider. Priced at $349, they compete with flagship options, and their design may not suit all users. The large driver housing can lead to discomfort in the concha. The case, while protective, may not fit comfortably in a pocket. Additionally, the ANC settings lack customization, and the ambient mode could be more effective.

Final Verdict

If you prioritize exceptional sound quality and are confident in the fit, the Denon PerL Pro earbuds are a top choice. Nevertheless, they may not be the best fit for everyone.

Denon PerL Pro Review: Price & Release Date

Denon PerL Pro Review: Price & Release Date

  • Price: $349 / £299 / AU$549
  • Release Date: June 2023

In this price range, they compete with Sony’s WF-1000XM5, Technics EAH-AZ80, and Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, making them a compelling but competitive choice.

Denon PerL Pro Review: Specs

SpecificationsDenon PerL Pro
Active noise cancellationYes
Battery life8 hours (buds), 32 hours total (with case)
Weight8.6g per earbud
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.3, USB-C, Dirac Virtuo, aptX Lossless, aptX Adaptive
Frequency range20 Hz–40 kHz
Other featuresMasimo Adaptive Acoustic technology, wireless charging, immersive and spatial audio modes
Should You Buy the Denon PerL Pro?

Should You Buy the Denon PerL Pro?

  • Features: Offering unique sonic profiles, hi-res wireless, ANC, and more, they score a perfect 5/5.
  • Sound quality: Delivering immersive, agile, crisp, and musical audio across the spectrum, they also get a 5/5.
  • Design: While the buds are a bit heavy and may become tiresome over time, they receive a 3/5.
  • Value: In a competitive market, they are considered slightly expensive, earning a 4/5.

Buy Them If:

  • You want to try acoustic audio tests, and the hearing test results meet your expectations.
  • You seek the best wireless codec support with Bluetooth 5.3, Dirac Virtuo, aptX Lossless, and aptX Adaptive.
  • Bass matters, and you can set up a personalized ProEQ profile for an immersive audio experience.

Don’t Buy Them If:

  • You have smaller ears and prefer smaller earbuds, as these are larger and may feel heavy or uncomfortable.
  • Top ambient passthrough/awareness modes are essential; their ‘social mode’ may not meet your expectations.
  • You desire head-tracked spatial audio, which is not a feature in these earbuds.
Denon PerL Pro Review: Also Consider

Denon PerL Pro Review: Also Consider

EarbudsPriceDriversActive Noise CancellationBattery LifeWeightConnectivityFrequency RangeWaterproofingOther Features
Denon PerL Pro$349 / £249 / AU$54910mmYes8 hours (buds); 32hrs total with case8.6g per earpieceBluetooth 5.3, aptX Lossless, aptX Adaptive20Hz – 40kHzYes, IPX4Dirac Virtuo
Sony WF-1000XM5$299.99 / £259 / AU$4998.4mmYes8 hours (buds); 24hrs total with case4.2g per earpieceBluetooth 5.3, LDACNot specifiedYes, IPX4Sony 360 Reality Audio
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II$299 / £279 / AU$4299.3mmYes6 hours (buds); 3 extra hours (charging case)6.2g per earpieceBluetooth 5.3Not specifiedYes, IPX4CustomTune audio

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