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Eufy X9 Pro: Review, Specs, and Performance

The Eufy Clean X9 Pro offers a robust robotic vacuum experience, combining ease of use with efficient navigation and obstacle avoidance. Notably, its rotating mops excel in eliminating spills and stains on your floors. Furthermore, the base station features an auto-cleaning function, ensuring the mops stay clean.

However, when it comes to vacuuming, it’s not as remarkable, handling lighter debris effectively, but lacking an auto-emptying dust box. The Eufy Clean X9 Pro boasts an intuitive app that facilitates map creation and simplifies vacuum settings adjustments.


  • Outstanding mopping capabilities
  • The base station keeps mops clean
  • User-friendly app with intelligent mapping


  • On the expensive side
  • No self-emptying dustbox
  • Average performance with larger messes
Eufy X9 Pro: Review, Specs, and Performance

Quick Review

The Eufy X9 Pro is a versatile home assistant, handling mopping, vacuuming, self-cleaning, and smart home mapping. The catch, however, is its relatively high price. Whether it’s a worthwhile investment depends on your specific needs.

Eufy, a brand under Anker, is renowned for its home security cameras, video doorbells, and now, robot vacuums. The X9 Pro stands as their flagship model, featuring an auto-cleaning base station. But Eufy offers more budget-friendly options, such as the L35 Hybrid+ with mopping or the RoboVac G20 for straightforward vacuuming.

During my weeks with the Eufy Clean X9 Pro, I’ve been impressed by its efficient navigation through my two-bedroom apartment. Vacuuming and mopping in tandem, it seldom gets stuck and effortlessly avoids obstacles thanks to its AI camera and sensors. The vacuum power even adjusts when it encounters rugs. The companion app creates an intelligent map and simplifies the customization of vacuum settings.

While the vacuum function handles lighter debris well, it struggles with larger messes, especially on rugs. It lacks the convenience of an auto-emptying dust box, a common feature in its price range.

However, the Eufy Clean X9 Pro truly excels in mopping. Its twin rotating mopping cloths effectively tackle various stains, from sticky syrup to coffee spills and muddy footprints. The base station takes care of cloth cleaning, water tank refills, and mop drying, ensuring a fresh and odor-free experience. It outshines the vibrating mops found in most other robot vacuums.

If you seek a hands-off cleaning solution, the Eufy Clean X9 Pro is a great choice. It handles lighter vacuuming tasks and conquers stubborn floor stains with its mops, lightening your household chore load.



  • List price: $899.99 / £899.99 / AU$1,499.95
  • Availability: USA, UK, Australia

The Eufy Clean X9 Pro is available directly from Eufy Clean’s official websites in the US, UK, and Australia. You can also find it on Amazon in the US and UK.

This top-tier Eufy model justifies its price with impressive dual rotating mops, an auto-cleaning base, AI mapping, and 5,500Pa suction power. However, it lacks the self-emptying dust box, a common feature in its price range. Keep in mind ongoing expenses, particularly for replacing mops, priced at $29 for a pair. Other accessories, such as brushes and filters, cost between $15 and $39 but require less frequent replacement.

Value score: 4/5


Total weight31.7lbs/14.4kg
Vacuum dimensions13.9 x 12.8 x 3.7in/35.2 x 32.6 x 9.4cm
Base station dimensions17.4 x 16.6.2 x 16.4in/44.3 x 42.2 x 41.6cm
Dust box capacity13.9oz/410ml
Dock clean water tank capacity1.1gallons/4.1L
Dock dirty water tank capacity0.95gallons/3.6L
Vacuum highest noise level65dB
Base station noise level50dB
Maximum suction5,500Pa
Maximum runtime150 min (standard vacuum/mop setting)
Recharge time4 hours



The Eufy Clean X9 Pro arrived in a hefty box, nearly assembled. The quick setup involved removing the tape, filling the water reservoir, and connecting to Wi-Fi via the app. It took about 10 minutes.

The base station, while sleek with rounded edges, is substantial at 17.4 x 16.6.2 x 16.4in/44.3 x 42.2 x 41.6cm. Smaller spaces may prefer a more compact option. The spacious form accommodates one-gallon clean and dirty water reservoirs, both robustly built with a locking hinge and carry handle. A built-in heated drying mechanism prevents odors.

The all-black, matte finish of the base station and vacuum maintains a clean look, constructed of durable plastic. The robot vacuum differs with a squarish design, boasting sensors for obstacle avoidance and carpet detection, which may limit access under low furniture. Control primarily relies on the app, with recharge, spot cleaning, and start/pause buttons for manual use.

Beneath the hinged lid, a 13.9oz/410ml dust box awaits, with a spare filter included. Eufy recommends emptying every 10 hours, but frequency depends on your space’s cleanliness. A built-in auto-emptying feature on the base station would have been a plus, yet no extra dust bags are required, saving on future costs.


Flipping the vacuum reveals a side brush, roller brush, and two thick, plush mopping cloths. These clothes outshine competitors in mopping quality and automatically lift on encountering carpet.

Design score: 4/5


  • Impressive mopping
  • Vacuum struggles with larger messes
  • Effective navigation and object detection

Setting up the Eufy Clean X9 Pro is straightforward. You can initiate a cleaning session without mapping, but for better accuracy, a quick tidying up of obstacles is recommended. This took less than a minute.

During the initial cleaning, the robovac performs both vacuuming and mopping. The base station quietly fills the vacuum with water (around 50dB), and the device announces its cleaning mission, reporting if it gets stuck or returns to the base.


While traversing my apartment, the X9 Pro excelled at hugging walls and maneuvering around furniture. However, it occasionally misjudged obstacles, sometimes requiring rescue. The top sensor, when functional, prevents the vacuum from fitting under low shelves. It adeptly avoids objects placed in its path.

The X9 Pro encounters some difficulties with certain rugs but never gets stuck. The mopping cloths automatically lift on rugs and lower on hard floors, leaving rugs dry.

Overall, the robovac handles lighter debris quietly (around 60-65dB), but struggles with tougher messes, particularly on rugs. It lacks a self-emptying dust box found in many competitors.

The mop feature is a standout, with plush cloths applying ample pressure and rotating efficiently. They easily tackle stains and spills, even challenging tests like yogurt and syrup. You can adjust water usage for more thorough mopping.

Before mopping, the device prepares the mop for about 3 minutes. During cleaning, it returns to the base station every 10 minutes for a 3-minute mop cleaning cycle. You can adjust this timing in the app. The dirty water reservoir serves as a good indicator of the mop’s effectiveness.

Vacuuming is less impressive, especially on hard floors with concentrated debris. The side brush can scatter debris. Rugs pose even more of a challenge. For bigger messes, a traditional vacuum or broom is more reliable.


Maintenance is straightforward, involving sensor cleaning, dust box emptying, and water reservoir management. The app tracks component replacement needs and ensures longevity.

Performance score: 4/5


The setup process through the Eufy Clean app is user-friendly and takes about five minutes. Navigating the app is comparable to other robot vacuum apps.

The app generates an accurate map of your space and divides it into rooms, making note of obstacles. Minor map adjustments are easily made, allowing you to customize room names, and cleaning sequences, and create no-go zones.

The app offers options for whole-home cleaning, room-specific cleaning, and zone creation. You can switch between vacuuming and mopping modes and adjust suction and water levels via the mode button.

Additional settings allow scheduling and tracking component maintenance. A remote control feature lets you manually maneuver the vacuum.

The profile section facilitates voice control setup through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Both systems work well for basic commands like “clean” or “return.”

The app doesn’t introduce groundbreaking features but covers the essentials. Most users should find it user-friendly after a few uses.

App score: 4/5


  • 150-minute battery life at standard vacuum/mopping settings
  • Four-hour recharge time in the base station
  • Automatically resumes cleaning at 75% battery

I tested the Eufy Clean X9 Pro’s battery life during a standard clean, combining vacuuming and medium-level mopping. The vacuum refilled the mop every 10 minutes. After a little over 2 hours, with 20% battery left, it completed the cleaning task. Sending it out for a second round, it lasted an additional 20 minutes, reaching 9% battery before returning to the base station.

In total, the battery performed well, lasting about 150 minutes, although this duration may vary based on settings. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the manufacturer’s specified battery life.

Recharging from 9% to 100% took four hours. Notably, when the battery hits 75%, the vacuum autonomously resumes any unfinished cleaning, a feature controllable through the app. Charging presented no issues, as the vacuum consistently returned to the base for recharging.

Battery life score: 4.5/5



  • Price: Widely available in the US, UK, and Australia; though expensive, it offers valuable features (4/5).
  • Design: Simple setup, sleek vacuum with liftable mop cloths, and a large base station (4/5).
  • Performance: Impressive mopping with a self-cleaning station; average vacuuming for lighter debris (4/5).
  • App: User-friendly for adjusting settings and creating an accurate map of your space (4/5).
  • Battery life: Comparable to other robot vacuums, lasting around 2.5 hours with a 4-hour recharge time (4.5/5).

Buy it if:

  • You desire well-mopped floors: Dual rotating mopping cloths are exceptional.
  • You seek a mapped space: The app provides a precise map for efficient cleaning.
  • You want self-cleaning mops: The auto-cleaning base station ensures clean and odor-free floors.

Don’t buy if:

  • You expect it to handle big messes: Struggles with larger, concentrated debris, especially on rugs.
  • You lack hard floors: The standout feature is mopping; opt for a different vacuum if you don’t require mopping.
  • You want an auto-emptying dust box: Manual dust box emptying is necessary (4/5).

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