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Fujifilm Instax Pal Review: Price, Features, and more

I’ve had experience with various Instax cameras, but the digital-exclusive Instax Pal stands out as the most enjoyable option, suitable for all age groups. It’s important to note that it’s not technically an instant camera, nor does it excel as a standalone camera. Its compact and charming design owes itself to the absence of an integrated printer. Additionally, the newly introduced app enhances the user experience, offering rewards for invested time.

Moreover, the Instax Pal offers the flexibility of printing immediately or at a later time using one of Fujifilm’s exceptional portable Link printers. This versatility makes the Pal a well-rounded and intelligent choice, maintaining the familiar Instax quality—unless, of course, you have a preference for a completely analog experience. In such a case, the Pal may not be your top pick. Ultimately, it’s possible that the Pal could become your digital family companion.


  • Adorable design and enjoyable user experience
  • Superior handling compared to bulky Instax alternatives
  • The option to choose between immediate or delayed printing


  • The true star of the show is the Link printer
  • Modern camera phones offer better image quality
  • Can be costly when bundled with a printer
Fujifilm Instax Pal: Concise Review

Fujifilm Instax Pal: Concise Review

In the realm of serious cameras, the Instax Pal emerges as a genuinely enjoyable option. Its compact size, akin to a golf ball, appeals to all ages. The camera exudes a pet-like charm with its illuminating and playful sounds.

While I resisted the app’s persuasive tactics, offering digital rewards, it’s evident that the Pal caters to a broad audience. Unlike analog Instax cameras gathering dust, this one might become a daily companion.

Despite its Instax branding, it isn’t a typical instant camera. It’s digital-only, lightweight, and connects to Fujifilm’s Instax Link printers or the Instax Pal app for printing.

This blend of digital convenience and portability feels like the best of both worlds. The choice between direct printing and app control offers flexibility.

The Instax Square Link printer complements the Pal, allowing printing of phone gallery photos. However, the Pal lacks a screen and top-notch image quality.

Yet, the Pal shines in app and printer integration, providing a user-friendly experience. Selfies and group shots are a breeze with the self-timer and detachable ring. It’s surprisingly discreet for street photography.

The app impresses with automatic photo deletion, micro SD card support, image filters, and output to various Instax Link printers.

The Fujifilm Instax Pal isn’t a top-tier instant camera but elicits genuine affection. It may not excel technically, but it’s remarkably appealing and user-friendly.

FUJIFILM INSTAX PAL: Price and Availability

FUJIFILM INSTAX PAL: Price and Availability

The Instax Pal is available in the US, bundled with the Mini Link printer for $199.99. In the UK and Australia, it’s sold as the camera alone, priced at £89.99 and AU$149 respectively. The Gem Black variant with a reflective surface costs £104.99 in the UK. It’s offered in five color options: Milky White, Powder Pink, Pistachio Green, Lavender Blue, and Gem Black.

In the box, you receive a detachable ring, which serves as a support, a ‘viewfinder’ (optional), or a practical wrist strap. The cost of paper varies based on the printer format: Mini, Square, or Wide. Twin packs of 10 sheets of Instax Mini film start at $14.99 / £14.99 / AU$34.95.


Consider Buying if…

  • You seek a family-friendly instant camera. The Pal’s compact design suits small hands and offers a fun app for everyone to enjoy.
  • You prefer control and convenience in printing. Unlike traditional analog Instax cameras, the app lets you select the best shots, reducing paper wastage.
  • You want an Instax for daily use. Although the initial cost is higher, selective printing through the app lowers ongoing expenses. Its pocket-sized design makes it easy to carry.

Think Twice if…

  • You desire a digital-free experience. The Pal is digital, not analog like traditional Instax cameras.
  • You want an all-in-one instant camera. Printing requires a compatible Instax Link printer, meaning you can’t immediately share prints unless you carry the printer with you.
  • You prioritize image quality. While Instax cameras offer pleasing colors, they don’t match the image quality of modern camera phones, especially when printing from your phone’s gallery through the app.

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