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GL-INET PULI AX: A Resilient Router for Reliable Connectivity

This device stands out as a practical solution, acknowledging some failover assumptions. However, dual 5G and cable broadband enhance connectivity.



In summary, while the device excels in various aspects, cost and 5G consistency are potential considerations.

GL-INET PULI AX: A Resilient Router for Reliable Connectivity

GL-INET PULI AX: A Swift Overview

The GL-iNet Puli AX (GL-XE3000) stands out in the realm of 5G-capable routers, addressing the broadband challenges faced by certain locations.

Key Features:

Wireless Broadband DistributionThis router not only distributes cellular data but also wirelessly shares conventional wired broadband through a modem, boasting up to a 2.5GbE connection.
Dual-Band ThroughputUsers benefit from dual-band throughput with speeds of 574Mbps (2.4GHz) and 2402Mbps (5GHz), accommodating multiple users.
Ethernet ConnectivityA single gigabit Ethernet downlink facilitates connection to a wired network.
Battery BackupAn integrated 6400mAh/47.4Wh battery ensures continuity in case of power outage.
Service FailoverTwo SIM slots enable blending cellular data with wired broadband, ensuring service continuity in case of wired or 5G connection failures.
MediaTek Dual-Core ARM SoCBuilt around a power-efficient MediaTek dual-core ARM SoC, the router features firmware based on the esteemed OpenWRT platform.
VPN and Ad ProtectionPre-installed with a dedicated VPN Client-Server model and router-level ad protection, the router offers secure connectivity.

While the GL-XE3000 may appear pricier compared to other AX3000 routers, its unique features, including service failover and integrated battery backup, make it a worthwhile investment for potential savings in critical situations. GL-iNet’s commitment to performance and security sets this router apart in the market.

GL-INET PULI AX: Pricing, Availability, and Specifications
(image credit: gl-inet)

GL-INET PULI AX: Pricing, Availability, and Specifications

Pricing and Availability:

Wondering about the cost? It’s $390. Already available, you can grab it from GL-iNet or conveniently order through Amazon.

If you choose to buy directly from GL-iNet, the GL-XE3000 is priced at $428.12, a 29% reduction from the $556 MSRP.

Alternatively, offers a deal at $519 with a coupon, cutting another $80 from the MSRP. UK customers on Amazon can acquire it for £489 with Prime next-day delivery.

Value Score: 5/5


CPUMediaTek Dual core, @1.3GHz
RAM512MB DDR4 (maximum)
StorageeMMC 8GB
Ports1 x WAN Ethernet port
1 x LAN Ethernet ports
1 x USB 2.0 port
1 x MicroSD card slot (Max. 1TB)
2 x Nano SIM card slots
1 x Reset button
WiFi574Mbps (2.4GHz), 2402Mbps (5GHz)
Power Use<14W
Dimensions155 x 95 x 49mm

In summary, the GL-INET Puli AX, priced at $390, is readily available through GL-iNet and Amazon, offering impressive specifications and a solid value score of 5/5.

GL-INET PULI AX: Innovative Design Features
(image credit: gl-inet)

GL-INET PULI AX: Innovative Design Features

Compact and Global-Ready:
Compact and universally adaptable, the GL-XE3000 is designed to cater to diverse regions, offering four service options for user convenience.

Inclusive Package:
Inside the package, the GL-XE3000 comes with a thoughtfully curated set of items, including a two-tone router, detachable mounting plate, six antennae, adhesive sticker, universal wall socket PSU, Ethernet cable, and informative documentation.

User-Friendly Touch:
A notable inclusion is the adhesive sticker, simplifying the mounting process, while the screws secure the plate firmly.

Business-Oriented Aesthetics:
Unlike extravagant designs seen in other routers, the GL-XE3000 opts for a business-oriented look, featuring a simple box with curved corners, ventilation on all sides, and a lit icon status strip on top.

Straightforward Configuration:
The router’s rear accommodates two RJ45 LAN ports (1GbE and 2.5GbE WAN), a USB 2.0 port offering a cellular connection option, and Nano SIM card slots for service redundancy.

Flexible WAN Port Repurposing:
Interestingly, the WAN port’s 2.5GbE capability can be repurposed if unused, providing flexibility in network configuration.

Aggregated Connection Support:
With Nano SIM and MicroSD card slots strategically placed, the router supports aggregated connections, ensuring seamless internet access even if one service fails.

Design Score: 4/5:
The GL-INET Puli AX earns a commendable 4/5 for its innovative and user-centric design, combining simplicity with functionality.

GL-INET PULI AX: Operational Insights
(image credit: gl-inet)

GL-INET PULI AX: Operational Insights

OpenWRT Operating System:
The router operates on OpenWRT, a Linux-based system for embedded devices. It offers a user-friendly web interface, Cloud integration, and SSH accessibility for advanced users.

Ease of Use:
For standard users, setting up the GL-EX3000 is a breeze. Plug it in, access it through a web browser, and it’s ready. VPN setup demands more expertise but won’t perplex seasoned IT professionals.

Multi-WAN Flexibility:
The router excels in managing multi-WAN scenarios, seamlessly balancing a cable modem, two 5G SIM networks, or a shared mobile network. Options include unified or failover configurations, though load balancing and failover can’t coexist on the same Cellular channel.

Versatile Functionality:
Aside from its primary role, the router can function as a WiFi repeater. Noteworthy features include GoodCloud management, AdGuard Home for ad blocking, and ZeroTier for VPN. However, ZeroTier conflicts with active OpenVPN or WireGuard Clients.

Cost Considerations:
The cost dynamics of 5G services vary globally. In Europe, where unlimited 5G plans cost as low as $15-$20, the GL-EX3000 configured with dual SIMs seems economically viable. However, in the USA, higher 5G costs may make this setup expensive.

Regional Economic Realities:
In Europe, home workers might find the expense reasonable, while elsewhere, only businesses with multiple users may justify the ongoing costs of utilizing the router’s full capabilities.

Considering the economic disparities, the GL-INET Puli AX’s value as an investment shifts significantly, impacting its overall assessment.

Operational Score: 4/5

GL-INET PULI AX: Operational Efficiency

5G Connectivity:
In terms of WiFi access, this router offers reasonable, though not exceptional, performance. The 5GHz speeds should suffice for typical mobile devices, lacking quad-band compatibility.

Cellular Data Realities:
Performance with cellular data varies. A robust 5G connection can yield speeds exceeding 500Mb/s. However, real-world testing in some areas revealed modest 16Mb/s download and 4Mb/s upload speeds.

Provider-Dependent Speeds:
The numbers aren’t a router flaw but reflect O2’s limited speeds in certain UK regions. Researching provider performance before ditching wired broadband is crucial.

Load-Balanced Resilience:
Activating load balancing improves speeds and resilience but doubles monthly costs, a trade-off worth considering.

Battery Backup Feature:
An innovative aspect is the 6400mAh battery, which ensures over three hours of router operation during power outages. Recharging occurs upon power restoration.

Enhanced Resilience:
While dependent on battery-powered clients, the router’s battery provides valuable resilience during short power disruptions, an uncommon yet compelling feature.

Despite performance variations, the GL-INET Puli AX’s strengths shine, earning it a commendable 4/5 score.

Operational Score: 4/5

GL-INET PULI AX: In-Depth Evaluation

This router offers distinct advantages, particularly for those in rural areas with less reliable power and internet. However, challenges arise in finding 5G services, especially in rural regions.

Regional Considerations:
In Europe, power outages are rare, but 5G is prevalent. Conversely, in the USA, power loss is more likely, making the GL-EX3000 crucial, provided reliable local cellular services exist.

Failover Planning:
In regions where services usually operate, the GL-EX3000 proves beneficial. However, it relies on devices functioning without power, and prolonged outages might hinder businesses.

Attention to Detail:
Despite its cost, the router impresses with its well-thought-out design. It serves as a robust failover solution but assumes other systems can withstand power loss.

Should You Buy?

  • Yes, if:
  • Frequent power outages are common in your area.
  • Secure communications are a priority, utilizing OpenWRT’s VPN features.
  • No, if:
  • You lack a 5G service; cheaper 4G options are available.
  • You reside in an area with a communication services monopoly.

Fossibot F102 Score Card:

ValueUnique features justify the higher price4/5
DesignFunctional aesthetics and user-friendly connectivity4/5
In UseHighly flexible with Cloud, web, and SSH control4/5
PerformanceSpeed over 5G can be excellent depending on the connection4/5
OverallIdeal for failover planning, but potential high running costs in some regions4/5

While the GL-INET Puli AX excels in failover planning, potential running costs may vary. Consider it for its unique features, especially if you face power challenges or prioritize secure communications.

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