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Humanscale Float Mini is a charming standing desk with a strikingly minimal, electricity-free design. While there may be better choices for someone looking for a triple-monitor setup or an ultrawide behemoth, this could be a perfect little desk for someone looking to stand upright with their laptop. Since this desk is not powered, wheels can be added to improve mobility within an office space or wherever needed.

Unboxing and first impressions

The unboxing of this desk went as expected. It was a simple process, with all elements labeled and building tools included. This desk took about 15 minutes to assemble after I unpacked everything. The included instructions were easy to follow, and thanks to the aforementioned labeling, we were always clear on what to do.

Human Scale Mini Float + NeatCharge
Humanscale Float Mini + NeatCharge (top) (Image credit: Human Scale)

When choosing our model, we added the NeatCharge wireless charger. This requires power, but the desk itself remains powerless. The NeatCharge wireless charger takes up zero desk space as it uses passthrough technology and mounts to the underside of your desk. Then, a small conductive sticker is added to the desktop to show where to position the Qi wireless charging device to align with the charger underneath. This design leaves the entire desk space usable (see photos).

Design and build quality

The Float Mini from Humanscale is a very modern-looking desk. Our model has a square leg, a clean white metal base and leg, and a light bamboo desk.

The lift mechanism uses a counterbalance system with a simple lever so that even without a motor, this desk can raise and lower very smoothly and efficiently.

The weight capacity of this desk is only 60 pounds, so this isn’t a desk to jump on, load with huge monitors, or hop on and off like you can with many standing desks. However, it’s excellent for a single laptop, notebook, or drawing setup.

Human Scale Mini Float + NeatCharge
(Image credit: Human Scale)

The desk uses a counterweight system so that the desk can be lifted without the use of an electric motor. We thought it would be an inferior experience, but in reality, the act of raising and lowering is relatively smooth and surprisingly easy to use.

in use

We’ve found an excellent use for this small-footprint desk in an underused area of ​​our office space as a standing desk, using only a laptop or notebook. It might be the small footprint or single-leg design, but this desk fits well enough in a corner or against a wall without looking like it juts into the room. Because of this, we noticed several team members venture to this desk to delete some emails, stretch out from their workspace, or change scenery.

The desk can lower to a sitting height; however, we’ve only tried it once or twice as a proof of concept, but we’ve never used it like this. We use the height adjustment to accommodate an individual’s standing height, without making any drastic changes to accommodate someone seated.


Mini Humanscale Float Sit-Stand Desk:

guy: Manual (counterweight)
height range: 27.25 – 45.4 inches/
Desktop size: 16×27 inch /
weightlifting: 60 lbs /

Neat Charge Charger:

guy: Qi wireless charger
Production: Up to 10W

NeatCharge is a nice solution for small desktops like this Humanscale Float Mini. Its lack of real estate is what makes it so appealing. Just a slight bump of the sticker shows where to place a Qi device on the charger. However, that point is still absolutely usable if needed. We placed the charger in the right-front corner of our desk because we wanted to be able to charge headphones or smartphones while working somewhere else in our office.

final verdict

Humanscale Float Mini with NeatCharge is a combination of qualities that is perfectly suited to a wide range of users. The minimalist design and relatively small footprint make it ideal for small spaces that can’t accommodate a standard desk, allowing us to make more use of our space. The addition of NeatCharge takes your desk to the next level of convenience and productivity.

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