LG C4 OLED TV: Vibrant Display & Enhanced Gaming | Review

The LG C4 OLED TV offers a vibrant, vivid display that immediately grabs attention. Transitioning from last year’s model, the C4 boasts improvements across the board. Its picture quality is refined, and the design exudes durability.

Moreover, the inclusion of gaming features, such as 4K 144Hz support, enhances its appeal to gamers. Despite not being the most budget-friendly option, both cinephiles and gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the LG C4’s offerings.



LG C4 OLED TV: Comprehensive Overview

Continuing the tradition of LG’s C-range, the LG C4 OLED TV offers premium features at a relatively affordable price compared to flagship models. Priced at $2,699.99 / £2,699 / AU$4,299 for the 65-inch variant, it stands out as a notable contender against its predecessor, the LG C3 OLED from 2023.

Powered by LG’s new Alpha 9 AI Processor 4K Gen7, the C4 presents significant enhancements, including a Brightness Booster feature that surpasses the brightness levels of the LG C3. Additionally, the inclusion of a Dolby Vision Filmmaker mode ensures an authentic cinematic experience without manual adjustments.

Audio quality receives a boost from LG’s new processor, with AI Sound Pro mode offering immersive virtual 9.1.2-channel mixing. While the built-in speakers suffice, supplementary features like Wow Orchestra and Wow Cast cater to users seeking enhanced sound fidelity.

Renowned for its gaming capabilities, the LG C4 boasts four HDMI 2.1 ports supporting 4K 120Hz pass-through, VRR, ALLM, and Quick Media Switching. Nvidia’s 144Hz certification further solidifies its position as a top choice for gaming enthusiasts across various platforms.

The user-friendly webOS 24 interface supports up to 10 individual profiles, with voice-activated profile activation for added convenience. Quick Cards facilitate easy organization of apps based on themes, offering seamless access to entertainment and productivity services.

Crafted with a sturdy aluminum pedestal stand, the LG C4 features side-mounted connections for easy accessibility. However, the absence of a built-in ATSC 3.0 tuner for US users may be a drawback for some.

Despite its higher price point, the LG C4 OLED TV stands as a compelling option for movie aficionados and gamers seeking premium performance without breaking the bank.

LG C4 OLED TV: Pricing and Availability Overview

LG launched the C4 OLED TV series on March 10, 2024, offering a wide range of screen sizes from 42 to 83 inches. Positioned as a midrange option, the C4 fills the gap between LG’s entry-level B4 series and the flagship G4 and M4 series.

Prices for the C4 series start at $1,499.99 / £1,399 / AU$2,199 for the 42-inch model and go up to $5,399.99 / £5,999 / AU$7,999 for the 83-inch variant. While slightly higher than last year’s C3 series, the C4 remains competitive, particularly against Samsung’s S90D series OLED TVs, which offer similar sizes and pricing.

Notably, the LG C4 series has already seen initial price reductions in the US, indicating strong market competition.

LG C4 OLED TV: Technical Specifications

Screen typeOLED
Refresh rate120Hz
HDR supportDolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Audio supportDolby Atmos, DTS
Smart TVwebOS 24
HDMI ports4x HDMI 2.1
Built-in tunerATSC 1.0 (US)

The LG C4 OLED TV boasts an OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. It supports various HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG, for enhanced visual quality. Audio features include support for Dolby Atmos and DTS technologies.

Additionally, the TV operates on the webOS 24 platform, providing a user-friendly smart TV experience. With four HDMI 2.1 ports, connectivity options are ample. The built-in tuner supports ATSC 1.0, catering to US viewers.

LG C4 OLED TV: Highlighted Features

The LG C4 OLED TVs come equipped with the latest Alpha 9 AI Processor 4K Gen7, featuring a Brightness Booster for enhanced HDR highlights. This processor also facilitates 4K upscaling and virtual Dolby Atmos sound.

Support for various HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG, ensures vibrant and lifelike visuals. The addition of Dolby Vision Filmmaker mode further enhances the viewing experience by disabling motion smoothing.

With four HDMI 2.1 inputs, the C4 supports 4K 120Hz and 144Hz pass-through, along with features like VRR and ALLM. While the built-in ATSC 1.0 tuner may be a drawback for US viewers, support for AirPlay and Chromecast built-in allows for seamless wireless streaming.

LG C4 OLED TV Review: Picture Quality

The LG C4 OLED TV brings forth notable enhancements in picture quality compared to its predecessor. One significant improvement lies in its increased brightness levels over the LG C3 model.

Furthermore, the TV boasts excellent contrast and detail, enhancing the viewing experience across various content types. Additionally, the anti-reflection screen ensures minimal distractions, particularly in well-lit environments.

OLED technology continues to evolve, with the LG C4 showcasing advancements in peak HDR brightness, color space coverage, and grayscale accuracy. These enhancements contribute to a more immersive and accurate visual experience.

The LG C4’s performance shines when viewing a range of content, from black-and-white classics to modern HDR-enabled films. Its ability to render nuanced shades and textures elevates the viewing experience, especially in visually demanding scenes.

Moreover, the TV’s motion handling capabilities and resistance to screen glare further enhance its appeal for diverse viewing environments. Whether in a dimly lit room or under bright overhead lighting, the LG C4 delivers impressive picture quality with minimal compromises.

In summary, the LG C4 OLED TV sets a high standard for picture quality, offering vibrant colors, deep blacks, and stunning clarity across various viewing conditions.

LG C4 OLED TV Review: Sound Quality

The LG C4 OLED TV comes equipped with a 2.2-channel Dolby Atmos speaker system, delivering immersive audio. Enhanced features are unlocked when paired with LG soundbars, including Wow Orchestra and Wow Cast.

When watching movies, the sound quality is generally good, with clear dialogue and spaciousness, especially in AI Sound Pro mode. However, bass is limited, and dynamics may compress at higher volumes.

A standout feature for music enthusiasts is the ability to play Dolby Atmos tracks from the Apple Music app, exclusive to LG TVs. Consider pairing the C4 with a compatible soundbar for an enhanced audio experience.

LG C4 OLED TV Review: Design

The LG C4 maintains the design language of its predecessor, the LG C3, featuring a lightweight composite fiber build and an aluminum pedestal stand. While the bezel surrounding the screen isn’t as slim as higher-end models, it ensures focus on the picture quality.

In terms of connectivity, the C4 offers a range of ports including HDMI, Ethernet, and USB, along with support for eARC on HDMI 4. The Magic Remote allows for intuitive navigation, with options for both point-and-click and traditional scrolling.

Additionally, dedicated buttons for popular streaming services and built-in voice control, either through the remote or hands-free, enhance the user experience.


LG C4 OLED TV Review: Smart TV and Menus

LG introduces its new WebOS 24 smart TV interface with a blend of improvements and drawbacks. The Quick Cards section offers a more organized layout for accessing apps and settings, including options for Matter-supported devices.

Users can now customize the order of apps on the home screen, enhancing personalization and convenience. However, the inclusion of ads in various sections, while common in smart TVs, may detract from the user experience for some.

The Quick Menu simplifies setup with easy access to picture and sound settings, complemented by onscreen support features like a chatbot and voice recognition. These additions contribute to a user-friendly interface, though the presence of ads may be a downside for some viewers.

LG C4 OLED TV Review: Gaming

Gaming on the LG C4 OLED TV is a standout experience with its robust features. The TV’s HDMI 2.1 ports support 4K 120Hz pass-through, Nvidia G-Sync, and AMD FreeSync.

Additionally, it’s the first TV certified for 144Hz gaming, validated by Nvidia, ensuring smooth performance. Cloud gaming options from services like GeForce Now and Amazon Luna further enhance the gaming ecosystem.

The Game Optimizer mode automatically adjusts settings for connected consoles, reducing input lag for a more responsive gaming experience. With Boost mode enabled input lag on the LG C4 drops to an impressive 9.2ms.

LG C4 OLED TV Value Review

The LG C4 OLED TV falls into the mid-range category within LG’s OLED lineup. Despite its relatively high price, it offers excellent performance.

Compared to entry-level and flagship models like the LG B4 and G4, the C4 strikes a balance with its OLED EVO panel and Brightness Booster feature. While not the priciest option, its premium design and features justify the investment.

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