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LG Gram SuperSlim Review: Lightweight Powerhouse Laptop

Undoubtedly, the LG Gram SuperSlim laptop holds the title of being one of the most lightweight and slim laptops available in the market. It outshines the LG Gram Style in numerous aspects, including build quality, ventilation, trackpad, and productivity performance. However, it falls short in certain areas – particularly its underwhelming GPU – and carries a price tag that seems too high for what it delivers.




LG has introduced a new laptop to its Gram series, the LG Gram SuperSlim. This model takes design cues from the 2023 LG Gram Style, but the Style model fell short in performance, despite its appealing ultra-thin, lightweight design.

The SuperSlim raised some doubts, given the Style’s performance. However, it turned out to be a blend of average benchmark scores and unexpectedly robust productivity performance that could compete with top-tier laptops. Yet, certain shortcomings prevent this laptop from reaching its full potential.

The LG Gram SuperSlim (15.6-inch 1TB) is available on Amazon for $1,189.97. At first sight, the SuperSlim’s black color may seem less striking than its counterpart. However, its 15.6-inch dimensions outperform the 16-inch Style and align with the 14-inch model, resulting in an incredibly light and ultra-thin design. Unlike the Style, it doesn’t have a cheap plastic feel.

Despite a slight hinge wobble, the overall build feels much more sturdy and well-made, with a superior build quality. The chassis material, which has a more textured feel, is also a plus.

The laptop’s cooling system has seen significant improvements, maintaining a cool temperature even under heavy workloads. This is a step up from the Slim model, which had overheating problems. LG appears to have resolved many construction issues with these two models.

The keyboard continues to offer quick and responsive keys, which are broad and ideal for typing with various finger sizes, reducing the chance of typos. The touchpad has been returned to a more standard design and responds perfectly, unlike the haptic feedback disaster on the Style.

The SuperSlim’s display resolution is now FHD, a downgrade from the Style’s 2.8 or 3K. However, it thankfully keeps the OLED screen and supports HDR, ensuring a sharp and bright display.

The webcam is fairly standard, not particularly impressive but adequate for conference calls. The sound quality is quite good, capable of distinguishing between different instruments and reproducing deep bass. The volume is also a noticeable upgrade from the Style, as it can get quite loud without sacrificing too much quality.

LG Gram SuperSlim


Here’s how the LG Gram SuperSlim fared in our benchmark tests:

Benchmark TestResult
3DMark: Night Raid16,447
3DMark: Fire Strike4,842
3DMark: Time Spy1,778
Cinebench R23 Multi-core8,275 points
GeekBench 5 (single-core)1,842
GeekBench 5 (multi-core)9,783
PCMark 10 5,495 points
Battery Life 14 hours, 55 minutes
Civilization VI (1080p, Ultra)42 fps
Civilization VI (1080p, Low)25 fps

While the benchmark tests show similar performance to the Gram Style, the SuperSlim performs much better in real-world use. It can handle numerous open tabs for work and leisure, including video conferencing, document and spreadsheet processing, video streaming, and more. However, its CPU benchmarks still fall short of other comparable Ultrabooks.

The LG Gram SuperSlim is designed for office tasks and casual use, with limited heavy-duty gaming capabilities. This is due to the standard mobile GPU, which is disappointing given the laptop’s high price.

Other laptops in the same price range come with a proper gaming GPU, so LG’s refusal to upgrade is puzzling. Even the Dell XPS 17 (2024) offers better specs for a similar price, and while the Apple MacBook Air 15-inch (2023) doesn’t have a gaming GPU, its M3 chip outperforms Intel’s silicon.

The most significant improvement over the Style is the SuperSlim’s exceptional battery life, which comes close to competing with the best MacBook and MacBook Pro models. In our battery tests, it lasted around 15 hours, even under the stress of continuous movie playback.

In conclusion, the LG Gram SuperSlim offers a mixed experience, with impressive productivity performance and battery life, but don’t expect much beyond that.


What’s the price? $1,649 / £1,299 (approximately AU$2,530) When can you buy it? It’s on sale now Where is it available? It’s available in the US and UK The LG Gram SuperSlim, an Ultrabook, is presently on sale for $1,649 / £1,299 (approximately AU$2,530) in both the US and the UK. Regrettably, this specific model has been phased out in Australia, so potential buyers there would need to import it, which would increase the cost.

In terms of its price, while it’s generally a better model than the Style with some crucial upgrades and improvements, it’s still a tough sell when compared to other similarly priced products like the Dell XPS 17 (2024) and the Apple MacBook Air 15-inch with M3, which both offer more versatile usage and superior specifications.

Unless there’s a significant price reduction, it would be challenging to make the SuperSlim more attractive to buyers. This is unfortunate since it does fill a unique niche as an incredibly portable laptop that’s suitable for office use, commuting, and events. If you can purchase this laptop at a reasonable discount, then it’s certainly worth considering.

LG Gram SuperSlim


Currently, the only configuration available in both the US and UK includes Intel Core i7-1360P CPU, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD of storage. There’s also no option to customize or upgrade the SuperSlim.

Here are the technical details of the LG Gram SuperSlim:

Technical DetailsLG Gram SuperSlim
Price$1,649 / £1,299 (approximately AU$2,530)
ProcessorIntel Core i7-1360P
GraphicsIntel Iris Xe Graphics
Storage1TB SSD
Display15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 FHD OLED
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth v5.1
WebcamFull HD IR Webcam with Dual Mic
Weight2.2 pounds
Size14.0 x 9.0 x 0.5 inches (356 x 227.45 x 12.55 mm; W x H x D)


Reasons to Consider the LG Gram SuperSlim

Solid Productivity Performance

This laptop is a powerhouse for productivity tasks. It can effortlessly handle a variety of tasks such as video calls, document editing, and web browsing. It’s a reliable work companion housed in a stunning chassis.

High-Quality OLED Display

The laptop features a full HD OLED screen that supports HDR, delivering sharp and vibrant visuals. The keyboard is designed with wide keys for accurate typing, and it even includes a numlock pad.

Lightweight and Slim Design

This laptop is one of the lightest and thinnest models I’ve reviewed, weighing in at just 2.2 pounds and less than half an inch thick. Its lightweight design makes it barely noticeable in any bag you carry.

LG Gram SuperSlim

Reasons to Reconsider the LG Gram SuperSlim

Budget Constraints

As an Ultrabook, this laptop comes with a premium price tag. If you’re budget-conscious, this might not be the ideal laptop for you.

Limited Gaming Capabilities

While many Ultrabooks offer gaming capabilities due to their GPUs, this model is equipped with a standard mobile chip, making AAA gaming a no-go.

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