Mechen M3: Value-Packed MP3 Player Review

The Mechen M3 seems impressive. It supports video playback, eBook reading, FM radio, voice recording, and more. However, it has limited file support and a tiny display, making these features less useful.



MECHEN M3 : Quick verview

The Mechen M3 looks feature-packed but falls short as a music player. Mechen’s engineers focused on adding features without considering their practicality.

Mechen, a Chinese tech company, sells a few MP3 players. You’ve probably seen them on Amazon among many similar low-cost options.

Most cheap MP3 players excel in one area: great file support, portability, or ample storage. Mechen aims for breadth, offering not just an MP3 player but also a video player, eReader, recorder, and more.

Mechen M3: Value-Packed MP3 Player Review
Mechen M3

However, Mechen included many features without ensuring their usefulness.

File Format Issues:

  • Limited video and eBook format support
  • Requires file conversion
  • Tiny display

User Interface Problems:

  • Touch-screen interface
  • Difficult navigation

Despite its flaws, the Mechen M3 has some positives. It records voice and audio from devices via a 3.5mm jack, which can be useful. The design feels surprisingly premium for its price.

Ultimately, the Mechen M3 is a very cheap MP3 player that plays MP3s well. However, the extra features fall short, making it less competitive among the best MP3 players.

In summary, while the Mechen M3 includes various features, its limitations make it less practical. If you only need an MP3 player, it suffices, but don’t expect much from the additional features.

MECHEN M3 Review: Value And Release

  • Available since January 2024
  • Often discounted by 10%-25% on Amazon

The Mechen M3 is a budget-friendly MP3 player priced at $39.99 in the USA, £29.99 in the UK, and AU$59.99 in Australia. Frequent sales on Amazon can reduce the price by 10%-25%.

Given its low price, you will likely find it among many similar affordable MP3 players with comparable features and specifications. Released in January 2024, it is newer and more up-to-date than some competitors, which have been on the market for years.

Mechen M3
Mechen M3

MECHEN M3 Review: Features

Memory64GB, expandable to 128GB
MediaMusic, video, eReader, FM radio, images
File SupportLimited to select formats (AVI, AMV, TXT)
RadioFM radio with live recording (wired headphones required)
RecorderVoice recording and audio from 3.5mm jack
Additional ToolsStopwatch, calendar, alarm, themes
BluetoothConnects to speakers, headphones (Bluetooth 5.0/5.3)
Storage ExpansionMicroSD card up to 128GB
Battery500mAh, varies with use

The Mechen M3 packs many features. It offers video playback, eReader, FM radio, and more, though with limited file support.

Firstly, it supports various media types beyond just MP3s, accessible from the homepage. Options include music, video, radio, and photos.


  • FM radio works with wired headphones, which act as an antenna.
  • You can record live radio.

Video Playback:

  • Supports only AVI and AMV files.
  • Common formats like MP4, MOV, FLV, and WMV are not supported.
  • Even AVI files sometimes fail to play.


  • It only reads TXT files.
  • No support for PDF, EPUB, CBR, MOBI, or Kindle formats.

Voice Recorder:

  • Records voice notes and meetings.
  • You can record from another device via a 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Challenges include manual syncing and legal restrictions.

Additional Tools:

  • Stopwatch, calendar, alarm, and themes are available.


  • Connects to speakers, headphones, and earbuds.
  • Listed as Bluetooth 5.0 on Mechen’s site but 5.3 on Amazon.


  • 64GB built-in, expandable by 128GB with a microSD card.

Battery Life:

  • 500mAh battery.
  • Battery life varies based on usage; music streaming consumes less power than video playback or eReading.

In summary, the Mechen M3 offers numerous features but is limited by its file format support. It works well as a basic MP3 player but falls short in its extra functionalities.

MECHEN M3 Review: Sound

Sound ProfileNeutral with slight treble emphasis
File FormatsMP3, WAV, FMA, FLAC
HeadphonesIn-box headphones are poor
EqualizerNo on-board equalizer
SpeakerInbox headphones are poor

The Mechen M3 offers a neutral sound with some peaking. It supports MP3, WAV, FMA, and FLAC formats. However, it lacks an equalizer, so you cannot adjust the sound.

Sound quality largely depends on your headphones. Avoid using the included ones as they are terrible. The built-in speaker is even worse and should be avoided.

Overall, the Mechen M3’s sound is fairly neutral, with a slight treble bias. Some peaking is noticeable, even with good headphones, which might disappoint audiophiles.

MECHEN M3 Review: Design

Size1 cm thick, 5 cm wide, 7 cm tall
MaterialGlass and metal
ColorsBlack, light blue, pink, purple, red
Screen2.4-inch, 240 x 320 resolution, touch screen
PortsUSB-C, microSD slot, 3.5mm headphone jack
ButtonsVolume rocker, power button

The Mechen M3 is small but a bit heavy. Its premium design features a glass and metal body. It measures 1 cm thick, 5 cm wide, and 7 cm tall, making it about one-third the size of a smartphone.

Although heavier than some MP3 players, it weighs 87g. The glass and metal build feels high-quality for a low-cost device. A silicone case is included to protect it from drops.

Design-wise, it resembles a small smartphone with a 2.4-inch touch screen (240 x 320 resolution). The screen is adequate but not very bright. It has a thick bezel and chin, with a volume rocker, power button, USB-C port, microSD slot, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Mechen M3 comes in five colors: black, light blue, pink, purple, and red. The only difference is the color.

While it looks premium, its lack of portability features, such as a strap gap or clip, makes it less convenient to carry. However, it’s small enough to easily fit in your pocket.

Mechen M3
Mechen M3

MECHEN M3 Review: Setup

ConnectionUSB-C to PC
Initial SetupEasy to set up
File ManagementSeparate folders for eBooks, music, pictures, and videos
Main MenuEasy to navigate
SubmenusHarder to navigate
Screen NavigationSwipe between menu screens
Menu IssuesArrows move slowly through long lists and occasional swipe issues
Option SizeArrows move slowly through long lists, and occasional swipe issues

Setting up the Mechen M3 is straightforward. Connect it to your PC using the USB-C cable. Organize your files before uploading. Each file type needs to go into a specific folder: eBooks, music, pictures, and videos. You can’t drag and drop everything into one folder.

Navigating the main menu is easy. Everything is clearly labeled on two swipeable screens, similar to a basic smartphone.

However, navigating long lists of tracks can be cumbersome. Arrows at the bottom move through options one by one, which is slow if you have many files. Swiping sometimes skips pages but can be inconsistent.

A minor issue is the small size of some options. This can lead to mis-clicks, especially for users with average-sized hands.

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