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Minisforum UM780 XTX Review: Gaming and Creativity Analysis

The Minisforum UM780 XTX, priced in the mid-range for Mini PCs, distinguishes itself through the potent AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor and AMD Radeon 780M graphics. Beyond raw power, this mini PC excels in connectivity and introduces inventive features like the OCulink interface, facilitating external graphics support. Its robust cooling system ensures uncompromised performance, making it an adaptable choice for gaming, professional tasks, and more.

Minisforum UM780 XTX Review: Gaming and Creativity Analysis

Key Features:

  • Exceptional performance, boasting a robust AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor.
  • Graphics prowess with the AMD Radeon 780M.
  • Broad connectivity and a unique OCulink interface for external graphics support.
  • Innovative cooling system for stable and efficient operation.




CPUAMD Ryzen™ 7 7840HS, 8 Cores/16 Threads, up to 5.1 GHz
GraphicsAMD Radeon™ 780M
RAMDDR5 Dual channel, upgradable to 96GB
StorageDual M.2 2280 PCIe4.0 SSD slots
Rear PortsDual RJ45 2.5G Ethernet, USB3.2 Gen2 Type-A, USB4, Oculink, HDMI2.1, DP1.4
Front PortsUSB3.2 Gen2 Type-A, USB4, Audio Jack, Clear CMOS
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5
Audio OutputHDMI, DP, Audio Jack
OSWindows 11 Home (64-bit)

The Minisforum UM780 XTX, a mid-priced mini PC, boasts power from the AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor and AMD Radeon 780M graphics. Despite its affordability, it excels in performance, connectivity, and innovative features. Notably, the OCulink interface enhances external graphics support, and its effective cooling system renders it versatile for gaming, creative work, and general productivity.

Design and Build:

The UM780 XTX features a sleek, compact design with a magnetic top cover for personalization. Its versatile mounting options, including vertical and wall mounting, cater to diverse workspaces. The full-metal build aids in cooling, ensuring easy accessibility for upgrades.


Targeting gamers and creatives, this mini PC shines with an OCulink interface for significant graphics enhancements. The AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840HS processor, with 8 cores and a 5.1GHz max clock speed, excels in tasks like video editing and 3D rendering. The AMD Radeon™ 780M GPU suits graphics-intensive applications, including gaming and creative tasks like Photoshop.

Memory and Storage:

DDR5 memory and PCIe 4.0 SSD slots deliver ultra-fast data access crucial for handling large files in creative tasks. The cooling system, featuring liquid metal CPU material and an intelligent fan, ensures smooth operation under load, vital for extended gaming or heavy-duty applications.


Dual 2.5G RJ45 ports provide fast, stable network connections, crucial for collaborative work and online gaming. The metal casing not only enhances aesthetics but also plays a pivotal role in heat dissipation.

Benchmark Performance:

The UM780 XTX excels across various benchmarks, showcasing prowess in office applications, graphic design, photo editing, and gaming. It effortlessly handles tasks like Adobe Photoshop with RAW files from high-end cameras.

Gaming Performance:

In gaming, the mini PC performs well at high framerates and can be enhanced with an external GPU through the OCulink interface. Benchmark results, including a Crystal Disk Read of 4747 and a GeekBench CPU Multi of 12139, underscore its robust capabilities.


The Minisforum UM780 XTX, with its premium price justified by capabilities, is an excellent choice for professionals and gamers seeking compact yet powerful solutions. Its versatility, performance, and design make it suitable for diverse tasks, from office work to creative projects and gaming. This mini PC redefines the potential of its category, offering a powerful, versatile, and expandable solution.




The Minisforum UM780 XTX, reviewed here, stands out in the mid-range of high-end mini PCs. Priced competitively, especially for the 1TB SSD and 32GB RAM model, it’s a compelling choice. The AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor and AMD Radeon 780M graphics ensure desktop-level performance in a compact design.

This amalgamation of power and portability, available at an attractive price point, caters to a diverse user base. From professional creatives to gaming enthusiasts, the UM780 XTX is a versatile option. It can be conveniently purchased through both the Minisforum website and Amazon.

Rating: 5/5


DesignSleek, compact with a magnetic top cover for personalized engraving.
MountingVersatile options – vertical, wall mounting for seamless integration into any workspace.
ConnectivityAbundant ports – two Type A, one Type C USB, HDMI, DPI, USB 4, audio out, CMOS reset.
BuildFull metal build for efficient cooling; accessible inner workings for easy upgrades.

The Minisforum UM780 XTX impresses with a sleek design and a magnetic top for personalization. Whether engraved or coupled with XTOOLS P2, it’s an appealing, unique feature. Versatility extends to mounting options, fitting neatly into any workspace. While not ultra-compact, its design houses substantial power and expansion choices.

Connectivity is a standout, featuring two Type A and one Type C USB on the front, along with HDMI, DPI, USB 4, and dual network sockets. The full metal build ensures efficient cooling under pressure. Easily accessible internals allow for straightforward upgrades.

Design Rating: 4.5/5



OCulink InterfaceConnect external graphics for enhanced gaming and GPU-accelerated tasks.
AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840HS8 cores, 16 threads, max clock speed of 5.1GHz for seamless multitasking.
AMD Radeon™ 780M GPUPowerful graphics processing for creative tasks and smooth gaming.
DDR5 Memory SupportDual-channel for quick data access, ideal for large files and gaming.
Dual M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 SSD SlotsFast storage speeds, perfect for gaming and creative professionals.
Advanced Cooling SystemLiquid metal CPU material and intelligent cooling fan for optimal performance.
Dual 2.5G RJ45 PortsVersatile connectivity for fast data transfer and stable network connection.
Metal CasingAesthetic appeal and efficient heat dissipation for stable performance.

The Minisforum UM780 XTX caters to gamers, creatives, and power users with its OCulink interface for external graphics. The AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840HS processor ensures multitasking ease, reaching a remarkable 5.1GHz. Complementing this is the AMD Radeon™ 780M GPU, ideal for creative tasks and gaming.

Dual-channel DDR5 memory and dual M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 SSD slots offer fast data access, perfect for large files and gaming needs. The advanced cooling system, featuring liquid metal CPU material and an intelligent cooling fan, ensures optimal performance even under heavy workloads.

Dual 2.5G RJ45 ports provide versatile connectivity, crucial for collaborative work and lag-free online gaming. The metal casing not only enhances aesthetics but also plays a crucial role in efficient heat dissipation, ensuring stable performance. Portable and durable, the UM780 XTX is an excellent solution for various computing needs.

Features Rating: 4.5/5


Crystal Disk Read4747
Crystal Disk Write3842
GeekBench CPU Single2460
GeekBench CPU Multi12139
GeekBench Compute33198
PC Mark7310
CineBench CPU Multi1691
CineBench CPU Single1722
Fire Strike Overall7719
Fire Strike Graphics8377
Fire Strike Physics28203
Fire Strike Combined2883
Time Spy Overall3130
Time Spy Graphics2798
Time Spy CPU9565
Wild Life16725
Windows Experience8.2

The Minisforum UM780 XTX delivers outstanding performance, a testament to its quality build and hardware specifications. In office use, it seamlessly handles various software suites, offering swift processing for tasks like Microsoft Office applications.

As a compact alternative to business laptops, the UM780 XTX excels in business environments. For graphic design and photo editing, especially with RAW files from high-resolution cameras, it demonstrates exceptional power. Video editing, even with RAW Lite footage, is smooth, and the USB Type-C port supports high-speed external storage.

Gaming on the UM780 XTX is enjoyable, thanks to the synergy of the AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor and AMD Radeon 780M GPU. The OCulink interface further enhances gaming and video rendering by allowing external GPU connection for higher framerates and resolutions.

Performance Rating: 4/5


The Minisforum UM780 XTX is a standout high-performance mini PC, catering to diverse applications. Its adaptability spans everyday tasks, graphic-intensive gaming, and professional creative work, setting it apart in the compact PC realm. The magnetic engraved top plate allows for full customization.

For seamless multitasking, RAW image editing, high-res video editing, and high-end gaming, the UM780 XTX consistently delivers exceptional performance. Its blend of high-performance components, expandable memory, storage options, and versatile connectivity positions it as a top contender.

However, the price point and design may limit its appeal to a niche market of enthusiasts and professionals.


  • Value: High-end performance at a reasonable price. (4.5/5)
  • Design: Compact, stylish, with a customizable top cover. (4/5)
  • Features: Advanced technology, expandable, with innovative connectivity. (4.5/5)
  • Performance: Stellar in both professional and gaming use. (4.5/5)
  • Total: Powerful, versatile mini PC for diverse applications. (4.5/5)

Consider Buying if:

  • You seek high-end performance in a compact size.
  • You desire expandability and future upgrade options.

Experience desktop-level power in a space-saving design, ideal for 4K video editing, advanced gaming, and professional creative work.

Consider Avoiding if

  • You’re on a budget.

While offering high-end performance, the mid-range price might stretch a tight budget. There are more affordable options with lower performance.

  • You need an ultra-compact design.

For those prioritizing ultra-compactness over performance, the UM780 XTX, though compact, may not be the smallest in its class, potentially not meeting space-saving needs.

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