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Obsbot Tiny 2 Webcam Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

The Obsbot Tiny 2 undoubtedly ranks as one of the smartest and most travel-friendly webcams in my testing. It also holds a premium status. This compact webcam excels in many ways and boasts numerous exceptional features. Regrettably, not everyone can fit it into their budget.


  • Abundance of unique, outstanding features
  • Compact and travel-ready
  • Precise, smooth tracking
  • Crisp, clear visuals


  • Limited dynamic range
  • Auto-focus could be swifter
  • Harsh audio quality from the microphone
  • Comes with a high price tag
OBSBOT TINY 2: Quick Review

OBSBOT TINY 2: Quick Review

For a glimpse of the webcam of the future, check out the Obsbot Tiny 2. It excels not only in performance but also in unique, cutting-edge features that set it apart as the best webcam on the market, if you can afford it.

Inevitably, top-tier features come with a hefty price tag, and this compact webcam, measuring a mere 47 x 44 x 62.02 mm, demands over $300 / £250, making it a significant investment.

Design and Build Quality

The Obsbot Tiny 2’s design is far from ordinary. Crafted with elegance and a pocket-friendly form, it exudes a premium feel with its magnesium alloy construction. To protect this valuable device while on the go, Obsbot provides a robust protective case, which is a wise choice given that the camera is mounted on a gimbal, prone to damage if not handled carefully.

Key Features and Accessories

The webcam offers essential features along with some innovative ones. A small front light indicator displays the operational mode and gesture control status. It incorporates a female tripod thread and a USB-C port for easy connectivity. The magnetic mount for your monitor ensures convenient setup. Additional accessories like a tripod, remote control, and microphone are available at extra cost for increased versatility.

Feature Set

The Obsbot Tiny 2 boasts an extensive feature set, setting it apart from most webcams. Dynamic Gesture Control, with responsive gestures for zoom, dynamic zoom, and subject tracking, stands out. The AI Tracking with Auto Zoom works smoothly thanks to the built-in gimbal. Voice Control offers nine commands for seamless operation.

Obsbot Webcam App

For an enhanced experience, the Obsbot Webcam app allows mode selection, manual view adjustment, field of view alteration, and exposure settings customization. Beauty Mode enables subtle image enhancements, though it’s important to use such features responsibly.

Image Quality

While the webcam’s sensor and aperture fall between those of the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra and Elgato Facecam Pro, it still delivers impressive picture quality, especially in 4K. PixGain HDR technology reduces motion blur for crisper images.


The webcam’s dynamic range may not handle overblown highlights and dark shadows well, particularly in uneven lighting conditions. Autofocus, although mostly reliable, can have occasional hiccups. The microphone, unfortunately, exhibits volume and distortion issues.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Obsbot Tiny 2 delivers exceptional performance and is well-suited for professional use, such as business meetings and content creation, thanks to its impressive feature set and image quality.

Obsbot Tiny 2 Webcam Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

OBSBOT TINY 2: Price and Availability

  • Price: $329 / £269 / AU$519
  • Availability: Now
  • Where to Buy: Available in the US, UK, and Australia

The Obsbot Tiny 2 comes at a steep cost of $329 / £269 / AU$519. It surpasses the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra and Elgato Facecam Pro in price. While it lags behind in dynamic range and autofocus, its smart features shine. The decision depends on your webcam priorities and budget.

For me, it might not be worth the splurge for everyday use, but if budget isn’t a concern, those impressive features could make it tempting.

Value Rating: 3.5 / 5

OBSBOT TINY 2: Specifications

  • Supported Resolutions: 4000 x 3000 / 4K @ 30fps, 1440p / 1080p @ 60fps
  • Sensor: 1/1.5” CMOS
  • Lens: Not specified
  • Focus Range: 10cm to ∞
  • Aperture: f/1.9
  • Focal Length: 26mm

Considering the Obsbot Tiny 2

Value: While the Obsbot Tiny 2 offers fantastic features, its premium price might not suit everyone. Rating: 3.5 / 5

Design: Boasting a sleek design, a two-axis gimbal, and a wealth of special features, it stands out as one of the best-designed webcams. Rating: 5 / 5

Performance: It falls short in dynamic range, autofocus speed, and microphone quality. Rating: 4.8 / 5

Overall Rating: Small but impressive. Rating: 4.5 / 5

Consider Buying If:

  • You have a generous budget.
  • You aim to shine in business meetings.
  • You’re a content creator or streamer.

Don’t Buy If:

  • You only need a basic webcam.
  • You’re on a tight budget (under $100 / £100).


Obsbot Tiny 2Razer Kiyo Pro UltraObsbot Meet 4K
Price$329 / £269 / AU$519$299.99 / £299.99 / AU$499.95$199 / £178 / AU$289
Supported Resolutions4000 x 3000 / 4K @ 30fps, 1440p / 1080p @ 60fps4K 30FPS / 1440P 30FPS / 1080p @ 60/30/24FPS / 720P @ 60/30 FPS4K @ 30fps / 1080p @ 60/30/24/20/15fps
Sensor1/1.5” CMOS1/1.2” Sony Starvis CMOS sensorSony 1/2.8″ sensor
LensNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
Focus Range10cm to ∞About 5in to ∞Not specified
Focal Length26mm (equivalent)8.5mmNot specified
This comparison aids in your decision-making process.

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