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OpenRock Pro Review: Features, Performance, and More

The OpenRock Pro earphones boast remarkable features for sports enthusiasts. They offer an extended battery life, budget-friendly pricing, and an exceptionally comfortable fit. Nevertheless, audiophiles may be disappointed by the audio quality. Additionally, if you have reservations about air conduction technology, these earphones might not sway your opinion.


  • Affordability
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Prolonged battery life


  • Average audio performance
  • Air conduction technology has limitations
  • Earbuds may cause hair-pulling
OPENROCK PRO: A Quick Review

OPENROCK PRO: A Quick Review

In the competitive fitness headphone arena, manufacturers strive to balance music enjoyment with situational awareness. Shokz OpenRun Pro employs bone conduction, while AirPods Pro 2 features Transparency mode. However, OneOdio offers a unique approach with the OpenRock Pro sports earphones.

They utilize ‘Air Conduction,’ an open-ear design with sound channeled into your ears using OneOdio’s TubeBass technology for enhanced bass and audio quality.

Does it succeed? To some extent, while the audio isn’t flawless, the OpenRock Pro stands out in the sports earbud category due to its impressive features and design.

These earbuds are exceptionally comfortable, staying securely in place during workouts. Their remarkable battery life is a standout feature, lasting up to 19 hours on the earbuds alone, extending to 46 hours with the charging case. This makes them ideal for long activities like hiking or ultramarathons.

OneOdio has competitively priced the OpenRock Pro at around $119/£119, undercutting many renowned fitness headphone brands.

However, audio quality is a drawback. Although suitable for open-ear earphones, they can’t match over-ear or in-ear alternatives. The audio tends to sound tinny, emphasizing bass and sacrificing overall balance.

In summary, the OpenRock Pro are exceptional sports earphones suitable for various activities, making them a compelling choice for fitness enthusiasts.



Water resistanceIPX4
Battery life19 hours (earbuds), 46 hours (total)
Bluetooth typeBluetooth 5.2
Weight13g (earbuds), 64g (charging case)
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz

OPENROCK PRO REVIEW: Price and Availability

$129.99 / £119.99 (approx. AU$185)Released in January 2023

The OpenRock Pro was introduced in January 2023, with a launch price of $129.99 / £119.99. However, prices may vary depending on where you purchase them. For example, Amazon UK still offers them at the launch price, while OneOdio provides a slightly lower cost. Surprisingly, the OpenRock website lists them at £164. It’s advisable to shop around for the best deal. In the US, prices seem to be more consistent.

Compared to similar-tech rivals, the OpenRock Pro’s price is quite affordable. They stand in the same price range as the Shokz OpenRun bone conduction earbuds. When exploring beyond the conduction sphere, you’ll discover that alternatives from JBL, Jaybird, or Samsung are slightly more expensive. Even similar air conduction earbuds, like the Shokz OpenFit, come at a higher cost, priced at $179.95 / £179.99 / AU$289.

While cheaper alternatives can be found on Amazon, these might compromise on fit and audio quality.

Value Score: 3.5/5



The OpenRock Pro earbuds, with their True Wireless design, offer a comfortable and secure fit for sports activities. They feature convenient buttons for in-workout controls. However, users with long hair may encounter occasional hair-pulling.

These earbuds are True Wireless, meaning they aren’t connected to each other or your device with any wires. They employ a hooked design, typical for sports earbuds, ensuring a snug fit.

The comfort level is exceptional. At just 13g each, they’re lightweight, barely noticeable, yet securely in place, even during intense workouts. The hook material prevents discomfort or rubbing on your ears. Even in rainy conditions, they stay put, avoiding slippage.

The secure fit is crucial for air conduction technology since the buds don’t sit inside your ears but position the speaker over them. These earbuds are highly adjustable, ensuring an ideal fit regardless of your ear shape.

Each bud features a button for various functions, such as answering calls, controlling music playback, and adjusting volume. These controls may require a brief learning curve but provide great flexibility.

The IPX5 rating ensures sweat-proof protection, though they’re not suitable for submersion in water.

A minor issue is the presence of silver bumps at the end of each hook, which can catch and pull hair, especially for those with medium or long hair.

When not in use, the OpenRock Pro can be stored in its egg-shaped case, also used for charging. The case is relatively large due to its battery size but doesn’t need to be carried during workouts.

Design Score: 4.5/5



The OpenRock Pro employs air conduction technology, positioning a speaker just above the ear canal to deliver audio directly to your ears. This design enhances situational awareness, making it ideal for outdoor activities, particularly in potentially hazardous environments.

Overall, it performs well, allowing you to hear surrounding sounds like vehicle noises, sirens, and pedestrian crossings. Conversations from nearby individuals may go unheard unless they raise their voices.

However, these earbuds don’t effectively block out weather-related sounds such as wind and rain, which can affect your listening experience, especially in gusty or stormy conditions.

In phone calls, the OpenRock Pro shines with noise cancellation for speech, ensuring clear communication.

The standout feature is the exceptional battery life, perfect for long-distance or endurance exercises. The earbuds provide 19 hours of use, with the case offering an additional 46 hours of listening.

Charging is efficient through the USB-C port in the case, providing 60 minutes of listening with just 5 minutes of charging, and a full charge takes approximately four hours.

Pairing with your device is straightforward, thanks to the control button on the case. Initial pairing is as simple as pressing it during Bluetooth device scanning. Subsequent connections are seamless.

While audio occasionally dropped from one earbud briefly during testing, the connection was generally reliable, ensuring a continuous listening experience.

Features Score: 4/5



The OpenRock Pro provides impressive sound quality for an open-ear design. Once you nail the fit, they’re comfortable.

However, there’s a paradox at play. These earbuds offer some of the best audio among air-conduction headphones, yet they fall short compared to similarly priced fitness headphones.

Air conduction inherently limits the sound quality, as the buds hang over your ear canals. OneOdio’s TubeBass enhances bass but doesn’t expand the sound stage. Treble and bass are distinct yet close, sometimes indistinguishable.

The maximum volume isn’t particularly high, which is good for ear protection but challenging in noisy environments.

Sound leakage is inevitable with air conduction, so be mindful of your surroundings.

Unfortunately, the OpenRock Pro lacks a companion app for sound customization.

Performance Score: 3.5/5


ValueCompetitive pricing with tech trade-off3.5/5
DesignIncredibly comfortable fit4.5/5
FeaturesAir conduction and impressive battery life4/5
PerformanceAudio limitations for audiophiles3.5/5


Buy it if:

  • You want adjustable fitness headphones: The customizable hook design ensures a comfortable fit for everyone.
  • You want to hear your surroundings: Air conduction technology keeps you aware of your environment.
  • You need long-lasting buds: With a 19-hour battery life for the earbuds and 46 hours with the case, they excel in longevity.

Don’t buy it if:

  • You have long hair: The raised sections may catch and pull hair.
  • You’re an audiophile: Over-ear exercise headphones offer superior audio quality.
  • You prefer spoken-word audio: Air conduction struggles to block out wind noise.


ComponentOpenRock ProShokz OpenRun ProShokz OpenFit
Water resistantIPX4IP55IP54
Battery life19 hours (earbuds), 46 hours (total)10 hours7 hours (earbuds), 28 hours (total)
Bluetooth typeBluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.1Bluetooth 5.2
Weight13g / Charging case: 64g27g8.3g / Charging case: 57g
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz20Hz-20kHz50Hz-16kHz

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