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Paris Rhone SP005: Budget 4K Projector Review

The Paris Rhône SP005 True 4K Projector stands out as one of the most budget-friendly genuine 4K projectors on the market. Despite its affordable price tag, it exudes a high-end aesthetic and boasts exceptional audio. However, the setup process can be a bit intricate. Notably, fan noise is apparent, and there’s room for improvement in the integration of Android TV. Nevertheless, the device offers a plethora of connectivity options. Given its cost, the resolution and projection quality are outstanding.

Paris Rhone SP005: Budget 4K Projector Review




The Paris Rhône SP005 True 4K Projector presents an enticing blend of sophisticated design and robust projection capabilities at an affordable cost. Despite its plastic construction, the building is commendable and well-polished.

Setup and Configuration:

The setup is user-friendly, providing options for table, ceiling, rear ceiling, or rear projection through an intuitive interface. Auto-focus and keystone correction enhance initial impressions, though manual adjustments may be needed, especially for keystone correction.

Projection Quality and Integration:

The 600 ANSI Lumens projection suits dim environments, and initial Android TV integration seems promising. However, glitches with apps like iPlayer and Netflix arise, complicating navigation. An HDMI Fire Stick resolves these issues, transforming the user experience.

Performance and Considerations:

Projection quality is notable, though slightly less intense than anticipated. Despite noticeable fan noise, powerful speakers effectively mask it. While it competently delivers 4K resolution and sound, exploring alternatives to the built-in Android TV is advisable.


Wondering about the cost? It starts at $699, available for purchase on the Paris Rhone website,, and other online retailers.

The Paris Rhone SP005 True 4K Projector is now on sale, accessible directly from Paris Rhone or at the early bird price of $699. For a 4K projector, this price is surprisingly reasonable, significantly below the expected cost.

Value Rating: 4 / 5


ModelParis Rhone SP005
ResolutionTrue 4K UHD, Native 3840×2160
BrightnessUp to 600 ANSI Lumens
HDR SupportHDR 10+
Screen Size60″ – 200″ Ultra-Large Display
Auto Features24W (2x12W) Dual Speakers with 3D Sound Tuning
Input SignalHDMI/USB-A/USB-C
Dimensions289x286x180.4mm / 11.4×11.3×7.1 inches

While the budget positioning means it lacks cutting-edge technology, chips, or processors, offering 4K resolution at this price is commendable. The 600 ANSI Lumens fall slightly below standard 4K projectors, and the use of Android TV 9.0 instead of the latest version reflects compromises made for affordability.

Considering these trade-offs and the inclusion of two robust 25W built-in speakers, the price and features appear reasonably balanced. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that compromises were made in this budget-friendly model.



Presenting an upscale aesthetic, the Magnesium Alloy casing lends an immediate premium touch to the SP005 projector. The robust build, complemented by a fabric-covered front around the sizable lens, enhances its visual appeal.

Despite its budget positioning, the SP005’s design captivates upon unboxing. However, as expected, the specifications align with the economical price.

Featuring a native 3840×2160 resolution, this projector firmly enters the 4K realm, a rare find in its price range. Boasting HDR 10+ support and 600 ANSI lumens, it excels in dimly lit environments, ideal for immersive evening viewing.

With 600 lumens, it comfortably projects a 200″ display. Blue light reduction technology ensures clear and crisp images, while dual 12W speakers contribute to an enriching cinematic experience.

The projector facilitates user-friendly operations with automatic focus, keystone correction, and obstacle avoidance. Manual adjustments are readily available for those with preferences.

Equipped with Android TV 9.0, the SP005 provides access to various apps, supported by Ultra-fast WiFi-6 and Bluetooth 5.0. HDMI 2.1 and USB-C ports enhance versatility.

While the SP005’s design remains stylish, the features, though slightly limited in bulb brightness, offer good value, particularly for nighttime use.

Design Rating: 4 / 5


Contrary to its sleek exterior, the projector’s usability presents a divergence. The initial setup is easy, featuring a straightforward Wi-Fi connection and seamless navigation.

The bulb’s brightness is noticeable, requiring dim surroundings for optimal viewing. Despite softening at the edges, 4K projection quality is good when positioned squarely.

Auto-focus and keystone correction work on startup, providing sharp images, though with audible whirring sounds. Keystone correction’s effectiveness varies, often requiring manual adjustment for optimal results.

Object avoidance is inconsistent, favoring manual adjustment. A notable quirk is the need to repeat setup at each power-on, though this can be disabled.

App installation is straightforward, but Android 9.0 TV limits interaction, hindering navigation. External devices like Firestick offer a more user-friendly experience.

HDMI connection simplifies usage. Connecting an iPhone via USB-C lacks audio, remedied by Bluetooth or a traditional AUX cable. The Apple Multi Connector is a preferred option for both visuals and audio.

Overall, the SP005 falls short in performance. Its sleek appearance doesn’t align with usability, though audio and projection quality are commendable. Noise levels are higher compared to rivals like Sony and Epson, but become less noticeable during use.

Considering its price and versatile connection options, it provides value. The attempt to enhance Android TV requires improvement, but external TV devices work well. The 25W speakers impress, yet high-quality external speakers are recommended.

Performance Rating: 2.5 / 5


Throughout testing, the projector’s price fluctuated, from $699 to a more reasonable $499. The features seem to justify the higher cost, but Android TV execution and Bluetooth issues don’t support the smart projector price.

Overlooking smart features, it’s a competent 4K projector with excellent speakers. For occasional use and a limited budget, it’s an excellent choice.

Investing more in an up-to-date model is advisable for a smart 4K projector. Yet, for budget-friendly, well-built 4K projection with external sources, this projector excels.

Overall: 3 / 5


Buy it if:

Affordable 4K Quality:

Despite its budget-friendly tag, the projector boasts impressive true 4K resolution, perfect for high-definition viewing on a budget.

Great Built-in Speakers:

Dual 25W speakers offer excellent audio quality, enhancing the overall immersive experience, a standout feature for a budget device.

Don’t buy it if:

Seeking Advanced Smart Features:

For those needing advanced smart capabilities and seamless app integration, this model may disappoint due to subpar Android TV implementation.

Demanding Ambient Light Performance:

Not ideal for well-lit environments; the 600 ANSI lumens struggle, requiring controlled lighting conditions for optimal viewing.

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