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Perlesmith PSSFK1 TV Wall Mount: Review, Installation, and Value

The Perlesmith PSSFK1, a budget-friendly full-motion bracket, offers versatility. Despite minor design issues and installation inconveniences, this TV wall mount is a compelling choice for small TV owners.


  1. Exceptionally cost-effective
  2. Impressive range of motion
  3. Sturdy construction


  1. Wall proximity is not ideal
  2. Occasionally unclear instructions
Perlesmith PSSFK1 TV Wall Mount: Review, Installation, and Value


The Perlesmith PSSFK1, tailored for 13-42-inch TVs, offers affordability and versatility. It tilts, swivels, and acts as a static wall mount when fully retracted.

Installation and Build Quality

The installation, involving the back plate, wall plate, and arm, is relatively swift. However, clearer instructions for equipment alignment would be beneficial. Most necessary installation components are included.

The PSSFK1 feels robust and secure when the TV is mounted, capable of supporting up to 20kg comfortably.

Motion and Functionality

Equipped with a generous range of motion and tilting, the PSSFK1 is an excellent choice for smaller TVs. While it doesn’t hug the wall tightly and lacks cable management, its price justifies these minor drawbacks.

Affordability and Verdict

Priced at $15.99/£19.99/AU$42.60, the PSSFK1 is a true bargain. It’s not without its quirks, such as the need to adjust the tilting fixture manually. Still, its overall flexibility positions it among the best TV wall mounts available.

PERLESMITH PSSFK1: Price and Availability

PERLESMITH PSSFK1: Price and Availability

  • Priced at $15.99/£19.99/AU$42.60
  • Initially released in May 2019
  • Globally available

The Perlesmith PSSFK1 TV wall mount for 13-42-inch TVs is accessible through various retailers worldwide, including Amazon. It offers impressive flexibility at an affordable price point.

PERLESMITH PSSFK1: Specifications

  • Mount Type: Full-motion
  • Dimensions: 90° swivel, -5° to +15° tilt
  • Wall Distance: 69mm
  • TV Size Range: 13-42-inch
  • Max Weight: 20Kg
  • VESA Patterns: 100x100mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm

PERLESMITH PSSFK1: Installation Experience

  • Installation is straightforward but benefits from two people.
  • Initial confusion with instructions.
  • Simple attachment of back plate and arm.
  • Adjustment of TV tilt requires periodic tightening and loosening.

The installation process for the Perlesmith TV wall bracket (PSSFK1-E) had some initial hiccups, mainly due to unclear instructions. Deduction and careful examination of the available components resolved the issue. Attaching the back plate and arm to the TV was easy, but adjusting the TV’s tilt required frequent tightening and loosening. The package contains most necessary bolts and spacers, but a screwdriver and potentially a socket wrench may be needed, depending on your wall type. It’s advisable to have two people for installation, even with a small TV and bracket.

  • Installation Rating: 4/5

PERLESMITH PSSFK1: Build Quality Assessment

  • Crafted from robust alloy steel
  • Impressive sturdiness at a budget-friendly cost
  • Durable and reassuringly hefty
  • The main arm and back plate exhibit solid construction
  • Can support up to 20kg

The PSSFK1 boasts a robust build due to its durable alloy steel composition. The main arm and back plate felt securely constructed. When the TV was mounted, it retained its solidity, easily handling its weight. Despite minor unexpected tilt movements, the PSSFK1 offered secure full-motion use.

  • Build Quality Rating: 4.5/5
PERLESMITH PSSFK1: Design Analysis

PERLESMITH PSSFK1: Design Analysis

  • Generous motion range
  • Sits approximately 6.9cm off the wall when retracted
  • Excellent tilt and swivel capabilities
  • Lack of cable management
  • Full-motion design affects flush wall fit

As a full-motion bracket, the PSSFK1 naturally doesn’t sit entirely flush with the wall. It retracts to about 6.9cm from the wall, which is reasonable. The PSSFK1 offers versatile motion, extending up to 36cm, swiveling 90 degrees, and tilting 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down. Cable management is absent, but given its affordability, this is understandable.

  • Design Rating: 4/5

PERLESMITH PSSFK1: Value Evaluation

  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Abundant features for the price
  • Ideal for 13-42-inch TVs
  • Priced at $15.99/£19.99, it’s a remarkable deal.

The PSSFK1’s incredible affordability and feature set make it an exceptional choice. While it’s not flawless in terms of movement and installation, the price is unbeatable, solidifying its position as a top full-motion bracket.

  • Value Rating: 5/5

Should You Consider the Perlesmith PSSFK1 TV Wall Mount?

Ease of InstallationNot fully flush with the wall, but provides great motion and tilt.4/5
Build QualityOffers a solid, sturdy feel once securely installed.4.5/5
DesignNot fully flush to the wall, but provides great motion and tilt.4/5
ValueExceptionally affordable and delivers quality for the price.5/5

Consider Buying If:

  • You Desire Flexibility: The PSSFK1 accommodates TVs ranging from 13 to 42 inches with a wide range of motion and tilt options.
  • You’re Budget-Conscious: Despite its affordability, the PSSFK1 offers numerous features compared to other brackets.

Think Twice If:

  • You Have a Large TV: For TVs over 42 inches, the PSSFK1 is not suitable.
  • Cable Management is Crucial: This wall mount lacks cable management options, so look elsewhere if this is a priority.

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