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QooCam 3 Review: 360-Degree Brilliance Unveiled

The QooCam 3 stands out in 360-degree cameras, particularly for its adeptness in low-light conditions. The image quality impresses and both the app and camera controls prove effortlessly intuitive. Boasting up to 5.7K 360-degree video, it offers ample resolution, yet there’s room for improvement with additional features through updates.

QooCam 3 Review: 360-Degree Brilliance Unveiled



Exploring the Kandao QooCam 3: A 360-Degree Action Camera

Action cameras, renowned for their versatility in capturing sports and travel, epitomize portability and durability. The Kandao QooCam 3, a 360-degree action camera, competes with industry leaders like Insta360 One R, X3, and GoPro Max.

As 360-degree cameras gain popularity, users relish the immersive experience of scrolling through photos and reframing videos. The QooCam 3 excels, offering a 62MP capacity for 360-degree photos in JPEG and DNG formats. It elevates the experience with 5.7K 30 fps 360-degree video capture.

While not drop-resistant, its IP68 dust and waterproof rating enhance its durability. The dual fisheye lenses, coupled with 1/1.55-inch sensors and f/1.6 apertures, ensure stellar low-light performance.

Summary of Features:

Portability and DurabilitySmall, lightweight, designed for toughness.
Imaging Capabilities62MP 360-degree photos, 5.7K 30 fps video
DurabilityIP68 dust and waterproof rating
Low-Light Performance1/1.55-inch sensors, f/1.6 apertures

Unveiling the QooCam 3: Release Date, Kit Options, and Pricing Details

Launched in September 2023, the QooCam 3 by Kandao offers various kit choices and optional accessories.

Release Date:

  • Launched in September 2023

Kit Options:

Standalone KitCamera, battery, USB-C cable, soft case$349 / £278 / AU$531
Travel KitAll items in the Travel Kit, plus diverse mounting accessories$370 / £295 / AU$563
Motorcycle KitAll items in Travel Kit, plus diverse mounting accessories$400 / £319 / AU$609

Additional Accessories:

  • Purchase extra batteries, the 120cm invisible selfie stick, or a Marsace x Kandao mini tripod.
  • Notably, the car suction mount, though excellent, is currently unavailable on the Kandao website.

Price Score: 4/5

Unveiling the QooCam 3 Design: Form, Function, and Impressions

The QooCam 3 boasts a nearly square design, a 1.9-inch LCD screen, and a weight of 7.76oz (220g).

Design Overview:

  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 3.3 x 1.0 inches (71.5 x 82.7 x 26.6mm)
  • Weight: 7.76oz (220g) with battery and microSD card

Appearance and Controls:

  • Resemblance to the GoPro Max but is slightly larger and heavier.
  • Minimal controls: power and record buttons on top, with a 1.9-inch touchscreen for settings.
  • Touchscreen offers easy access to settings through swiping and a customizable Q menu.

LCD Screen and Viewing Experience:

  • 1.9-inch LCD screen provides a clear and bright, though not high-resolution, display.
  • Single-camera view can be switched between front and back for photo and video capture.
  • App view displays a stretched 360-degree view, less conducive for composition.

Build Quality and Aesthetics:

  • Impressive build quality for an affordable 360-degree camera.
  • Dark grey and black body exudes a high-quality appearance.
  • Fisheye lenses, though vulnerable, are protected by an attached soft case when not in use.

Additional Features:

  • Four microphones, one on each side, deliver effective 360-degree sound recording in videos.

Design Score: 4/5

Unveiling QooCam 3: Features and Performance Insights

Features Overview:
The QooCam 3 offers versatile capture modes with 1/1.55-inch sensors, f/1.6 apertures, and a 6-axis gyro for stabilization.

User-Friendly Operation:
Operating the camera and navigating settings on the touchscreen or phone app is straightforward and intuitive.

Key Features:

  • Impressive 1/1.55-inch sensors with 2μm pixel size and f/1.6 apertures for excellent low-light performance.
  • Utilizes a 6-axis gyro for effective image stabilization during dynamic activities.

Stabilization and Motion:

  • While the gyro minimizes bobbing during running and walking, slight movements persist.
  • Invisible selfie stick enhances stability and facilitates dynamic camera positioning.

Image Stabilization:

  • Notably, image stabilization isn’t visible on the camera or app screen during filming.
  • Using gyro data, post-production editing offers stabilization options like Horizon Steady and View Lock Steady.

Audio Performance:

  • Four microphones capture 360-degree ambisonic audio with reasonable sound quality.
  • Wind noise may pose a challenge in windy conditions or when using a suction mount on a car.

Apps and Editing:

  • Both the smartphone and desktop apps are user-friendly but lack the features of competitors like Insta360.
  • Smartphone app offers enhanced functionality, including templates and music tracks, but requires a learning curve.

While the QooCam 3 exhibits notable features and satisfactory performance, there’s room for improvement in in-app functionality.

Score: 3/5

QooCam 3 Imaging Brilliance: Unveiling Video and Photo Quality

Video Excellence:

  • Captures stunning 5.7K 30fps video.
  • Achieves impressive results in low-light conditions, showcasing its prowess during night scenes.

Photographic Brilliance:

  • Delivers 62MP 360-degree photos.
  • Dual fisheye lenses, equivalent to a 9.36mm focal length, create panoramic masterpieces.

Control Flexibility:

  • Auto mode simplifies exposure compensation for varying light conditions.
  • Manual mode offers full control, excluding the fixed aperture, providing versatility in most scenarios.

Photo Modes:

  • Options include Standard Panoramic, Interval Photo, DNG8, and AEB for diverse creative possibilities.
  • DNG8 mode, while enhancing detail and reducing noise, requires a somewhat intricate editing process in RawPlus.

Editing Challenges:

  • Editing in QooCamStudio and RawPlus can be complex.
  • Streamlining the process, a tutorial by a third party becomes essential for efficient workflow improvement.

While QooCam 3 excels in imaging, the intricate DNG8 editing process requires user-friendly simplification.

It’s crucial to provide clear guides for such intricate processes on the official website.

Title: QooCam 3: Unraveling Video and Photo Realms

Photo Editing:

  • Simplified with the QooCam 3 app, though it leaves room for improvement.
  • 360-degree photos reach 62MP, but strategic positioning is crucial to avoid being photographed.

Video Capture:

  • Standard panoramic and timelapse options with interval and resolution choices.
  • Video resolutions include 5.7K at 30fps, 4K at 60fps, and 4K at 30fps.

Image Quality:

  • Generally good, yet photos and videos exhibit an over-sharpened appearance.
  • Lack of control over sharpening levels in camera settings, a feature desired via firmware update.

Firmware Updates:

  • Over three weeks, three firmware updates were delivered, reflecting ongoing efforts to enhance the camera’s performance.

Overall Assessment: 3.5/5

QOOCAM 3: Test Scorecard

PriceCompetitive pricing4 / 5
DesignWell-made but slightly heavy4 / 5
Features & PerformanceStandard features, room for improvement3 / 5
Image QualityEffective in low light, editing complex3.5 / 5

Should You Buy the QooCam 3?

Buy It If…

  • You seek an affordable 360-degree camera.
  • Low-light 360-degree video shooting is a priority.
  • Ease of use is crucial for both camera and app controls.

Don’t Buy It If…

  • You seldom shoot 360 photos and videos.
  • Reframing video is not appealing to your editing style.
  • Rugged durability is a priority; consider a traditional action camera.

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