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RIG 600 Pro HS: Wireless Gaming Headset Review

In the quest for an affordable wireless gaming headset under $100 / £100? Look no further than the RIG 600 Pro HS, ideal for PS5 and PC gamers. Boasting exceptional audio quality and a pristine microphone, it’s a standout choice for online multiplayer, casual gaming, and music enjoyment.



RIG 600 Pro HS Review: A Standout in 2023’s Headset Lineup

The RIG 600 Pro HS stands out as a remarkable headset this year, catering to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC users. Offering remarkable audio quality and a crystal-clear microphone, it’s a steal at just under $100 / £100.

In the audio department, the RIG 600 Pro HS delivers well-rounded, detailed sound. Particularly noteworthy is its handling of low frequencies, providing a satisfyingly deep and punchy experience without compromising overall audio balance. For multiplayer gaming, its exceptional directional audio makes it an excellent choice for teaming up with friends.

However, there’s a trade-off in build quality. Compared to competitors like Razer and SteelSeries, the RIG 600 Pro HS feels relatively cheap and somewhat flimsy. It’s not recommended for on-the-go use. Yet, comfort reigns supreme with plush cups and reliable battery life, ensuring extended gaming sessions.

To sum it up, there’s little room for debate – the RIG 600 Pro HS earns its spot as one of the top PS5 headsets in 2023.

RIG 600 Pro HS: Price and Availability Breakdown

Price and Where to Buy:

The RIG 600 Pro HS is currently priced at $99 / £89.99. In the U.S., it’s conveniently available on Nacon’s official website, while UK buyers can find it at retailers such as Argos.

Options for Xbox Users:

For Xbox enthusiasts, Nacon offers the RIG 600 Pro HX, a headset compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, mirroring the PlayStation version in both features and price. Moreover, both models are Bluetooth-compatible with Nintendo Switch, as well as PC and mobile devices.

RIG 600 Pro HS: Unveiling Design and Features

Build Quality Concerns:

Starting with the design, the RIG 600 Pro HS reveals a potential drawback: its initial appearance may raise eyebrows. The ear cups arrive detached, connected by short cords, requiring manual attachment to the headband. Though this offers customization, it can be disconcerting for first-time RIG headset owners.

Comfort in Wear:

On a positive note, wearing the headset is a delight. Plush cups, mirroring the headband’s material, ensure prolonged comfort. Extended use remains enjoyable without discomfort.

User-Friendly Controls:

Navigating controls on the left cup is intuitive. The USB-C port, power button, volume wheel, and multi-function button for play/pause form a straightforward layout. Further up, a Bluetooth pairing button complements the 2.4GHz wireless connection and includes a USB-C dongle.

Microphone Placement:

The left cup hosts the omnidirectional microphone, activated by a flip-out mechanism. A subtle contour indicates its position, but dislodging it while wearing the headset can be tricky; removing the headset first simplifies the process.

RIG 600 Pro HS: Unleashing Performance and Extended Battery Life

In-Game Brilliance:

The RIG 600 Pro HS impresses with an expansive soundstage, courtesy of its 40mm drivers. Gran Turismo 7’s Sport mode showcases thunderous engines and precise directional audio, heightening awareness of approaching cars.

Horror Amplified:

In Alan Wake 2, the headset transforms horror into an immersive experience. Dolby Atmos compatibility enhances the eerie cries of the Taken, delivering spine-chilling clarity and a hair-raising atmosphere.

Musical Excellence:

Casual music listening becomes a delight, especially with vocally powerful tracks. Albums like Bjork’s Debut and Dance Gavin Dance’s Mothership shine, with vocals crystal clear and balanced backing instruments.

Robust Bass Performance:

The headset’s bass excels, offering a satisfying thump without muddying the overall sound. The default equalizer strikes a perfect balance, while fine-tuning options are available through the companion app.

Microphone Effectiveness:

Despite a somewhat cumbersome design, the microphone proves highly effective. In party chats or online meetings, colleagues reported my voice as clearly as with the Blue Yeti mic, ensuring seamless communication.

Impressive Battery Life:

Wirelessly, the headset delivers around 18 hours on a 2.4GHz connection and approximately 24 hours on Bluetooth. Charging is swift, taking just over an hour to go from empty to full.

RIG 600 Pro HS: Navigating the Navigator Software

Mobile App Customization:

The RIG 600 Pro HS boasts its mobile app, the Navigator. Downloadable from the App Store or Google Play, it enables real-time adjustments to microphone settings, custom equalizers, and more.

Limited Platform Accessibility:

Regrettably, the app lacks a PC or console version. All adjustments must be made on your phone through Bluetooth connectivity. Fortunately, the dual connectivity feature allows simultaneous Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connections, facilitating seamless audio profile customization for gaming or music sessions.

RIG 600 Pro HS: Is It the Right Choice for You?


Wholeheartedly recommend the RIG 600 Pro HS if you seek an affordable, wireless gaming headset. Despite concerns about build quality, its impressive audio and microphone make it a top contender, coupled with a commendable battery life.


Consider Buying If:

  • Seeking top-notch sound quality: The RIG 600 Pro HS delivers astounding audio, especially given its price.
  • Enjoy extended headset use: Comfortable ear cups and solid battery life make it ideal for prolonged wear.

Think Twice If:

  • Preferring a sturdier headset: The somewhat cheap build quality falls short of competitors like Razer, Turtle Beach, and SteelSeries.





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