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Samsung Galaxy Ring: Launch Updates and Potential Features

Signs of a Samsung Galaxy Ring have been observed since October of the previous year. Currently, it seems Samsung’s inaugural smart ring may be nearing its launch, possibly scheduled for January.

This information has been disclosed by @UniverseIce, a reputable leaker, on Weibo (via @Tech_Reve). According to them, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is anticipated to be revealed concurrently with the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup. Furthermore, @UniverseIce suggests that the Galaxy Ring will be designated as a “star product,” potentially overshadowing the Samsung Galaxy S24 line, an impressive feat. This could imply that either the Galaxy Ring itself boasts remarkable features or that the Galaxy S24 line represents a modest advancement over the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

Should this rumor prove accurate, confirmation should arrive shortly. While one should remain cautious about the claimed release date, it originates from a credible source and aligns with another leak indicating that mass production of the Samsung Galaxy Ring might commence in August.

Moreover, it is conceivable that the Galaxy Ring might be poised for an earlier launch than January. However, a potential hurdle lies in obtaining medical device certifications, a process that could extend the timeline.

Based on trademark filings and patents, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is likely to incorporate a heart rate monitor, electrocardiogram (ECG), and sleep-tracking capabilities. It may also share similarities with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, featuring a step tracker and blood oxygen monitoring functions, though concrete details remain undisclosed.

Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is poised to become the most prominent smart ring to date, challenging competitors like the Oura (Generation 3). It may even join the ranks of the finest fitness trackers available.

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