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Samsung HW-Q600C Review: Soundbar for Smaller TVs

The Samsung HW-Q600C soundbar and subwoofer duo, equipped with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, proves a reliable choice, especially for smaller TVs. However, its standout feature, the ‘spatial audio,’ falls somewhat short.



In summary, the Samsung HW-Q600C offers impressive movie audio in a compact form, but its spatial audio and music performance may leave some users wanting. Control options are also restricted, and Dolby Vision HDR passthrough is absent.

The Samsung HW-Q600C, a compact soundbar/subwoofer combo, caters well to smaller TVs in cozy spaces, providing a user-friendly setup. Though limited in control options, its sturdy build and seamless integration make it appealing.

While neglecting Dolby Vision HDR, it offers 4K HDMI passthrough, which is not a deal-breaker for many users. A smooth soundbar-subwoofer blend, detailed frequency range, and effective spatial steering mark its commendable performance in movie soundtracks.

Yet, it falls short in sonic height and disappoints as a music system with lumpy rhythmic expression. Despite these drawbacks, the Samsung HW-Q600C suits smaller budgets and spaces, making it a solid option for those with modest TV setups.

Samsung Hw-q600c Soundbar Price Review

Released in September 2023, the Samsung HW-Q600C comes with a price tag of $599 in the U.S., £549 in the U.K., and AU$799 in Australia. Even at full price, it offers substantial value, but savvy shoppers might find better deals with a quick online search.

While Samsung packs a punch for its cost, it’s essential to note that comparable alternatives like the Sony HT-G700, Bose Smart Soundbar 600, or Philips B8905 are available at a similar price point. Hence, labeling the Samsung as a clear-cut ‘no-brainer’ might not be automatic.

Release DateSeptember 2023
Price (US)$599
Price (UK)£549
Price (Australia)AU$799

Samsung HW-Q600C Soundbar Features Review

The Samsung HW-Q600C boasts nine soundbar drivers and a subwoofer with a 165mm bass driver, totaling 360 watts. The soundbar features front, center, and upward-firing drivers for a comprehensive Dolby Atmos/DTS:X experience. The subwoofer connects wirelessly and has a straightforward setup.

For connectivity, the subwoofer pairs automatically but has a manual pairing option. The soundbar offers various inputs, including mains power, USB for servicing, digital optical, and eARC-enabled HDMI for 4K passthrough with HDR10+. Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC and AAC codec support ensures wireless flexibility.

Sound modes include ‘standard,’ ‘surround,’ ‘game pro,’ and ‘adaptive.’ The latter dynamically adjusts the sound based on the content. With Samsung’s ‘Q Symphony’ technology, the soundbar can collaborate with compatible Samsung TVs for an enhanced audio-visual experience.

Soundbar DriversNine drivers, including upward-firing
Subwoofer DriverSingle 165mm forward-facing bass driver
Power360 watts
ConnectivityWireless subwoofer, HDMI (eARC), USB,
digital optical, Bluetooth 5.0
Sound ModesStandard, Surround, Game Pro, Adaptive
CompatibilitySamsung Q Symphony technology
Samsung HW-Q600C Review: Soundbar for Smaller TVs

HW-Q600C Sound Quality Review

The Samsung HW-Q600C impresses with an open, robust, and detailed sound, highlighted by a well-controlled subwoofer. However, its performance somewhat falters in delivering a convincing ‘height’ aspect.

Playing a Dolby Atmos-boosted 4K UHD Blu-ray of Jordan Peele’s Nope showcases Samsung’s immediate and unequivocal delivery. The initial subwoofer confidence is quickly tamed with the remote, resulting in a smooth and convincing balance across the frequency range.

This soundbar creates a spacious, confident listening experience, effectively organizing a soundstage with emphasis on spaces, silences, and actual sounds. Despite limitations in generating height, the center channel projects whispered dialogue effectively. The subwoofer, once balanced, delivers a controlled wallop with detailed texture.

Throughout the frequency range, the HW-Q600C maintains high detail levels. However, its struggle to create a meaningful height dimension affects the overall immersion, especially in content emphasizing unknown elements from above.

Switching to a Bluetooth-streamed TIDAL file of Boygenius’ “Cool About It” reveals a slight loss of composure. The subwoofer’s adept movie performance weakens, leading to hazy and monotonal inputs, impacting rhythmic expression. Consequently, while Samsung excels in specific areas, it falls short of a comprehensive, all-around audio system.

Sound Quality FeaturesPerformance
Open and robust soundImmediate and unequivocal delivery
Well-controlled subwooferSmooth and convincing balance after initial adjustment
Limited ‘height’ aspectStruggles to create meaningful height dimension
Spacious and confidentEffective organization of soundstage
High detail levelsLoss of composure in Bluetooth-streamed music

Samsung HW-Q600C Design

The Samsung HW-Q600C boasts a discreet, if unremarkable, design, perfect for mainstream preferences. The soundbar, measuring 56 x 1030 x 105mm, complements a 48-inch TV and remains suitable up to 65 inches. Despite its plastic construction, the material is sturdy and tactile. The perforated front and top panels reveal the speaker drivers, with racily angled corners suggesting side-firing drivers, although none are present.

The subwoofer, at 343 x 184 x 295mm, features a wireless design for flexible placement. Built from vinyl-wrapped MDF with acoustic cloth covering the forward-facing driver, it aligns with unassuming aesthetics. While the design may not inspire, Samsung’s commitment to proper construction and finishing is evident in both the soundbar and subwoofer.

Soundbar Size56 x 1030 x 105mm (HxWxD)
Subwoofer Size343 x 184 x 295mm (HxWxD)
Weight11.7kg (soundbar plus subwoofer)
TV CompatibilityIdeal for 48-inch TVs, suitable up to 65 inches
ConstructionSturdy plastic for the soundbar, vinyl-wrapped MDF
with acoustic cloth for the subwoofer

Samsung HW-Q600C Soundbar Setup

Setting up the HW-Q600C is a breeze – connect both the soundbar and subwoofer to power, and they should pair automatically. If not, a ‘pair’ button on the subwoofer is there for backup. Connecting to the TV is straightforward, usually via HDMI eARC, but digital optical or HDMI passthrough are alternative options.

Usability is child’s play with the included remote control, covering everything from power to channel adjustments. A dot-matrix display on the soundbar provides confirmation, and physical controls on top offer convenient access. However, app-control enthusiasts may be disappointed, as the HW-Q600C lacks this feature. While Alexa integration is possible, it requires some back-and-forth with Samsung’s SmartThings and Alexa apps.

Samsung HW-Q600C Review: Value

The Samsung HW-Q600C offers decent value with its solid build, comprehensive specification, and commendable finish. However, its claim of being Atmos-worthy falls a bit short, impacting its overall value.

Build Quality & FinishWell up to par, typical of Samsung products
SpecificationComprehensive at the given price
Control OptionsSlightly limited, may disappoint some users
Atmos/DTS:X PerformanceFalls short in delivering the expected ‘height’ element

Consider the Samsung HW-Q600C if:

  • You own a compatible Samsung TV, benefiting from the ‘Q Symphony’ feature for a fuller presentation.
  • Your TV is smaller, around 48 inches, as the HW-Q600C complements these screens well.
  • Dialogue-heavy movies appeal to you; the center channel excels in projecting voices with character.

Reconsider if:

  • Expecting pronounced spatial audio; the ‘height’ element in spatial audio tracks is somewhat limited.
  • You prefer app controls; there’s no control app, and Alexa integration requires a tedious setup.
  • Using it as a music system is a priority; while capable, the HW-Q600C leans more toward movies.
Compatible Samsung TV‘Q Symphony’ enhances soundbar efforts, ideal for a bigger presentation with your TV’s speakers.
TV SizeSuitable for smaller screens, like 48 inches, avoiding the awkward look larger soundbars may create.
Dialogue-Heavy MoviesCenter channel excels in projecting voices with character, making it suitable for dialogue-focused films.
Pronounced Spatial Audio‘Height’ element in spatial audio tracks is somewhat limited, impacting the immersive experience.
Control PreferencesLacks a control app; Alexa integration is tedious; relies on the supplied remote control handset.
Music System UseCapable but not as confident with music; more tailored towards movie performance.

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