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Samsung’s initial foray into the portable EVO SSD market showcases commendable capacity. However, its value proposition and overall performance leave much to be desired. The speeds, in my estimation, hover around the average mark and, given the device’s premium price, are frankly subpar.



Samsung T5 Evo Review: Portable SSD

In summary, while the device boasts a few positive features like a built-in handle and durability, its performance and value fall short. The slower speeds and higher price points, coupled with the absence of an IP rating, make it less appealing in a competitive market.

Samsung T5 Evo 8TB Portable SSD: Rapid Overview

The Samsung T5 Evo 8TB SSD stands out as a pioneering storage solution, purpose-built to accommodate substantial capacity, setting it apart in the market. Crafted with a savvy blend of metal and rubber, its design, including the integrated carry handle (or “ring” as Samsung terms it), earns instant favor.

In contrast to competitors like Vectotech, Oyen Digital, and Glyph, adopting the conventional Kit-Kat shape, the T5 Evo radiates a modern aesthetic. Noteworthy features include a lengthy Type-C cable, Samsung’s Magician SSD management software with hardware encryption, and a reassuring three-year warranty. Yet, the commendations cease there.

Regrettably, this portable SSD exhibits sluggish performance, particularly at lower capacities (2TB and 4TB), where counterparts like Samsung’s own T series and SanDisk offer superior value. Despite its shocking retail price, Samsung positions the 8TB model as an external HDD replacement, aiming at creative professionals seeking optimal performance, durability, compatibility, compact design, and high capacity.

However, it’s vital to note the absence of IP or MIL-STD ratings, rendering the T5 Evo non-water-resistant. While it may lack the ruggedness of the best hard drives, it maintains a reasonably sturdy feel. At nearly $650, roughly twice the cost of the 8TB Samsung 870 QVO (albeit internal), and with more affordable alternatives performing equally well, recommending the T5 Evo at its current price proves challenging. Without a substantial price reduction, it won’t find a place in our recommended portable SSD list.

Samsung T5 Evo Review: Price and Availability

Curious about the cost? The Samsung T5 Evo is priced at $650. Ready to grab one? It’s available now, accessible in the US, UK, Australia, and other territories.

Delving into the details, acquiring ultra-large capacity SSDs can be a rarity. Why? Their price tag tends to soar, and the market for these hefty drives is notably smaller compared to their smaller-capacity counterparts, such as the 2TB or 4TB options.

Here’s a quick summary:

RegionsUS, UK, Australia, and other territories

Samsung T5 Evo Review: Design Insights

Within the T5 Evo resides a robust metal enclosure, crafted from unibody aluminum and snugly ensconced in a protective rubber sleeve. A blue LED indicator and a Type-C port enhance its visual appeal. Surprisingly, the portable SSD weighs in at 102 grams (0.23 pounds), proving heftier than anticipated, and its dimensions—17mm (0.67 inches) thick and 95mm (3.74 inches) long—might pose a challenge for pocket storage in jeans.

Included in the package is a 46cm Type-C to Type-C cable, but notably absent are adaptors for use with a traditional Type-A connector.

In a revealing teardown conducted by our affiliated publication, Anandtech, the drive’s internals mirror the 870 QVO, available at half the cost, employing more budget-friendly QLC NAND chips instead of the pricier yet more robust TLC. For an in-depth review, explore insights from another respected source, Tomshardware.

Design ElementsDetails
Enclosure MaterialUnibody aluminum within a protective rubber sleeve
Weight102 grams (0.23 pounds)
Dimensions17mm (0.67 inches) thick, 95mm (3.74 inches) long
Included Cable46cm Type-C to Type-C
AdaptorsNot provided for traditional Type-A connectors
Samsung T5 Evo Review: Performance

Samsung T5 Evo Review: Performance

In the realm of portable SSDs, the T5 Evo emerges as one of the slower performers in recent testing. Samsung transparently acknowledges this, a stance not shared by all competitors.

benchmark performance:

Benchmark ToolRead (MBps)Write (MBps)
AS SSD429429
Real Life366366

These results underscore the T5 Evo’s slower speed, an aspect that warrants consideration against its competitors.

Samsung T5 Evo: Technical Specifications

Capacities available2TB, 4TB, 8TB
Size95 x 40 x 17mm
Enclosure materialRubber
TechnologyUSB 3.2 Gen 1
Warranty (in years)3
Rated R/W speeds (MBps)460/460
Software bundleNo
These specs encompass capacity options, physical dimensions, weight, material, connector, technology, warranty duration, and read/write speeds.

Considering the Samsung Portable SSD T5 Evo?


  1. Brand Assurance:
    Trust a globally recognized household name for your 8TB storage needs.
  2. Hassle-Free Convenience:
    Opt for simplicity over DIY solutions; the T5 Evo offers a straightforward 8TB portable SSD experience.

Don’t buy:

  1. Not Truly Rugged:
    Despite its design, the T5 Evo lacks true ruggedness; no warranty coverage for drop-induced damage, and no IP rating.
  2. Dependent on Compatibility:
    For optimal USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 performance, a compatible device is essential, which may be rarer than anticipated.
  3. Higher Cost, Fewer Features:
    The T5 Evo is pricier than its competitors, lacking an IP rating and an extra Type-C/Type-A cable.

In summary, choose the T5 Evo for brand trust and hassle-free 8TB storage, but look elsewhere for true ruggedness, high-speed performance, and budget-friendly options.

Alternatives to Samsung Portable SSD T5 Evo

Considering options? Here are some alternatives to the Samsung T5 Evo:

SpecificationsOyen Digital U32VectotechTitanium One
IP RatingNoNoYes
Warranty (yrs)333

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