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Samsung The Freestyle Projector: A Comprehensive Review

The setup process of Samsung’s Freestyle projector ensures quick installation, facilitating seamless usage. Featuring built-in smart capabilities and automatic leveling, The Freestyle guarantees unparalleled convenience. Additionally, its remarkable picture and audio quality enhance user experience.


  • Remarkable portability
  • Convenient array of integrated applications
  • Impressive automatic adjustment feature
  • Decent brightness level


  • Navigation can be sluggish
  • Occasional autofocus problems may arise
  • Random restarts occur at times
  • Auto keystone functionality may exhibit inconsistency
Samsung The Freestyle Projector:

In-Depth Analysis: Samsung’s The Freestyle Projector

In light of recent social changes, outdoor gatherings have become more popular due to Covid-19 concerns.

Samsung introduces The Freestyle, a portable projector delivering impressive Full HD images, ideal for outdoor movie nights.

This device offers a comprehensive entertainment experience, resembling a smart TV, with access to streaming services, a 360° built-in speaker, and mobile mirroring.

Ease of use is a highlight, as The Freestyle is ready to use within minutes, requiring only power and a Wi-Fi connection.

However, some issues persist. The auto keystone feature occasionally struggles, and the new smart TV platform feels sluggish and disruptive.

Nonetheless, The Freestyle excels in user-friendliness, boasting excellent picture quality and connectivity, making it a standout projector solution.

Availability and Pricing: Samsung’s The Freestyle

RegionRelease DatePrice
UKFebruary 16, 2022£999
AustraliaEnd of February 2022AU$1,299
USAPre-orders available$899

The Freestyle’s price may seem steep compared to competitors, but its enhanced features justify the cost.

Design Overview: Samsung’s The Freestyle

PortabilityThe sturdy aluminum cradle stand offers over 180° of tilt for versatile projection.
StandSturdy aluminum cradle stand offers over 180° of tilt for versatile projection.
Power OptionsCompatible with power banks for outdoor use; supports 50W/20V output and USB PB functionality.
Audio Features360° speaker delivers surround sound; touch capacitive controls for easy volume adjustment.
Additional FeaturesPassive radiator for bass expulsion; pin connectors for future accessories like a battery pack.
ConnectivityUSB Type-C port for power, mini HDMI port for consoles, toggle switch for mic control.

Appreciation is expressed for the mic control feature, acknowledging the need for privacy in certain scenarios.

Samsung’s The Freestyle: FEATURES

Samsung’s The Freestyle stands out as a top choice when considering functionality. Not just a portable cinema, it integrates Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby, along with customizable lighting features.

Starting with its cinematic capabilities, The Freestyle boasts Full HD resolution and HDR10 support, delivering bright and vibrant images.

Even in daylight conditions, it maintains impressive image quality, thanks to Samsung’s Hyper Real picture engine and Smart Calibration.

Notably, its Digital Keystone Correction automatically adjusts images for angled surfaces, ensuring a squared projection. Additionally, an auto-leveling feature maintains image straightness on uneven surfaces.

While there are limitations to image adjustment, The Freestyle offers a wide projection range from 30 to 100 inches.

Its pre-installed streaming apps set The Freestyle apart, enabling instant access to popular services like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Moreover, it seamlessly connects to compatible devices on the Wi-Fi network, enhancing the user experience. For instance, it effortlessly mirrors Samsung Galaxy devices and automatically pairs with Samsung soundbars.

Beyond entertainment, The Freestyle offers creative ambient modes, such as projecting virtual windows or festive messages, adding versatility to any space.

PICTURE AND AUDIO QUALITY: Impressive Performance Despite Limitations

Despite its technical constraints, The Freestyle delivers vibrant images, offering preset modes for various viewing experiences.

The Movie mode, resembling Filmmaker Mode, enhances contrast and color accuracy, ideal for cinematic viewing.

During tests with both bright and dark content, The Freestyle maintained strong color reproduction and handled motion well.

Gamers will appreciate the Game mode, reducing latency for a smoother gaming experience, though competitive players may find it lacking.

As with most portable projectors, image sharpness may decrease at larger sizes, but The Freestyle maintains viewability.

Although lacking 4K capability, its 1080p resolution remains satisfactory at optimal viewing distances.

Audio concerns are alleviated by the option to connect external speakers, offering enhanced surround sound over Wi-Fi.

While Dolby Atmos isn’t supported, the improvement in multi-channel sound is significant for cinephiles.

CONCLUSION: Mixed Bag of Features and Performance

Samsung’s provided 92-inch roll-up projector screen enhanced the home cinema experience significantly.

The auto keystone feature worked seamlessly on walls or ceilings but struggled with projector screens.

Manual adjustments for keystone and focus were necessary due to occasional focus issues.

The user interface of The Freestyle was disappointingly sluggish, hampering the overall user experience.

Samsung’s new TV OS, while based on Tizen, suffered from delays in response time, making navigation frustrating.

Despite using a standard remote, navigation issues seem inherent to The Freestyle rather than the remote itself.

These issues detract from the seamless user experience promised by Samsung but could potentially be resolved with updates.

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