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SteelSeries Alias Pro: Aesthetic Appeal and Superior Audio

The SteelSeries Alias Pro delivers exceptional audio quality, positioning itself as an ideal option for diverse content creation, spanning game streaming to ASMR. Despite its impressive features, certain drawbacks, such as an imprecise gain indicator on the bundled stream mixer and a few design quirks, hinder it from receiving an unequivocal endorsement.

SteelSeries Alias Pro: Aesthetic Appeal and Superior Audio



SteelSeries Alias Pro: A Premium Microphone for Content Creators

The SteelSeries Alias Pro, an upscale counterpart to the highly acclaimed SteelSeries Alias, stands out as a top-tier microphone tailored primarily for content creators and streamers. Our recent review hailed the Alias as a “awe-inspiring debut” from the gaming peripheral manufacturer.

Maintaining the eye-catching design of the Alias, the Alias Pro elevates its status with the inclusion of a separate stream mixer doubling as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). This enhancement, coupled with a superior XLR connection, ensures impeccable audio quality, catering to professional podcasting and even the nuances of an ASMR stream.

Despite the audio quality boost, transitioning to a separate stream mixer sacrifices some of the original model’s convenience, a notable shift we cherished. The gain indicator’s relocation to an LED ring encircling the gain dial proves distracting, and the new microphone mute button feels disappointingly mushy.

Moreover, the gain indicator’s inaccuracy, failing to reliably indicate sound transmission, is a significant drawback in a device of this caliber. While the audio quality remains impressive, this flaw could be a decisive factor depending on your specific requirements.

SteelSeries Alias Pro: Pricing and Availability

SteelSeries Alias Pro: Pricing and Availability

The SteelSeries Alias Pro comes with a hefty price tag of $329.99 / £319.99 / AU$699, making it a relatively expensive choice compared to the more common USB alternatives used by streamers. However, in the realm of professional XLR microphones, known for superior audio quality through analog connections, this price appears modest, considering the typical cost of a complete XLR setup.

Trusted audio brands like Rode often exceed the $200 / £150 / AU$280 mark for a quality XLR microphone, not including the additional expense of a necessary separate DAC for PC use, which generally falls above $100 / £80 / AU$150. Despite this, the Alias Pro offers an attractive all-in-one package at a comparable cost.

For those interested, the Alias Pro is available on the SteelSeries website and Amazon in the US and UK. In the US, other retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart also stock the microphone. While the availability in Australia may be more limited compared to other regions, JB Hi-Fi currently has the Alias Pro in stock, albeit at a slightly higher price.

SteelSeries Alias Pro: Aesthetic Appeal and Functional Features

SteelSeries Alias Pro: Aesthetic Appeal and Functional Features

Embracing the visually captivating design reminiscent of the impressive SteelSeries Alias, the Alias Pro stands out with its sleek black pill-shaped capsule and soft fabric covering. Adorned with a subtle rubber SteelSeries logo, it offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the more utilitarian designs common among XLR microphones.

The use of premium materials, including metal and smooth plastic, imparts a luxurious feel to both the capsule and the stand, justifying its cost. Notably, the microphone’s controls, such as the mute button and gain dial, have migrated to a separate stream mixer, crafted with high-end materials and a surprisingly compact form factor, easily tucking beneath gaming monitors.

While the microphone sports a lone XLR port connecting to the stream mixer’s DAC, the mixer itself boasts abundant interface options. The rear showcases two USB-C inputs for simultaneous use with two PCs, a clicky power button, and a 3.5mm jack for audio monitoring. Another 3.5mm audio jack on the left serves as a general audio output for speakers or headphones.

At the front, an RGB LED-ringed gain dial and a larger volume knob accompany two sizable buttons for microphone and audio output muting. Unfortunately, the mushy buttons demand substantial force and occasionally require a firm second press for proper activation—a minor but irksome flaw given the device’s cost.

Enhancing the visual appeal, the stream mixer features a vibrant RGB strip underneath, surpassing the Alias’s lackluster RGB ring. Offering customization options, this addition complements the device’s streaming-centric focus, providing a visually engaging experience.

SteelSeries Alias Pro: Unveiling the Performance

SteelSeries Alias Pro: Unveiling the Performance

The microphone’s performance is exceptional, delivering professional-grade audio quality without extensive software adjustments. Ideal for local recording, it excels when unrestricted by streaming bandwidth or encoding limitations. Despite a single pickup pattern, it effectively captures voices from any desk position, requiring only appropriate gain adjustments.

While a dedicated omnidirectional polar pickup pattern may suit larger groups, the Alias Pro handles multiple voices well, making it a viable option for podcasting. Unfortunately, the stream mixer encounters issues, including mushy buttons and an inaccurate gain meter with inconsistent color coding. Despite attempts at adjustment, the microphone often fails to reflect lower volume levels, potentially affecting the user’s confidence in broadcasting at normal levels.

The gain meter’s unreliability, though indicating loudness, lacks the assurance of broadcasting at a baseline normal level. As in the SteelSeries Alias review, the recommended SteelSeries Sonar software, shared by both models, proves a mixed bag. While effective as a general volume mixer and for controlling inputs in dual PC setups, intrusive features like automatic game recording remain a source of frustration.

Decision Guide: SteelSeries Alias Pro Purchase

Consider Buying:

  1. Appealing Aesthetics: Opt for the Alias Pro if a visually striking XLR microphone is your preference. Its sleek design and vibrant RGB set it apart.
  2. Audio Excellence: Prioritize top-notch audio quality. The Alias Pro, though pricier, delivers exceptional sound with minimal tweaking, making it worth the investment.

Think Twice:

  1. Reliance on Gain Meter: If a reliable gain meter is crucial, the Alias Pro disappoints. Explore alternatives, like the more affordable SteelSeries Alias, for dependable audio monitoring.
  2. Not a Content Creator: If you’re not a professional streamer, video maker, or podcaster, Alias Pro’s Pro-level features may not be necessary. Opt for a more consumer-oriented choice to save money.

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