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Ulefone Armor Pad 2: Rugged Tablet Review & Specs

This tablet costs more than cheaper options from Doogee and AGM, but its quality construction compensates for the extra expense. Additionally, accessories like endoscopes and microscopes are available.



In a nutshell, the Ulefone Armor Pad 2 relies on the MediaTek Helio G99 SoC, common in recent tablet launches. Ulefone, known for its rugged phones, essentially offers a phone with a large screen.

Unlike competitors with 10.1-inch screens, the Armor Pad 2 boasts an 11-inch display with a resolution of 1200 x 2000 at up to 500 nits.

With 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, expandable up to 2TB with a MicroSD card, it aligns with standard MediaTek Android systems. Connectivity options include WiFi 6 or 4G/3G, supporting dual active SIMs.

Distinctive features include a hand strap for easier handling of the hefty tablet, a 383 LED array on the back emitting 750 lumens, and a uSmart connector.

While the hand strap aids handling, its weight surpasses a kilogram. An optional hand strap, THS02, also functions as a kickstand.

The LED array’s brightness might drain the battery due to its 5.5W consumption. The uSmart connector facilitates various accessories like endoscopes and microscopes.

Overall, the Ulefone Armor Pad 2 offers solid construction and specifications, but its hefty price warrants comparison with cheaper alternatives.

Ulefone Armor Pad 2: Price And Availability

  • Price: $360/£370/€420
  • Availability: Available now
  • Purchase Options: Directly from Ulefone or online retailers.

You can buy the Pad 2 from Ulefone’s website or find it cheaper on online platforms like AliExpress.

For US customers, Ulefone sells the Pad 2 for $360, but it’s available online for around $280 or less.

Surprisingly, it’s $30 cheaper on with faster delivery than buying directly from Ulefone.

At around $300, the Armor Pad 2 offers excellent value for its quality construction.

Ulefone Armor Pad 2: Rugged Tablet Review & Specs

Ulefone Armor Pad 2: Specs

CPUMediaTek Helio G99 (MT8781)
GPUARM Mali-G57 MC 2
Storage256GB UFS 2.2
Screen11-inch IPS LCD, 400 nits
SIMDual Nano SIM + MicroSD option
Weight1018g (official)
Dimensions277.8 x 178.0 x 14.0mm
Rugged SpecFront Camera
Rear camera48MP OV48B2Q Sensor
Front camera16MP Sony IMX351
NetworkingWiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
OSAndroid 13
Battery18600mAh (Max charge 33W – 12V 2.75A)

Ulefone Armor Pad 2: Design Features

Design FeaturesDetails
Sturdy buildRobust construction with cushioned edge, angled corners, and textured underside.
Button layoutInsufficient for outdoor use, and falls short of industry standards.
Screen brightnessInsufficient for outdoor use, falls short of industry standards.
WeightModerately light at 1018g, strikes a balance between heavier and lighter models.
Battery sizeSmaller than some competitors, impacting overall weight.
Hand strap accessoryAvailable for hands-free use, enhancing convenience.
Port and plug arrangementUSB-C port, audio jack, MicroSD, and SIM tray covered by rubber plugs.
Water and dust protectionPlugs degrade over time, lacking retaining screws for replacement.
Wireless chargingAbsent feature, which could have improved convenience.
Display brightnessFalls short for outdoor use, lacking anti-reflection coating.
Overall assessmentEccentric design with some questionable choices, but generally functional.

Ulefone Armor Pad 2: Hardware Features

Hardware FeaturesDetails
Effective platformUtilizes MediaTek Helio G99 SoC, known for solid performance.
4G CommsSupports 3G/4G mobile communications; lacks 5G capability.
Big battery capacity18600mAh battery provides extended usage; supports wired charging only.

The MediaTek Helio G99 SoC offers reliable performance but falls short compared to Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 or 8+.

With eight cores, including two Arm Cortex-A76 performance cores and six Arm Cortex-A76 for efficiency, coupled with 8GB RAM, effectively doubled to 16GB, the Pad 2 ensures smooth operations.

While the ARM Mali-G57 MP2 GPU may not offer top-notch graphics, it suffices for typical mobile gaming.

A drawback is the lack of 5G support, limiting connectivity options for users in certain areas.

However, the substantial 18600mAh battery ensures prolonged usage, even without wireless charging.

Although not groundbreaking, the Pad 2’s hardware meets its purpose effectively, offering a decent user experience and extended battery life.

Ulefone Armor Pad 2: Camera Specs

Camera SpecsDetails
Rear Camera48MP OV48B2Q Sensor, capable of capturing decent images
Front Camera16MP Sony IMX351, reliable for selfies and video calls

Tablet manufacturers prioritize fewer camera sensors due to the assumption that tablets are used less for photography.

Compared to phones like the Oukitel R7 Titan 5G with four cameras, the Pad 2’s two sensors suffice.

The 48MP rear sensor produces good-quality images, while the 16MP front sensor is reliable for selfies.

Despite advancements in front-facing camera resolution, 16MP remains sufficient for typical usage.

The OV48B2Q sensor offers advanced features like 4K video capture, although Pad 2 limits video resolution to 2K.

Ulefone emphasizes camera sensor quality but neglects to fully utilize its capabilities in the camera app.

The absence of Widevine L1 video encryption limits streaming quality, making alternative options preferable for media consumption.

Ulefone Armor Pad 2: Performance

Performance MetricsUlefone Pad 2Blackview Active 8 Pro
Single core544550
Multi core18111838
Battery26h 17m31h 29m
Overall Score97869708
CPU Score46554702
Slingshot OpenGL35083538
Slingshot Extr. Open GL26252569
Slingshot Extr. Vulkan24742458
Wild Life12191172

Comparison with the Blackview Active 8 Pro, sharing the same platform, reveals negligible differences in performance.

Despite slightly lower battery capacity, the Pad 2 offers a generally satisfying user experience with ample cores, memory, and storage.

While suitable for light tasks, it’s not the top choice for high-performance graphics. Nonetheless, its battery capacity ensures prolonged usage with careful management.

Ulefone Armor Pad 2: Battery

Battery FeaturesDetails
CapacityLarge 18600mAh battery
Fast Charging33W charging, fully recharged in about 3 hours and 20 minutes
Wireless ChargingAbsent feature, despite potential with 33W charging system

While battery capacity is crucial, recharging speed can be equally vital for devices with large batteries.

The provided 33W charger replenishes the battery in approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes.

PCMark10 test results show impressive endurance, lasting over 26 hours, indicating extensive usage potential.

While Ulefone advertises a week of operation, achieving this may require adjusting settings for optimal efficiency.

Oddly, the absence of wireless charging seems like a missed opportunity given the fast charging capabilities.


When considering the Pad 2, compare it to other G99-powered tablets from China.

Despite being pricier, it offers durability, features, and satisfactory performance.

Minor layout quirks are manageable over time.

If 5G and Widevine L1 encryption aren’t crucial, the Pad 2 serves as an excellent rugged tablet.

Should I Buy?

Buy it if

  • You need a durable outdoor tablet.
  • Battery life is essential for your usage.

Don’t buy it if

  • You require 5G connectivity.
  • You frequently work in bright sunlight without a screen filter.

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