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Xencelabs Pen Display 24 Review: Ultimate Pen Display Powerhouse!

Introducing the Xencelabs Pen Display 24 – an impressive and versatile device catering to professionals and skilled enthusiasts alike. Meticulously designed in every aspect, from its exceptional construction to accessories and performance, it stands out as one of the most well-balanced drawing tablets available. Notably, it offers vibrant colors, an exquisite drawing experience, and a sleek ergonomic design, all supported by a 24-inch 4K resolution. Its remarkable value is also worth mentioning, being competitively priced compared to Wacom’s alternatives. While boasting numerous pros, it’s important to note the slight deficiency in ports and the absence of touchscreen controls.

Xencelabs Pen Display 24 Review: Ultimate Pen Display Powerhouse!


Xencelabs’ inaugural pen display tablet has made a significant entrance. After years of Wacom’s reign in the sketching arena, this tablet unquestionably ranks among the finest drawing tablets available today.

While not the first to challenge Wacom, Xencelabs stepped into the arena with its Pen Tablet Medium in 2021, leading the charge against Wacom’s professional-grade products. Now, with the Xencelabs Pen Display 24‘s introduction, it appears the company might have achieved its goal.

Measuring 61.98 x 38.86 x 3.56cm (24.4 x 15.3 x 1.4 inches), Xencelabs’ flagship pen display is a sleek canvas. Its etched IPS panel boasts up to 3,840 x 2,160 resolution (4K UHD), 60Hz refresh rate, and a maximum brightness of 330nits. Displaying 1.07 billion colors, including 99% Adobe RGB and 93% DCI-P3, it pairs remarkably with top graphic design laptops.

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Beyond specs, the meticulous attention to design and user experience stands out. Xencelabs has meticulously crafted every detail of the Pen Display 24, from its sturdy, adaptable built-in stand to its array of outstanding features and accessories. It’s an all-encompassing Wacom-surpassing pen display.

In fact, pondering the downsides, I found only the absence of certain “nice-to-have” features. Truthfully, there’s little to criticize about this device. It delivers exceptional value, an enjoyable drawing experience, and an appealing aesthetic.


  • Price Tag: $1,899 / £1,850 / AU$3,299

The Xencelabs Pen Display 24 carries a price of $1,899 / £1,850 / AU$3,299, positioning itself as a more budget-friendly option compared to Wacom’s offerings. These encompass the slightly larger touchscreen Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 ($3,499 / £3,499 / AU$5,499) and the standard Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 ($2,199.95 / £1,999 / AU$3,679), which offers fewer accessories and adjustment choices.

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At its list price, the Pen Display 24 emerges as an outstanding deal, equipped with numerous accessories and robust specifications. The package includes the Xencelabs Quick Keys remote with holder, a pen case (housing the 3 Button Pen V2, the Thin Pen V2, a dongle for the Quick Keys, six additional standard nibs, and four felt nibs), a drawing glove, an array of cables, and a cleaning cloth.

Considering its specs closely resemble Wacom’s offerings, this accessory bundle is compelling. Coupled with its thoughtful design and exceptional performance, it stands as a high-value proposition for those seeking a professional-grade drawing tablet. However, it’s important to note that this quality does come at a price.

  • Value Rating: 4.5 / 5


Height61.98cm (24.4 inches)
Width38.86cm (15.3 inches)
Depth3.56cm (1.4 inches)
Active Drawing Area
Width20.75 inches
Height11.7 inches
Total Weight6kg (13.3oz)
Display Resolution
Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels
Pressure Levels
PCWindows 7 or later (latest service pack/build)
MacOS X 10.11 or later (latest update)
LinuxUbuntu 14.04 or above, Debian 9.5, CentOS 7.0 or above, RedHat 7.0 or above
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  • Adaptable and strong built-in stand
  • Matte, anti-glare embedded IPS panel
  • Impressive build quality and design

The Xencelabs Pen Display 24 boasts an elegant design and an array of clever features. While its surface appears simple, it holds desirable complexities like integrated touch controls and a versatile stand.

With dimensions of 61.98 x 38.86 x 3.56cm / 24.4 x 15.3 x 1.4 inches and weighing 6kg / 13.3oz, portability isn’t its strength. This tablet is crafted to be a workstation centerpiece, not a travel companion. Its robust build utilizes premium materials, from the fan-less metal rear that ensures a quiet creative environment to the meticulously packed Quick Keys remote and pen case.

<Image Credit: xencelabs>

Featuring an active drawing area of 20.75 x 11.7 inches / 52.71 x 29.72cm, the tablet provides ample space to work on the embedded etched IPS panel. Encircling the screen is a 1.6-inch / 4.5cm bezel, offering room for your hand while drawing. In the top-right corner of the bezel, three programmable touch keys illuminate upon activation. Though lacking tactile feedback, they contribute to aesthetics. Expanding these controls to incorporate more functions could have added versatility.

The tablet’s rear houses the built-in stand, adjustable from 16 to 72 degrees, also serving as a handle for easy repositioning. VESA mount compatibility is a bonus; removing the stand facilitates mounting. Under the stand/mounting area reside primary ports: USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, and power input. The top edge features two USB-A ports and a power button.

Rubber feet on the underside prevent sliding, and around the other three edges, two slots each accommodate stylus holders and a Quick Key holder.

<Image Credit: xencelabs>

Among the accessories, the black Xencelabs Quick Key Remote stands out, featuring an OLED screen displaying active shortcuts, encircled by nine customizable buttons and a wheel dial. Its holder snaps onto the tablet’s edge for convenient access while working.

The stylus case, compact and organized, houses two styluses, 10 spare nibs, the Quick Key Remote dongle, and a nib remover. Overall, the Xencelabs Pen Display 24 is a beautifully designed tool that enhances your workstation and introduces valuable features, elevating your drawing experience.

  • Design Rating: 5 / 5


  • Exceptionally precise
  • Fantastic drawing surface
  • Vibrant and responsive display

My main use for pen display tablets involves drawing and photo editing on Creative Cloud software or free drawing applications. During the three weeks of testing the Xencelabs Pen Display 24, I experienced heightened productivity.

<Image Credit: xencelabs>

To begin with, the display is outstanding, delivering the ideal combination of size and quality for my preferences. The etched IPS panel boasts a top resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 (4K UHD) with a 60Hz refresh rate and a maximum brightness of 330 nits. This creates one of the most brilliant and captivating screens I’ve ever drawn on. Encompassing 1.07 billion colors, including 99% AdobeRGB and 93% DCI-P3 color space, the matte-finish, anti-glare glass covering is resistant to smudges and marks, minimizing disturbances from light or minor dirt.

Setup is straightforward; the device arrives with numerous cables, and the drivers are effortlessly installable and user-friendly, resulting in a clean UI and a plethora of excellent features to enhance creativity. The virtual tablet/switch display mode is notable, activated by the customizable built-in touch controls. This mode facilitates seamless navigation between displays and windows, particularly valuable for multi-display or multi-tablet setups.

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Regarding the drawing experience itself, it was so pleasurable with the Xencelabs Pen Display 24 that I hesitated to conclude my tests. The screen offers an exceptional level of responsiveness and reacts impeccably to even the gentlest strokes. Accuracy is remarkable, devoid of noticeable line jitter, lag, or parallax.

The Quick Keys Remote further accelerates workflow. With the ability to store five profiles, each containing 10 shortcuts, it grants easy access to up to 50 shortcuts. While not an expert digital artist, I found the three customized profiles immensely beneficial.

  • Performance Rating: 5 / 5


  • Dual styluses with 2 x 8,192 pressure levels
  • Eraser tip for precision
  • Comfortable grip

The Xencelabs Pen Display 24 impressively includes two styluses, offering versatility in their designs. One resembles the Apple Pencil 2’s slim form, while the other takes on the thicker form frequently used with drawing tablets. This choice not only accommodates comfort but also allows you to select the stylus that mirrors your preferred digital medium; I found the narrower pen particularly suited for paint-like textures.

Both styluses offer a comfortable grip, featuring a rubbery-coated lower half and tactile shortcut keys. Similar to most styluses, a slightly firmer press would enhance their usability, especially for the slimmer one, which can be easily nudged during work. The slimmer stylus incorporates two buttons, while the thicker version boasts three.

Battery-free and equipped with 8,192 pressure levels, both styluses feature an eraser tip that performs consistently, with a precise point for accurate erasing.

  • Stylus Rating: 5 / 5


Consider buying it if…

You seek a truly professional drawing experience.

With the Quick Keys Remote, dual styluses, and impressive specs, the Xencelabs Pen Display 24 is an excellent choice for professionals, offering a cost-effective alternative to pricier Wacom tablets.

You desire a serene working environment.

Thanks to its fan-less metal rear for heat dispersion and meticulous design, the Pen Display 24 ensures both a clean and quiet workspace.

You want top-tier specs with great value.

Matching Wacom’s alternatives in specs and surpassing them in features and accessories, the Xencelabs Pen Display 24 reigns as the value king.

Avoid it if…

You require numerous ports.

Though not lacking in ports, the Xencelabs Pen Display 24 could benefit from a few more for intricate setups, particularly given its professional-grade status.

You prioritize touchscreen controls.

While not essential for professionals and some won’t miss it, Xencelabs could consider offering a touchscreen version, similar to Wacom’s range. However, this is a minor concern in the absence of major issues.


Value: With a variety of accessories and a list price lower than Wacom’s nearest alternative. 4.5 / 5
Design: Elegant simplicity, equipped with essential features, though some screen space felt underutilized. 5 / 5
Performance: A pure joy to draw on, with a seamless setup. 5 / 5
Stylus: Abundant design features and solid specs, a valuable asset for creatives at all levels. 4.5 / 5


Comparison of Xencelabs Pen Display 24, Wacom Cintiq Pro 27, and Huion Kamvas Pro 24(4K):

Xencelabs Pen Display 24Wacom Cintiq Pro 27Huion Kamvas Pro 24(4K)
Dimensions61.98 x 38.86 x 3.56cm379 x 638 x 31mm58.9 x 36.4 x 2.2cm
Active Area Size52.71 x 29.72cm335 x 596mm52.7 x 29.6cm
Display Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels3840 x 21603840 x 2160 pixels
Pressure Levels8,1928,1928,192
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