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Micron Unveils Massive 256GB DDR5-8800 MCRDIMM Memory Units at Nvidia GTC 2024: Ideal Solution for Next-Gen AI Servers

At Nvidia GTC 2024, Micron revealed its massive 256GB DDR5-8800 MCRDIMM memory units. These modules, with a capacity of 20 watts and a double-height...

StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Dock Review: Price, Specs, and Verdict

Not having Thunderbolt 4 support isn't major, but lacking a downstream Thunderbolt port is significant. Its basic plastic build and duplicate ports also diminish...

Lenovo Chromebox Micro: Compact Powerhouse for Digital Solutions

Lenovo's Chromebox Micro, equipped with inFLEX displays, transforms businesses globally with its powerful yet compact design. Available Q1 2024.

CrowVision HD: Your Ultimate SBC Display Solution Under $100!

CrowVision HD – an affordable, feature-packed IPS screen compatible with various single-board computers. Upgrade your display experience today!

Logitech Casa Review: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

Discover the Logitech Casa's discreet design, productivity features, and stylish appeal. Is it worth the price? Find out here.

Nacon Evol-X Pro Controller Review: Options & Quality

Discover if the Nacon Evol-X Pro is the budget-friendly Xbox controller for you. We weigh affordability against quality, with insights on precision controls.

SteelSeries Alias Pro: Aesthetic Appeal and Superior Audio

Considering the visually appealing SteelSeries Alias Pro for outstanding audio quality? Explore its sleek design and Pro-level features. Discover if it suits your needs.

Seagate FireCuda 540: Unrivaled NVMe Performance Guide

The Seagate FireCuda 540 exemplifies the full potential of next-generation NVMe technology, showcasing remarkable sequential performance. However, given the current limited real-world advantages, upgrading...