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Apple Vision Pro: Upcoming Model Features and Release Date

The Apple Vision Pro 2 has yet to reach consumers, but early indications suggest changes in the upcoming iteration of Apple’s augmented reality and virtual reality headset. According to insiders cited by MacRumors, the second-generation model is expected to maintain a similar appearance to its predecessor. However, alterations in the speaker configuration, featuring flatter shapes on each side, are anticipated. Reports also hint at potential modifications to the design of the top vents, possibly replacing existing strips with clusters of small holes. Documentation suggests the inclusion of an audio accessory, potentially an external speaker. Notably, the rear straps are poised for a redesign, described by MacRumors as simpler and evocative of the flat straps commonly found on laptop bags or backpacks.

Apple Vision Pro: Upcoming Model Features and Release Date

The Upcoming Apple Vision Pro Model

The anticipation builds as details emerge about the next Apple Vision Pro model. According to MacRumors, the external battery pack and most sensors and cameras will likely remain.

Specifically, the leak mentions a compass, ambient light sensor, magnetometer, and gyroscope. Standard features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, and ultra-low latency audio are also expected.

In this leak, production validation testing (PVT) is slated for 2025, pointing toward a release in late 2025 or early 2026. However, these plans are subject to change.

While a more affordable Vision Pro model is in the works, it remains uncertain if this version aligns with that. Apple also aims to enhance the next Vision Pro by making it lighter, more compact, and more comfortable.

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