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Dead by Daylight Unveils ‘All Things Wicked’ Chapter: New Map, Survivor, and Killer Await Players

Behaviour Interactive unveiled the upcoming chapter for Dead by Daylight, titled All Things Wicked, slated for release on March 12. This update promises to immerse players in a mystery-laden setting, introducing the new Greenville Square map. This eerie locale has been haunted by a series of disappearances spanning decades, evoking the atmosphere of 80s horror films.

Within the Greenville Square map, players will have access to various locations including the town square, a local cinema, an arcade, and a theater room. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to embody the newest survivor, Sable Ward. Sable not only boasts a visually intriguing design but also brings unique perks such as Strength in Shadows, Wicked, and Invocation: Weaving Spiders. Invocation allows players to cast a spell enhancing the speed of fellow survivors, with the potential for increased efficacy if multiple party members possess the same perk. However, its usage comes with the cost of rendering the player injured and “Broken” for the remainder of the match, while also triggering other significant gameplay effects.

Accompanying each Dead by Daylight chapter is a new killer, and All Things Wicked introduces a particularly unsettling one named ‘The Unknown.’ This creature possesses the ability to traverse along the ground and unleash a bouncing projectile called UVX, creating hazardous blast areas upon impact. Survivors risk becoming hindered or weakened upon contact with these hazards. The Unknown further employs ‘Hallucinations’ to disorient survivors and can execute ‘Teleport’ to maneuver between these illusions, leaving behind temporary decoys.

Though the official release of All Things Wicked is scheduled for next month, players on Steam can already engage with the limited-time playable test build (PTB). Update 7.6.0 PTB is currently available, offering players a glimpse into the thrilling additions and adjustments brought forth by this upcoming chapter. For a comprehensive overview, the full patch notes are accessible here.

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