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Elon Musk Relocates Businesses Amid Tesla Pay Package Dispute

Elon Musk relocates businesses from Delaware after court decision invalidates Tesla pay package. In a recent announcement on X, Musk disclosed SpaceX’s shift from Delaware to Texas, accompanied by the official certificate of conversion from the Texas Secretary of State. Musk advises companies still incorporated in Delaware to consider relocating promptly.

Elon Musk shifts Neuralink’s business from Delaware to Nevada on February 8, after announcing a successful brain chip implant. Neuralink joins other Musk-controlled companies in Nevada, including X (formerly Twitter).

Following the court’s decision on Tesla pay package, Musk expressed discontent on Twitter, suggesting relocation to Texas or Nevada for better corporate governance.

Elon Musk Relocates Businesses Amid Tesla Pay Package Dispute

Tesla’s potential move from Delaware requires shareholder approval, contrasting SpaceX and Neuralink’s swift relocation.

Tesla and SpaceX already have a significant presence in Texas: Tesla moved HQ due to COVID-19 measures and operates Gigafactory; SpaceX’s Starbase in Boca Chica.

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