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Google Discontinues Pixel Pass Subscription Ahead of Rumored Pixel 8 Launch

In anticipation of the upcoming Google Pixel 8 launch, set for October based on Google’s usual timeline and recent Pixel 8 Pro leaks, the tech giant has made a significant announcement: the discontinuation of its Pixel Pass subscription service.

Pixel Pass: An Overview

Pixel Pass, a subscription service available to US residents for two years, previously provided access to a Pixel 6 (at $45 per month) or Pixel 6 Pro (at $55 per month), accompanied by an array of Google services including YouTube Premium, Google One, and Google Play Pass. This comprehensive package offered a cost-effective means of obtaining a new phone alongside an array of services. However, this offer is no longer available to new subscribers.

Google Discontinues Pixel Pass Subscription Ahead of Rumored Pixel 8 Launch
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Continuation for Existing Subscribers

For existing Pixel Pass subscribers, there is no immediate cause for concern. Google has assured the continuation of the two-year contracts for all current subscribers. Upon the contract’s conclusion, subscribers will receive $100 credit toward a new Pixel phone, valid for two years and can be combined with ongoing promotions. Furthermore, the subscription to Google One, Google Play Pass, and YouTube Premium will persist at the prevailing discounted rate until individually terminated.

Discontinuation of Specific Benefit

Unfortunately, the previously enjoyed $5 service discount for Pixel Pass users on their Google Fi Wireless bill will no longer be available.

Shift in Google’s Subscription Strategy

Although the termination of Pixel Pass is disappointing, it is hardly unexpected. Signs of this move have been apparent for some time. With the launch of the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro last year, Google refrained from extending the service to cover these models. Moreover, Pixel Pass had exclusively catered to the US market.

Reasoning Behind the Decision

The rationale behind Google’s decision to sunset Pixel Pass is relatively succinct. In its official FAQ, Google refers to the desire to grant users the freedom to select their preferred services individually – a level of flexibility not achievable with an all-in-one service. While this explanation holds merit, it’s plausible that the service’s lukewarm reception influenced the decision; this tepid interest could also elucidate the absence of attempts to expand or enhance Pixel Pass beyond its original US scope.

Anticipation of a Replacement

There’s also a likelihood of Google introducing an alternative subscription model in the near future. The wording of Google’s Pixel Pass FAQ hints at potential developments, and the discontinuation of Pixel Pass might simplify customers’ selection of subscriptions by eliminating excessive complexities.

Future Outlook

We’re left in anticipation of Google’s next move. If a replacement is indeed on the horizon, it’s reasonable to assume an announcement coinciding with the Pixel 8 launch. Rest assured, we’ll provide timely updates on Google’s latest offerings. In the event that a Pixel Pass successor fails to emerge, you can always return here for comprehensive coverage of the Google Pixel 8 launch, as well as other devices such as the Google Pixel Watch 2, once Google unveils them.

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