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Google I/O 2024: A Sneak Peek into the Future

The countdown to Google I/O 2024 is on, with the tech giant’s annual event set to start on May 14. This year’s event promises updates for Android 15, Wear OS 5, Android TV, and more. An official schedule has been released, offering a glimpse into the upcoming software (and possibly hardware) announcements.

Keynote Kickoff

The keynote, a must-watch event, will commence at 10 am PT / 5 pm GMT on May 14. The subsequent sessions preview the innovations to be unveiled, including a first look at Wear OS 5.

Wear OS 5: A New Era

The session titled ‘Building for the future of Wear OS’ will enable developers to explore the new features of Wear OS 5. This is encouraging news, considering the smartwatch platform seemed to be on the brink of extinction not long ago. We can expect more details about a release date and possibly a Pixel Watch 3 at the event.

Android 15 and More

The schedule also hints at the introduction of Android 15, which was expected to be a highlight of this year’s show. The OS will be discussed in conjunction with “generative AI, form factors” and more.

AI and Google Gemini

AI will be a major theme, with Google Gemini threading through the event. Developers will learn about “new ways to build immersive 3D maps” and how to develop “next-gen AI apps with Gemini models”. Gemini will also drive new apps for Google Chat and generate new content from images and video, courtesy of Google’s multi-modal Gemini Pro Vision model.

Android Auto, Google TV, and Android TV OS

Android Auto enthusiasts will be pleased to know that upgrades are likely, as indicated by a developer session titled “Android for Cars: new in-car experiences”. Google TV and Android TV OS will also be featured, with a session dedicated to showcasing “new user experience enhancements in Google TV and the latest additions to the next Android TV OS platform”.

ChromeOS and Google Pay

ChromeOS will receive some enhancements, with a session promising “new” features and “world-class experiences” for Chromebooks. Interestingly, Google Pay is also mentioned in the schedule, despite its impending discontinuation on June 4, in favor of Google Wallet.

Hardware at Google I/O 2024?

Google I/O 2024
Image credit Google

While Google I/O 2024 is a developer conference focused on software, we can anticipate a slew of new hardware announcements during the keynote.

Rumors are rife about the imminent announcement of the Google Pixel 8a, following a series of leaks. Leaked photos of the Google Pixel 9 and rumors of a Pixel 9 Pro have also surfaced, hinting at iPhone-style satellite connectivity.

Speculation about a refreshed Pixel Tablet suggests it could debut at the conference. A Google Pixel Fold 2 is also rumored, along with whispers of a Pixel 9 Pro Fold.

As always, surprises are part of the package. Remember the live-translation glasses teased at Google I/O 2022? Let’s hope this year’s innovative ideas have a longer lifespan.

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