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Google Pixel Phones Poised to Introduce Satellite SOS Connectivity, Following Apple’s Lead

In 2022, Apple launched satellite SOS connectivity on iPhone 14, but it’s not on Android yet. However, Google Pixel phones may soon have this feature.

Emergency SOS satellite messaging lets you seek help without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. It’s known to save lives.

Recently, a “Satellite SOS” option appeared in Pixel phone settings. We verified this on a Google Pixel 8.

Currently, tapping the option doesn’t activate anything. It seems Google rolled out the feature prematurely, but they’re working on adding satellite connectivity to the Pixel series.

The team at 9to5Google found more screens about the Satellite SOS feature, mentioning Garmin’s involvement.

One screen text reveals the ability to message emergency services and share locations without mobile or Wi-Fi.

While seen on Pixel phones, it may extend to other Android devices. It is expected on the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S24 but has not been confirmed yet.

Satellite connectivity requires specific hardware, and it is not confirmed if current Pixel or Galaxy S models support it—a possible feature for Google Pixel 9.

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