iOS 18: Apple’s Biggest Update Yet

iOS 18 is set to be Apple’s biggest mobile operating system update. Leaks have hinted at many new features. Recently, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed more details in his Power On newsletter.

According to Gurman, iOS 18 will include powerful AI tools. These tools will use both on-device processing and servers with Apple’s chips. Apple plans to enhance Siri’s voice, making it more conversational, and add features for daily tasks, called “proactive intelligence.”

Gurman mentioned improvements like auto-summarizing notifications, transcribing voice memos, and quick news summaries. Other updates may include better app suggestions and automatic calendar entries.

However, not all features will be top-notch. For instance, AI photo editing in the Photos app may not match Adobe’s recent advances. It’s also unlikely to be as advanced as Google’s “Ask Photos” tool.

iOS 18: Apple's Biggest Update Yet

Apple’s proactive intelligence will remind users of current AI features in iOS, like Calendar and Smart Stack. But, any improvements will be welcomed by fans. Summarization tools might be similar to Microsoft’s Copilot AI, helping Apple compete better.

Despite these updates, Gurman warns that Apple’s AI announcements might not be as impressive as OpenAI or Google’s. This is partly because Apple updates its software annually at WWDC, while competitors update more frequently.

Nonetheless, iOS 18 is expected to be a significant upgrade. Apple is reportedly working with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT with its AI tools. With the growing focus on artificial intelligence, Apple needs this update to succeed.

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