iPad Pro 2024 OLED Display: Grainy Screen Issue?

Apple’s latest iPad Pro 2024 features an OLED display, earning high praise for its top-notch viewing experience. Our reviewer declared it offers the best tablet viewing experience available. However, a new issue has emerged recently, raising concerns. Interestingly, it might not be a defect at all.

According to MacRumors, users on Reddit and MacRumors forums reported a grainy screen issue. It’s unclear how widespread this problem is or how Apple will respond. The grainy effect appears in dark environments, especially with low or medium brightness and gray or muted colors.

Is it a defect or just a quirk?

They are determining whether the grainy effect is a defect or an OLED characteristic is challenging. OLED displays can sometimes show such effects, possibly explaining the issue here. These displays control brightness per pixel, causing slight inconsistencies, especially in low light.

Additionally, sub-pixels in OLED screens can vary in size and shape, creating grainy textures. The exact cause of this problem is unclear, and it could be a defect. Given the high-profile launch, Apple is likely investigating the issue. If it’s a defect, Apple will likely address it soon. Otherwise, iPad Pro users may have to accept it as an OLED quirk.

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