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Metal Gear Solid 6 News and Wishlist – Anticipated Features

Metal Gear Solid 6 stands as an enticing vision, a testament to Hideo Kojima’s profound impact on gaming history. Yet, with Konami retaining franchise rights, it appears a missed opportunity not to capitalize on this globally renowned property.

Post-Kojima, Metal Gear’s trajectory shifted. The acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain marked his last directorial venture. However, the series stumbled with the Kojima-less 2018 release, Metal Gear Survive, disappointing fans with its lackluster mechanics.

In the interim, Kojima founded Kojima Productions, producing the acclaimed Death Stranding and hinting at Death Stranding 2. Clearly, the auteur is engrossed in ongoing endeavors.

Nonetheless, the absence of a new Metal Gear isn’t definitive. Konami’s endeavor into a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake underscores sustained interest. A successful remake might pave the way for Metal Gear Solid 6.

Metal Gear Solid 6 News and Wishlist - Anticipated Features

Metal Gear Solid 6: A Quick Overview

Type: Unconfirmed sequel in the Metal Gear Solid series
Release: To be confirmed
Platform: To be confirmed


Amidst an uncertain future for the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami has left it in an intriguing state. Despite Kojima’s absence, Konami still holds the series rights, evident in the lone Kojima-free release, Metal Gear Survive.

The upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, unveiled at a recent PlayStation Showcase, heightens anticipation. It could serve as a litmus test for the series, potentially laying the groundwork for a new Metal Gear Solid installment.

Considering the trajectory, if Metal Gear Solid 6 or a fresh series entry is in the pipeline, expectations lean towards a release on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC, at the very least.


At a May PlayStation Showcase, Konami revealed plans for a Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake. A cinematic teaser and an in-engine preview are our only glimpses, leaving us eager for more details on the extent of this ambitious remake. Drawing parallels to Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Resident Evil 4 remake, it’s evident that Konami aspires to deliver a high-production-value reimagining.


Although Konami hasn’t officially confirmed Metal Gear Solid 6, our wishlist for a potential installment includes:

  1. Return to the Sandbox: Following the innovative approach of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, we hope for a continuation of the sandbox format, akin to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
  2. More Sci-Fi: While appreciating Metal Gear Solid 5, a desire for a more futuristic setting, reminiscent of the giant mech battles in Metal Gear Solid 4, lingers among fans.
  3. Compelling Storyline: Picking up post-Metal Gear Solid 5, exploring Big Boss establishing Outer Heaven, developing Metal Gear, and addressing unresolved issues like Eli’s fate would enrich the narrative.
  4. Unanswered Questions: Addressing the perceived incompleteness of Metal Gear Solid 5 by resolving Eli’s storyline and offering closure to Episode 51 would be a welcome addition.

Despite Hideo Kojima’s departure, the fate of Metal Gear Solid remains open-ended. Konami, if continuing the series, faces the challenge of filling Kojima’s significant creative shoes.

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