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Micron 8TB SSDs: Blazing Speeds and Innovative Cooling

Micron recently unveiled an innovative product concept featuring a remarkable combination of four 2TB Crucial T700 SSDs within a RAID array on an add-in card (AIC), achieving an impressive data transfer rate of up to 45Gbps. The cutting-edge Crucial T700 stands out as one of the world’s fastest SSDs, employing the Phison P5026-E26 controller in an eight-channel design tailored for high-performance computing and demanding applications.

However, the exceptional speed potential of PCIe 5.0 SSDs, such as the Crucial T700, can only be fully realized with effective cooling. These SSDs generate substantial heat during operation, impacting performance. To mitigate this, conventional wisdom recommends the use of heatsinks. Combining four SSDs intensifies the cooling challenge, necessitating a substantial cooling solution to sustain peak performance over extended periods. The Airjet cooling system is employed to efficiently cool this powerful array.

Introducing cutting-edge cooling technology

Micron’s 8TB compilation achieves impressive sequential reads and writes of 45Gbps and 42Gbps, thanks to Frore Systems’ AirJet Mini cooling. Operating without traditional fans, Frore’s AirJet chips use ultrasonic frequencies to generate airflow, maintaining system coolness.

San Jose-based Frore Systems innovatively integrates a cooling chip, showcased in various hardware pieces over the past year. The AirJet chips, through ultrasonic vibrations, create air jets for efficient system cooling.

Frore’s cooling system has made appearances in devices like the Zotac ZBox PI430AJ mini PC. Reviews highlight its effectiveness, keeping the CPU temperature below 70 degrees Celsius with two AirJet coolers.

A remarkable demonstration involved fitting Frore’s cooling into a 15-inch MacBook Air, surpassing the factory-ready version in performance over extended usage. Micron’s 8TB SSD compilation utilizes a customized Gigabyte Aorus Gen5 AIC adaptor, supporting four PCIe 5.0 SSDs for up to 60Gbps data transfer speeds. Cooling is achieved with four AirJet Mini modules, individually placed on each SSD, resting on a copper heat spreader mounted on the SSDs.

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