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Microsoft Expands Copilot AI to More Windows 11 Users and Windows 10 Imminent – Latest Updates and Rollout Details

Microsoft has recently announced that Copilot is currently being introduced to more users of Windows 11, and it will soon be available to additional Windows 10 users.

The disclosure was noticed by Neowin in the Windows message center, where Microsoft informed us that Copilot is being made accessible to a broader audience – therefore, if you haven’t encountered the AI assistant yet, you may encounter it soon.

Furthermore, Microsoft informed us that starting this week, it is feasible to utilize up to 10 queries with Copilot before requiring authentication to your Microsoft account. Consequently, you can experiment with the AI even if you do not possess an active Microsoft account on your Windows setup.

The current expansion of Copilot is underway for Windows 11 (23H2 and 22H2), at least for consumers (for businesses, it will be contingent on administrative policies). Additionally, eligible Windows 10 devices running Home or Pro versions (22H2) will commence receiving Copilot in this broader deployment later in March – thus, within the upcoming week.

According to Microsoft, “This current phase of deployment will encompass the majority of the targeted Windows 11 and 10 devices by the conclusion of May.”

In the meantime, Microsoft is actively enhancing Copilot’s range of capabilities concerning the modification of Windows settings, albeit progress on this front has been rather sluggish thus far.

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