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Mr. Cooper Cyberattack: 14.6M Customers Impacted, Data Breach Details Revealed

In past due October, Mr. Cooper, a consultant in the apartment assets industry, discovered new details about the aftermath of the cyberattack. It was found that a large range of its clients totaling more than 14.6 million people fell victim to information robbery.

This compromised information consists of touchy facts such as patron names, addresses, date of beginning, cellphone numbers, social protection numbers, and bank account information however there’s a silver lining: different relevant banking facts are similar it turned into no longer destroyed, for it turned into properly kept in a separate area.

This unfortunate incident underscores the critical importance of reinforcing cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive customer information.

Without confirmation of a ransomware attack

Mr. Cooper informed affected customers via email. The stolen data involves personal information from those whose mortgages were previously managed under Nationstar Mortgage. Customers linked to a sister brand are likely impacted.

Initially, the company neither confirmed nor denied a ransomware attack. During the investigation, it urged customers to monitor financial accounts, offered credit monitoring, and emphasized basic online security practices like password changes.

Assuring customers, Mr. Cooper stated that rates and fees remain unaffected. With 4.3 million customers, it’s progressing towards a $1 trillion milestone, currently managing $937 billion in loans.

In the filing, the company estimated a minimum $25 million cost due to the cyberattack.

Summarizing key points:

Key PointsDetails
Ransomware ConfirmationNot confirmed
Stolen DataPersonal info of prior Nationstar Mortgage customers
Impact on Sister Brand CustomersLikely affected
Customer Guidance During InvestigationMonitor accounts, offered credit monitoring
Assurance to CustomersRates and fees unaffected
Customer Base and Loan Management4.3 million customers, managing $937 billion in loans
Estimated Cost of CyberattackAt least $25 million

Reported by TechCrunch.

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